NHRSC's First-in-the-Nation Primary 
Kick Off Dinner
"A Vision for the New Millennium"
Manchester, NH   May 2, 1999
Photos Copyright 1999 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.
               May 1, 1999  Lamar Alexander and Sen. Fred Thompson 
               Deliver Videotapes in Bedford



About 150 volunteers in 20 vans set off on this warm Saturday to deliver some 4,000 videos.  Lamar, Sen. Fred Thompson, several volunteers and a media contingent did a few households in the neighborhood of longtime Alexander supporter Helen DePrima.  The campaign sought to reach "hard Republican households somewhat densely located."  In addition to the video, each bag contained a copy of Alexander's Little Plaid Book and a letter.

                May 1, 1999  Picnic at Alexander Headquarters in Manchester

After finishing videotape delivery, Alexander hosted a picnic at his headquarters near the Manchester airport.  In his remarks Alexander cited his previous "experience in cleaning up messes" (he was sworn in as governor several days early to thwart corruption by the incumbent).   "People are tired of all the problems with the Clinton White House," he said.  Americans, Alexander said, are looking to elect "somebody who respects the office and the people who put him in that office." 

Alexander downplayed his low poll numbers, noting that he has county chairmen in 68 of Iowa's 99 counties, and will visit all 99.  "I'm going to be coming out of Iowa strong," Alexander said.  He said the eight days between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary will be the "Super Bowl of American politics." 

May 2, 1999  Tents and Dinner

"...it is time to put our government and our culture back on the side of parents raising children."

Transcript of Speech

At a media availability before the dinner, Alexander received the endorsement of former New Hampshire congressman Bill Zeliff.  A enlarged copy of the release on the endorsement is displayed on the table.