Republican Party of Iowa's Official Presidential Straw Poll
Ames, IA   August 14, 1999
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"It is time, after eight years of kowtowing to Bill Clinton, for Republicans to stop apologizing for the beliefs and values we know to be right."


The Tent Scene

Guests in the Hatch tent dined on lunch from Big Daddy's Bar-B-Q, a Des Moines institution.  Celebrities present were NBA superstar Karl Malone, pianist Roger Williams and singerVic Damone.  The Hatch supporters included many chiropractors drawn from the Homecoming and Alumni Weekend at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport. 

Sen. Hatch only entered the race on July 1, named his Iowa campaign director on July 21, and made his first trip to Iowa on July 25 to 26 so there were about three weeks to rally up  a statistically significant showing. 

Many members of Sen. Hatch's family came to Iowa to
help him campaign in advance of the straw poll.

Outcome: Ninth--558 Votes (2.4%)
Senator Hatch commented on the outcome after the results were announced:
"We did okay here when you think about it.  If you look at the traditional last few years, we did okay for somebody that just had twelve days in Iowa...  We exceeded the expectations here.  We were expected to get one percent of this vote, that was spread around by everybody; we got 2.4 percent.  So we exceeded expectations.  Sure we'd like to have done better, but we've only had twelve days, so I think we've done okay."