Nader in Action

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  July 24, 2000--Ralph Nader is the only presidential candidate to appear in person at Children's Environmental Health Network news conference.  On July 11 a number of organizations sent a letter challenging the candidates to address children's environmental health concerns.
July 18, 2000--Ralph Nader addresses the National Press Club.  Jack Cushman, president of the National Press Club, said Nader's appearance prompted the audience to submit more questions than for any speaker he has introduced.
July 12, 2000--The Nader campaign held a news conference to announce that Bill Hillsman of the Minneapolis firm of North Woods Advertising will do Nader's media.  Hillsman, who did the media for Jesse Ventura's 1998 gubernatorial campaign, produced the video that introduced Nader at the Greens' convention.
"A society that has more justice is a society that needs less charity."
Ralph Nader
June 25, 2000

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June 25, 2000--Ralph Nader waves to delegates at the beginning of his acceptance speech at the Green Party Convention in Denver, Colorado. 
June 14, 2000--Ralph Nader receives the endorsement of the California Nurses Association.
  April 16, 2000--Ralph Nader addressed the rally against the IMF and the World Bank on the Ellipse and spoke with reporters afterwards.
April 14, 2000--Ralph Nader held the first fundraiser for his campaign in Washington, DC the week of the protests against the IMF and the World Bank.

LaDuke in Action

April 22, 2000--Nader's running mate Winona LaDuke spoke at the Earth Day celebration on the Mall in Washington, DC.