McCain in Action

Photos Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.

July 29, 2000, Pentagon City, Northern Virginia.  Although vanquished in the primaries by Gov. George W. Bush, Sen. McCain headed to the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in triumphal fashion on board his "Straight Talk Express," trailed by three press buses with five or six dozen reporters. 

Oct. 14, 1999.  Sen. McCain presented "Granny D" with a new pair of walking shoes.  McCain and Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) welcomed Doris "Granny D" Haddock, the 89-year old great- grandmother who is walking across the United States to promote campaign finance reform, to the Capitol as she took a break from her walk.  She sat in the Senate gallery as McCain opened the debate on the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill.
Oct. 6, 1999.  Sen. McCain and Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) addressed the Committee for Economic Development, a group of business leaders that has come out in favor of a ban on soft money.  McCain also sent a letter to the other GOP presidential candidates urging them to help reform "a campaign financing system that is nothing more than a sophisticated influence peddling scheme."
September 27, 1999.  Sen. McCain formally announces his candidacy at Greeley Park in Nashua, New Hampshire.  He stated, "I run for President of the United States because I want to return our government back to whom it belongs--the people.  So that Americans can believe once again that public service is a summons to duty and not a lifetime of privilege."  More
Sept.13, 1999. Sen. McCain discussed his book Faith of My Fathers with reporters before a signing at Trover's in Washington, DC.  In response to a question, he said that if the book had been written with presidential ambitions in mind, "I might have left out significant segments...might not have mentioned some of my social life." 
May 20, 1999. After his speech and the Q & A, Sen. McCain talked with members of the audience.
May 20, 1999. In a speech at the National Press Club, Sen. McCain condemned "the generally inept foreign policy of the Clinton administration" and argued that "domestic tranquility is contingent upon international stability."
April 11, 1999. Sen. McCain has made numerous television appearances to outline his views on Kosovo. The zenith may have occurred on April 5, when he appeared on seven programs in one evening.  Here he talks with reporters after an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press. He said that ruling out ground troops was "foolishness" and "not logical." "We cannot rule out any option," McCain said. Sen. McCain had recently returned from a trip to Brussels and bases in Italy and Germany with Defense Secretary William Cohen. The Kosovo situation caused him to delay formal announcement of his presidential campaign, which had been scheduled for April 6. 
March 3, 1999. Sen. McCain speaks at Citizens Against Government Waste's press conference on the release of the organization's "1999 Congressional Pig Book Summary." The "Pig Book" highlights pork barrel projects. McCain has waged a crusade again pork barrel spending for ten years, and even has a pork barreling pig on his Senate web site. 
Feb. 28, 1999. Sen. McCain talks with county officials at the National Conference of Republican County Officials meeting, held during the National Association of Counties annual legislative conference. He had just returned to Washington after appearing at the California Republican Party convention. In his speech to the county officials, McCain referred to the presidential race and Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment, declaring, "We cannot destroy each other or we're going to have an Al Gore presidency." McCain touched on five issues in the heart of his speech: the Internet's possibilities and downsides, taxes, Social Security, foreign policy, and young people's alienation from politics. He also took Q and A. 
Feb. 23, 1999. Sen. McCain received the League of United Latino American Citizens' Friendship Award. Vice President Gore also spoke at this event earlier in the evening. McCain noted that he was very proud to have obtained over 55% of the Hispanic vote in his last election. He devoted a considerable portion of his speech to recounting the heroism of the late Sgt. Roy Benavidez, a Medal of Honor winner who served in Vietnam. 
Feb. 14, 1999. Sen. McCain talks with reporters outside NBC studios after appearing on "Meet the Press." 
Feb. 14, 1999. Sen. McCain talks with reporters outside NBC studios after appearing on "Meet the Press." Much of the discussion focused on the just-concluded impeachment trial and what happens next; there were also questions on the appropriate level of media scrutiny for political figures and Kosovo. 
Sept. 22, 1998. Sen. McCain poses with former Senator and 1996 Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole after the International Republican Institute's fourth annual Freedom Dinner. McCain is chairman of the IRI. 
June 2, 1998. After the Memorial Day recess, McCain and other Senators press the Senate to pass tobacco legislation. 
May 20, 1998 (a). More than 1,000 kids gathered for a rally at the Capitol to urge the Senate to pass comprehensive tobacco control legislation.
May 20, 1998 (b). Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Sen. McCain addressed the rally.
May 20, 1998 (c). Sen. McCain speaks to reporters after the rally. 
May 20, 1998 (d). Sen. McCain heads back to the Capitol after the rally, still fielding reporters' questions. 
Feb. 24, 1998. At a news conference on Capitol Hill, Sen. McCain makes another pitch for the campaign finance reform legislation he and Sen. Feingold had long advocated. The Senate killed the bill on Feb. 26. 
March 11, 1997. President McCain? The presidential seal on the lectern looks like a good fit, but it is actually on the podium for President Clinton, who also spoke at this forum, an Annenberg Public Policy Center-sponsored event examining free television time for candidates.