Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association
Indianapolis' Winning Promise 
On behalf of the City of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana, we promise to help you stage in 2000 the most successful National Convention in the history of the Republican Party.  A success that will be able to be measured in flawless logistics, the experience of the delegates, the satisfaction of our financial obligations and a victory in November. 

We will accomplish all this by delivering to the GOP: 

  • The best and most convenient convention facility in the nation for an event of this magnitude.

  • A Midwestern location that is more accessible to and affordable for delegates, media and guests than any city in America.

  • A downtown setting, anchored by the convention center and numerous adjacent hotels, which will deliver to delegates within a mile square an extraordinary level of activity and entertainment.

  • The backdrop of an American city where Republican principles have achieved spectacular results without interruption for three decades.

  • A community with time-tested ability to pur its heart, soul, and creativity into successfully hosting many of the biggest events in the world.

  • All of the requirements identified in the Convention bid specifications.
With all of this we are confident that Indianapolis can make a winning difference in November of 2000.
Stephen Goldsmith 
Mayor of Indianapolis
Beurt SerVaas, President 
Indianapolis City County Council
Michael McDaniel, Chairman 
Indiana Republican State Committee
Mitchell Daniels, Co-Chairman 
Host Committee and Senior Executive Eli Lilly and Company
Jean Ann Harcourt, Co-Chairman Host Committee and Chairman Indiana Manufacturers Association Jeffrey Smulyan, Co-Chairman 
Host Committee and President Emmis Broadcasting