Alan Keyes

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Alan L. Keyes, Republican, of Darnestown, Maryland.
Current Formally announced on Sept. 20, 1999 in Des Moines.
Founder and chairman of the Declaration Foundation, a 501(c)(3) he founded in 1996.
Chairman of Black America's Political Action Committee (BAMPAC), which he founded in 1993. BAMPAC seeks to promote Black conservatives as candidates for federal, state and local offices.
Chairman of Life & Liberty PAC.
Career Hosted "The Alan Keyes Show: America's Wake Up Call," a nationally syndicated radio talk show, daily M-F 9 am-12 pm (EST), April 1997 through July 6, 1999.
Sought the 1996 Republican presidential nomination.
1992 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Maryland against Sen. Barbara Mikulski.
President of Citizens Against Government Wast, 1989-91; initiated National Taxpayer Action Day.
1988 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Maryland, garnering 38 percent of the vote against Sen. Paul Sarbanes.
Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations, 1985-87.
U.S. Representative (ambassador rank) to the United Nations Social and Economic Council, 1983-85.
Foreign service officer and State Department service, 1978-83.
Activities Keyes is a trained tenor who has sung operatic solos and recitals.
Author of Our Character, Our Future (1996) and Masters of the Dream, the Strength and Betrayal of Black America (1995). 
Education Harvard University B.A., Ph.D. in Government Studies, 1979. 
Family Married Jocelyn Marcel Keyes in 1981.  Three children: Andrew, Maya and Francis.
Age 49 years old.  Born August 7, 1950 in New York, NY. Son of a U.S. Army Sergeant.

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