Jack Kemp

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Announced he would not make a 2000 presidential bid on March 31, 1999 at a Habitat for Humanity breakfast in Detroit.         


Jack French Kemp, Republican, of Bethesda, Maryland.
Current Co-director of Empower America, a public policy institute and political advocacy organization he co-founded in 1993.
Formed Freedom and Free Enterprise PAC in 1997.
Co-chairman of the Alexis de Tocqueville Insititution.
Career 1996 Republican vice presidential nominee.
Chaired the National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform, established by Sen. Majority Leader Dole and House Speaker Gingrich in April 1995.  The Commission released its report "Unleashing America's Potential" in January 1996.
With Bill Bennett, Jeanne Kirkpatrick and Vin Weber, Kemp co-founded Empower America in 1993.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for all four years of the Bush administration.
Sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1988.
Congressman from the Buffalo, New York area, 1971-89.
13 years as a pro football quarterback, 1957-70; elected president of the AFL Players Association five times.
Military U.S. Army Reserve, 1958-62.
Education Occidental College, B.A. 1957.  
Family Wife Joanne.  Four children: Jeffrey, Jennifer, Judith, James.  Eleven grandchildren. 
Age 63 years old.  Born July 13, 1935 in Los Angeles, California. 

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