NHRSC's First-in-the-Nation Primary 
Kick Off Dinner
"A Vision for the New Millennium"
Manchester, NH   May 2, 1999
Photos Copyright 1999 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.
               May 2, 1999  Preparations and Speech


"If we do not remember that America was built by God, that He is the father of our liberty, that He is the only one that can guarantee it to us, nothing else will matter."
Transcript of Speech

                May 3, 1999  Stops in Manchester

The day after the dinner, Bauer put in a full day of campaigning in the Granite State.  He toured City Hall with Mayor Raymond Wieczorek, walked down Elm Street greeting passersby, stopped in at Greg's and then headed to Memorial High School.

At Memorial High Bauer again focused on the shootings in Littleton:

"...We're ready to tolerate anything and everything except the ideas and the values the country was originally built on.

"I suspect some of you in your classes study the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and so forth, and if you do that you'll know that there is a sentence in the Declaration of Independence that is the defining sentence of America.  I hope you all know it by heart.

All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights--these are rights that can't be taken away; these rights are given to you by God and can't be take away by government--among these the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
"Abraham Lincoln stood on the steps of Constitution Hall many years ago, he read those words, and he said you know what, those are the defining words of America.  I would prefer to die than give them up.  And as you all know he did. 

"And I think in a very real way Cassie, in Littleton, Colorado, died for those words.  She believed in God, she thought that's where our liberty came from, and she was willing to tell a thug with a sawed off shotgun that that's what she believed..."