Miami and the Beaches Convention & Visitors Bureau
On behalf of the 2.1 million residents and thirty municipalities of Miami-Dade County, we are honored to be a candidate to host such an extraordinary event.  

For countless reasons, the Greater Miami area is the ideal site to host the 2000 Democratic Convention.  Echoing the sentiments of President Clinton during the 1994 Summit of the Americas, each day our community grows in recognition as the capitol and gateway to the Americas.  This international distinction has elevated our prominence in the global marketplace as the hub of business, government, trade, culture and entertainment for the southeast United States, the Caribbean and Latin America.  This is most evident by the recent selection of Miami as the site of the permanent secretariat for the Free Trade Area of the Americas.  

Similarly, the dynamism of our community has created Greater Miami into a true microcosm of the world, where hundreds of cultures and ethnicities live, work, learn and exchange customs daily.  This fortune is a source of strength for our growing community and uniquely embodies the ideals and vision the Democratic Party hopes to project at this landmark convention, which will lead the party's agenda into the next millennium.  

Miami-Dade County is ready, willing and able to host the 2000 Convention and stands by its unmatchable record in successfully hosting major conventions and events, like the Super Bowl, Pow Wow, the Summit of the Americas and numerous outher.  Our civic, political and business leaders are committed to the success of the Convention and, to that end, enthusiastically offer our community's resources to make this event the most memorable ever.  Just picture it--the rallying cheers of the Democratic party being pitched in the brand new, state of the art American Airlines Arena, right on Biscayne Bay in majestic Downtown Miami.