Al Gore's Road to L.A.


Ed. note: On Aug. 9 after the Carthage event, the team headed to an additional event in Stamford, CT.  The Aug. 15 Michigan rally took place in Monroe, near Toledo, OH.


August 6, 2000--It has not been the smoothest of campaigns thus far for Vice President Al Gore.  His campaign has undergone a number of shake-ups, he has had trouble emerging from the shadow of President Bill Clinton, he trails in national polls, and he faces a challenge on the left from Ralph Nader.  The next two weeks provide Gore with the opportunity to clearly present his identity and goals to the American people.  He will announce his running mate, do a week-long pre-convention tour, and accept the Democratic party's nomination at the national convention in Los Angeles.

"Going the Distance" Tour

August 8
Nashville, Tennessee
Announces running mate
August 9
Carthage, Tennessee
Going the Distance for What's Right -- A Hometown Reunion
Town meeting and reunion with Gore's family, neighbors and constituents in his hometown.
August 10
Atlanta, Georgia
Going the Distance on Welfare Reform
Rally with Southern governors.
August 11
Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Going the Distance for Working Families
Rally with working families.
August 12
Springdale, Pennsylvania (western PA)
Going the Distance on the Environment
Rally at the home of Silent Spring author Rachel Carson.
August 13
Cleveland, Ohio
Going the Distance on Health Care
Forum on the importance of children's health at University Hospital.
August 14
Independence, Missouri
Going the Distance for Seniors
Forum on Social Security and Medicare with senior citizens.
August 15
Going the Distance for Working Families
Rally with President Clinton and Michigan residents.
August 16
Los Angeles, California
Arrives in Los Angeles