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Joseph I. Lieberman, Democrat, of New Haven, Connecticut.
Current Vice President Gore announced Lieberman as his running mate on Aug. 8, 2000.
U.S. Senator from Connecticut, first elected in 1988, seeking re-election in 2000; serves on the Armed Services, Environment and Public Works, Small Business and Governmental Affairs Committees.
Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council since 1995.
Career Re-elected to the U.S. Senate in 1994 with more than 67% of the vote.
Won election to the U.S. Senate in 1988, defeating incumbent Lowell Weicker by 10,000 votes.
Attorney General of Connecticut from 1982-1988.
Elected to the Connecticut State Senate in 1970, served for 10 years, including 6 as Majority Leader.
Activities Author of five books: In Praise of Public Life (2000); Child Support in America (1986); The Legacy (1981, about Connecticut politics from 1930-80); The Scorpion and the Tarantula (1970, about early efforts to control nuclear arms); The Power Broker (1966, about John M. Bailey).
Education Yale College, bachelor's degree, 1964; Yale Law School, 1967.
Family Wife Hadassah; four children: Matthew, Rebecca, Ethan and Hana.  Two granddaughters: Tennessee and Willie.
Religion Jewish.
Age 58 years old.  Born Feb. 24, 1942 in Stamford, Connecticut.

Acceptance Speech at the Democratic National Convention at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA -- Aug. 16, 2000. >

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