Kasich in Action

Photos Copyright 1998, 1999 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.

Feb. 14, 1999--Kasich talks with reporters outside NBC studios after appearing on "Meet the Press." Host Tim Russert has occasionally been bringing in presidential candidates for "Meet the Contenders" interviews. Russert's first question was "Who is John Kasich and why is he running for president?" Other questions touched on Kosovo (Kasich opposed "meddling in the middle of a civil war") and media scrutiny.   
Feb. 2, 1999--Kasich announces legislation to cut individual income tax rates by 10% across the board. H.R. 3 would reduce the five current federal income tax rates, which range from 15% to 39.6%, to from 13.5% to 35.6%. Kasich pointed to the budget surplus and to the examples set by Presidents Kennedy and Reagan. He said the bill would save American families $743 billion over ten years, represented by the giant check.   
Feb. 2, 1999--Another scene from Kasich's press conference at which he announced legislation to cut individual income tax rates by 10% across the board. Kasich has not discouraged comparisons with President Kennedy whose image appears in the background.   
Jan. 20, 1999--Kasich spoke about his book, Courage is Contagious and called for a "new volunteerism" in a speech at the National Press Club.  Decrying "a rampage of trying to pass so many rules and so many regulations," Kasich said, "We need to change people from the inside out..."  
Oct. 1, 1998--On the first day of fiscal year 1999, Kasich joined half a dozen Republican congressmen for a photo op in front of a Brink's Armored truck. According to a news release the event was designed to "highlight Republican efforts to protect the surplus from the Washington big spenders."  
June 12, 1998--Cedar Rapids.  After his speech to the Iowa GOP's First in the Nation Gala, Kasich meets with activists in his hospitality suite.  "I want to get in your homes so that you can have ten of your neighbors in.  And then what I'm going to do is I'm going to open myself up and you're going to take a look at it.  Cause I'm for real.  And I think the more you know me the more you like me.  If you're a student at a university, you're going to have a little thing for me.  I'll come to your dormitory and then we'll talk to the students.  Okay, I'm serious.  If you live out in rural Iowa, then I'll come out to your house and you get like ten farmers in and their wives..."    
June 12, 1998--Cedar Rapids. Kasich delivers his eleven-minute speech to the Iowa GOP's First in the Nation Gala.  He issued a call to "break the stranglehold of the elites"  "We are running America too much from the top down rather than the bottom up.  There's a handful of elites, there are a handful of elites who operate in a faraway place who don't even know what time zone it is in Cedar Rapids," Kasich declared.  "I want you to be able to give $500 to the Habitat for Humanity in your community, rather than the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington.  I want you to be able to give $500 to the Salvation Army rather than sending it to the Department of Health and Human Services."   
June 12, 1998--Cedar Rapids. Kasich previews his speech at the media availability prior to the First in the Nation Gala.  He also said he was "very surprised and very disappointed that the President still intends to go to Tiananmen Square."  "I think going to Tiananmen Square sends a very confusing signal, not just to the people of voting age, but to the young children, the young kids in our country," Kasich said.