The Messenger (Fort Dodge, Iowa)   Sunday, January 23, 2000 --page 4A

[This endorsement appeared under an editorial "Caucuses, at last," which urged readers to attend the caucuses].

Bush and Bradley

    After careful analysis of the six candidates for the Republican nomination and two for the Democratic nominations, The Messenger's choices are:

                            Republican: George W. Bush.
                            Democratic: Bill Bradley.

    As governor of Texas, the nation's second largest state, Bush has shown an ability to work well with all factions and to govern effectively and conservatively.  As the leader of the pack almost from the start of the campaign, he's handled the attacks from other candidates in a calm, dignified manner and answered them effectively.

    We like the message and the delivery of Sen. Bradley. as opposed to that of Vice President Al Gore.  There's a need, we believe, to make a complete change in the executive branch of the federal government and that cannot be achieved if Gore is nominated and elected.

Reprinted by Permission of The Messenger.  All Rights Reserved.