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Parades and Picnics: July 4th Weekend Finds Most Candidates in Iowa or NH
 by Eric M. Appleman

July 2, 1999--For most Americans, a barbecue or picnic, a parade, perhaps a baseball game and an evening of fireworks are standard fare for the Fourth of July weekend.  Presidential hopefuls enjoy these activities too, particularly if they happen to occur in the key states of New Hampshire and Iowa.  Ten of the fourteen major Republican and Democratic candidates will be in New Hampshire or Iowa at some point over the weekend, and most will be participating in one or two parades.

Walking or riding in a Fourth of July parade allows a candidate to be seen by lots of voters amid a festive and patriotic atmosphere.  Rule number 73 in Republican candidate Lamar Alexander's Little Plaid Book is, "Walk in parades."  Rule number 74 is, "If it is the Mule Day parade, walk at the front."

In New Hampshire, Fourth of July parades in Amherst and nearby Merrimack allow candidates to do two parades in quick succession; Gary Bauer, Pat Buchanan, Gov. George W. Bush, and Elizabeth Dole will be taking advantage of that opportunity.  Another big Republican event is a cookout and straw poll organized by the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, a splinter group of the Granite State Taxpayers, at the Hopkinton Fair Grounds.  Bauer, Buchanan and Sen. Bob Smith will be contesting this battle of straw at Contoocook, tickets to which cost $25. 

Iowa is likewise getting its share of visits.  Rep. John Kasich, Alan Keyes and former Vice President Quayle will be in the state over the weekend, as will the Democrat Bill Bradley.  Bradley and Kasich will be participating in the "Field of Dreams" celebrity baseball game in Dyersville.  Iowa can expect to see much more of the GOP candidates as the month progresses; Republicans are gearing up for the big Ames straw poll in mid-August.  Thus, for example, Steve Forbes will be starting a week-long bus tour on July 11, and Lamar Alexander is launching a bus tour on July 7 that will take him to 60 counties in 23 days.

Not engaging in public activities over the Fourth of July weekend are Vice President Gore, who is anticipating the birth of his first grandchild, and Sen. McCain, who will be with his family in Arizona.  Sen. Hatch will be doing parades and events in his home state of Utah.
Highlights of Candidates' Schedules  July 3-5, 1999
Alexander-NH July 3--Third day of NH visit.  In the North Country: Dixville Notch, Errol, Berlin; appearance at Fourth of July celebration in Gorham; Bretton Woods.
July 4--In Nashville with family.
Bauer-NH July 4--Bauer and family in Amherst Parade and Merrimack Parade; Bauer speaks at Hopkintown cookout. 
July 5--Morning events in Vermont; Concord and Manchester; 
Dover/Somersville (NH) Republican Barbecue. 
(Further activities in NH on July 6).
Buchanan-NH July 3--Reception in Portland, ME.
July 4--Amherst Parade, Merrimack Parade; speaks at Hopkintown cookout.
July 5--Reception in Alton, NH.
Bush-NH July 4--Amherst Parade, Merrimack Parade, stop at Madden's Ice Cream Stand in Merrimack.
Dole-NH July 3--Craft festival in Gilford; arts festival in Portsmouth; barbecue at Cowl Stadium at University of NH in Durham; Rochester Fourth of July celebration (release:"Dole will crown Mr. Sparkler and Miss Firecracker").
July 4--Pancake breakfast at Brookline Church of Christ; Amherst Parade, Merrimack Parade; private barbecue in New Boston.
Forbes July 4--In Alexandria, VA for the 28th Annual National Conservative 4th of July Soiree.
Hatch July 3--Sandy City Parade; annual Fourth of July celebration and concert at BYU.
July 5--Provo Parade; speech at Oakley's Fourth of July celebration; University of Utah fireworks show; family gathering in Salt Lake City. 
Kasich-IA July 3--Shoeless Joe Jackson Parade and "Field of Dreams" Celebrity Baseball Game in Dyersville, IA.
July 5--Westerville (Ohio) Parade
Keyes-NH, IA July 3--Campaign barbecue at public park in Rochester, NH.
July 4--Keyes and family at the Burlington First Church of the Nazarene Outreach Picnic.
McCain Spending time with family in Arizona.
Quayle-IA July 4--Riverfest Carnival in Fort Madison; meeting with supporters and activists in Fort Madison; Burlington First Church of the Nazarene Outreach Picnic; First Federated Church July 4th celebration in Des Moines.
July 5--Hangar breakfast at Perry Airport; hangar breakfast at Clarion Airport; Clear Lake Parade; Charles City July 4th Barbecue; Oelwein July 4th Barbecue; barbecue hosted by State. Sen. Kitty Rehberg.
Smith-NH July 4--Speaks at Hopkinton cookout.
July 5--POW/MIA Rolling Thunder ceremony in Meredith; Moultonborough Parade; Carroll County GOP Picnic in Moultonborough.
Bradley-IA (Arrives in Iowa July 2).
July 3--Walks in the Independence Parade; meets local Democratic activists in Independence; meets local Democratic activists in Waterloo; "Field of Dreams" Celebrity Baseball Game in Dyersville.
July 4--Speaks at services at the Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines; walks in the Des Moines Parade.
July 5--Morning events in Omaha, NE with Sen. Bob Kerrey; house party in Des Moines.
Gore Down time.

Thus, despite yesterday's news that Texas Governor George W. Bush has raised a record $36.2 million in less than four months, effectively winning the "money primary" at mid-year, the campaign is continuing.  There are 11 Republican hopefuls in addition to Bush.  Some are seeking to position themselves as the conservative alternative to Bush and some are standing at the ready in the event that Bush stumbles.  On the Democratic side as former Sen. Bill Bradley, by bringing in $11.5 million in the first six months of the year, has shown he will be able to mount a serious challenge to Vice President Al Gore. 

Don't call off the campaign yet.  A busy summer of stumping is just beginning.

Copyright 1999  Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.