New Hampshire--Ready For a Busy Primary Season

Photo Report--February 1999.
Copyright 1999 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.
Manchester Airport. A display celebrates the New Hampshire primary tradition.  Rental cars provide a quick opportunity to start spending money.
Feb. 6, 1999--Workers prepare for the New Hamphire Christian Coalition's Gala at the Center of New Hamphire complex in downtown Manchester.  
Rooms already booked solid for two weeks in February 2000. 

New Hampshire's many cafes, diners and restaurants welcome candidate visits.

Elm Street in Manchester is a heart of political activity.  Many campaigns establish headquarters on or near Elm Street.

Headquarters space available--candidates act now!

Feb. 7, 1999--Of course not all New Hampshirites have politics on their minds, including these people attending a bridal show at the Center of New Hampshire. 

New Hampshire does indeed have a story to tell 
The photos below show members of the Cardigan Mountain Traditional Band performing at the NH Farm & Forest Expo 1999 (Feb. 5 and 6 at the Center of New Hampshire in Manchester) and A.J. Dupere, coach of the UNH Woodsmen Team, demonstrating the tools of his trade.  Just as a woodsman sizes up a piece of wood before going at it, New Hampshire voters insist on a close, first-hand inspection of the candidates. The woodsman's tools are axes and saws.  Voters use a different set of tools: breakfasts, town meetings, Rotary luncheons, receptions and other one-on-one contacts help them to winnow the field of presidential candidates.  "We Have A Story To Tell" is an advertising slogan for New Hampshire products. The story told by the New Hampshire primary, and certainly one of the state's most important products, is the narrowed field.