Destination L.A.
LA Convention 2000 
The City of Los Angeles is well positioned to host the most outstanding Democratic National Convention in American history:  

Electoral Votes: California represents 54 electoral college votes, 20% of the number needed to elect the President. 

The Millennium City: Los Angeles embodies the spirit of innovation and vision for the future of our country.  The city spawned the film and aerospace industries in the first half of this century.  As we approach the new millennium, Los Angeles is home to a number of leading high technology companies including multi-media, telecommunications, environmental technology, computer software, electronics and a number of others developing products and services for the information superhighway.  The City also is a center of research and development for the electric car industry which is developing clean fuel transportation vehicles for the 21st century. 

Since the 2000 Convention will select the first Democratic presidential nominee of the new century, it is only appropriate that the millennium city--the city which represents the future of America--be chosen to host this historic event. 

Economic Recovery: California and Los Angeles, in particular, is leading our nation's economic recovery with hundreds of thousands of new jobs being created annually and unemployment figures steadily declining toward record lows.  The Los Angeles regional economy is the 12th largest in the world.  

Los Angeles Community: Los Angeles' diverse population is a microcosm of the entire country representing today's and tomorrow's Democratic voters.  In fact, the leaders of two of our most prominent national political caucuses--Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Congressman Xavier Becerra, the leader of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, were elected to represent the Los Angeles area.

Long Overdue: Los Angeles last hosted a national political convention in 1960--when John F. Kennedy, the first President born in the 20th Century, was nominated.  Forty years after that shining moment, Los Angeles stands poised to host the Convention that will introduce the first leaders for the 21st Century.

State of the Art Facilities: The state-of-the-art Staples Center, combined with the Los Angeles Convention Center, is well equipped to host a world class convention.  The Convention Complex includes a total of 2.4 million square feet of space.  The new Staples Center will provide 160 suites, 32 party suites, 2,500 premium seats and a restaurant with seating for 400.

The Los Angeles Destination: Los Angeles is recognized as a leading cultural, entertainment and recreational center, long known for its wonderful beaches, family theme parks, Hollywood glamor, and great weather.  The City recently has been experiencing a cultural renaissance with the opening of such treasures as The Getty Center, California Science Center, Japan American National Museum, Skirball Cultural Center, Museum of Television and Radio and the Hollywood Entertainment Museum.