Caucus Night
In the Republican caucus, before the taking of the straw poll vote, one supporter of each candidate has the opportunity to make a short speech on the candidate's behalf.  Generally these are ordinary citizens speaking so their remarks may not always be polished and eloquent,   (Long shot candidates often will not have anyone speak for them).  Whether any of the caucus attendees are persuadable at this late point in the process is debatable, but it is interesting to note the reasons the speakers cite for voting for a particular candidate.
The Republican caucus at Central High in Des Moines had speeches from backers of George W. Bush, Steve Forbes and Alan Keyes:

Speaking for Bush
Joe Proctor (mechanical contractor)--Bush precinct captain:
America and the Republican Party needs a winner.  The stakes are great -- Congress, department secretaries, national security -- so we need to win this one.

George Bush is the one candidate that in election after election has been able to draw independents into the election and vote for him.  George Bush has enacted the largest tax cuts in Texas history.  He has signed two laws totaling over $3 billion.  George Bush will improve education by empowering parents and local authorities;  George Bush will bring greater expectations to our educational system.  George Bush, finally, will bring dignity and honor to the executive branch. 

So I'm going to vote for George Bush and I hope you all do.  I think he'll be a great president.  Thank you.

Speaking for Forbes
Bud Hockenberg (attorney)--Forbes precinct leader:
Republican neighbors we need to elect a Republican president, and in order to do that we have to have somebody that has the virtues that attracts all the voters in this country.  This is not a Hollywood screen test; this is not a selection by the Beltway in Washington.  This is the election to determine four tests for the presidency.

One is integrity.  I want to assure you that in October when Al Gore faces Steve Forbes in October debates, we don't have to be worried about an October Democratic surprise about the family of Steve Forbes.  They have authentic family values.  They've had them all their life; they've had them before they thought about running for president.

The second qualification is independence.  Steve Forbes has no hooks in him.  He has no money from special interest groups.  His agenda is the agenda of America today, and we need that kind of free, birth of freedom thinking.

The third qualification is -- and the pundits won't like this -- the third qualification is the ability to run your own business.  Elective office is not a qualification for the presidency.  Somebody who has installed his own computer technology, someone who has installed his own health care plan, someone who has inspired his employees to bring out the best environmentally is the kind of president that appeals to everybody.

And the fourth thing is connection.  Steve Forbes is with it.  His web site is the key thing.

And the last point I would make to you is that when Margaret Thatcher was here in August 1998, the Iron Lady, the one that took England from socialism to capitalism, she announced that Steve Forbes was the heir to the Reagan legacy.  Vote for Steve Forbes.  Thank you.

Speaking for Keyes
Charlie Lex (risk management consultant)--Keyes precinct captain:
I'd like to reiterate that we're very fortunate to have the candidates running that we do.  Every one of these men is somebody that we can be proud of, and that's in contrast with our friends across the hall here [laughter].

Well those of you who might be questioning who you might want to support tonight, I'd like to ask for your support for Alan Keyes.  He's been a conservative; he's been in it for the long haul -- he's been in it since four years ago when nobody knew who Alan Keyes was.

I'd like to encourage you to come over and get some literature and take a look at Alan Keyes as a candidate.  If you're questioning a vote for Alan Keyes, I'd like to assure you that if Alan wins, there's going to be a place for George Bush in his administration [laughter].