Endorsements--Rounding 'Em Up in New Hampshire
Copyright 1999, 2000  Democracy in Action/Eric M. Appleman
 T H E    B I G    P I C T U R E
updated Feb. 4, 2000
E L E C T E D   O F F I C I A L S
Governor Jeanne Shaheen (D) Gore  12/4/99 
Executive Council
First District--Raymond S. Burton  Bush (fmrly Alexander)
Second District--Peter J. Spaulding   McCain
Third District--Ruth L. Griffin  Bush
Fourth District--Thomas P. Colantuono   Bush
Fifth District--Bernard A. Streeter   Bush (fmrly Alexander)

House: 400 Members--242 R or R&D, 155 D or D&R, 1 I&D and 2 vacancies as of 1/1/00.
   Of 241 R/R&D--72 McCain, 61 Bush, 12 Forbes, 4 Bauer, 2 Keyes, 2 Hatch, 1 Neutral
   Of 154 D/D&R--70 Gore, 24 Bradley
Senate: 24 Members--12 D, 12 R 
   Of 12 D-- 9 Gore, 2 Bradley
   Of 12 R-- 3 McCain, 2 Forbes

U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg (R) Bush 4/8/99
U.S. Sen. Bob Smith (R)
U.S. Rep. John Sununu (R-1st District)
U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass (R-2nd District)  Bush

Union Leader (Manchester, paid circ. daily 63,438, Sun. 85,414) -- Forbes 12/3/99
The Telegraph (Nashua, paid circ. 28,061, Sun. 33,898) -- Bradley, McCain 1/23/00 
Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, paid circ. daily 25,027, Sun. 30,417) -- Bush 1/13/00, Bradley 1/25/00
Concord Monitor (paid circ. daily 21,310, Sun. 23,150) -- McCain 1/23/00, Gore 1/24/00
The Valley News (Lebanon/Hanover, paid circ. daily 17,618, Sun. 17,519) -- Bradley 1/23/00, McCain 1/24/00
The Keene Sentinel (paid circ. daily 14,590, Sun. 13,521) -- McCain 1/25/00, Gore 1/26/00
Portsmouth Herald (paid circ. daily 14,389, Sun. 19,476) -- McCain 1/11/00, Gore 1/14/00 also, under the same ownership, the Hampton Union and the News-Letter (Exeter)
The Citizen (Laconia, paid circ. daily 9,848, Sun. 30,417) -- owned by Foster's and same endorsements (Bush 1/13/00, Bradley 1/25/00)
Eagle-Times (Claremont, paid circ. daily 8,263, Sun. 9,308) -- McCain 1/20/00 
The Berlin Reporter (paid circ. Mon.-Sat. around 5,000) -- Bradley, McCain 1/23/00
The Conway Daily Sun (Mount Washington Valley, free Mon.-Sat, circ. 15,000) -- Bradley, McCain 1/31/00
The Caledonian-Record (Northeast Vermont and the North Country of NH) -- Bradley

Derry News (published Tues. and Fri. paid circ. just over 10,000) -- Bradley, McCain 1/28/00
The Mountain Ear (Conway, published Thurs., 12,000 issues) -- McCain 1/27/00
Rochester & Dover Times, Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Plymouth Record Enterprise -- Bradley, McCain 1/12/00
Littleton Courier -- Bradley, McCain
Weirs Times (Lake Winnipesaukee, weekly, 30,000 issues) -- Forbes 10/7/99

and some Massachusetts papers
Boston Globe -- McCain 1/16/00, Gore 1/16/00
Boston Herald -- Bradley 1/27/00, McCain 1/28/00
The Eagle-Tribune (Lawrence, MA; circ. in NH of about 16,500) -- Bradley, Bush 1/23/00

Do Endorsements Matter?
Whether or not endorsements make any difference on Primary Night is debatable, but they are important in the pre-primary period when developing campaigns strive to build credibility.  Campaigns go to considerable effort to round up endorsements.  The first targets are prominent party leaders including elected officials, former officials, erstwhile candidates, and party activists.  New Hampshire, with a 400-member House of Representatives (the fourth largest legislative body in the English-speaking world), presents a wealth of opportunities. In addition, campaigns seek support of community activists and business and civic leaders; Democratic candidates also woo labor support. Finally, newspaper endorsements are highly prized.

The timing and format of endorsement announcements can be significant.  A mass endorsement, with elected officials lined up behind the candidate, can draw significant attention.  Alternatively, rolling out a steady stream of endorsements over a period of time can bolster the impression of a growing campaign.  Picking up a prominent supporter who had formerly been with another campaign is regarded as a coup, worthy of a press release or press conference.

Those that have endorsements trumpet them; those that don't argue that endorsements really don't matter and that anyhow they are pursuing a grassroots strategy.  Texas Gov. George W. Bush, receiving the endorsements of a majority of Iowa's Republican state legislators on September 1, 1999, stated, "These legislators bring credibility, on-the-ground leadership and support to my campaign..."  Almost by definition "establishment candidates" are able to rack up endorsements from large numbers of elected officials.  For others in the field, even a few elected official endorsements can help with credibility. 

An endorser may play an active role in the campaign, serving as a surrogate, appearing with the candidate, making calls and rallying up support, or he or she may do nothing more than allow his or her name to be listed on the campaign's leadership team or steering committee. 

The process of building support and endorsements among specific groups, such as farmers or educators, is known as coalitions, and is an area of the campaign unto itself. 

In sum, endorsements, like fundraising prowess and campaign organization, are an element that contributes to credibility.  Ultimately, however, voters' decisions are based on their views of a candidate's experience, ideas and values.

Key Endorsements by Candidate updated Feb. 4, 2000. 

Gary Bauer
State Representatives:
Bob Boyce (Alton Bay)  Belknap/5
David C. Corbin (Stratham)  Rockingham/25
Gary Torressen (Moultonborough)  Carroll/10
Mike Gillman (Littleton)  Grafton/1

George W. Bush
U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg
U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass (R-2nd District)
Executive Councilors: Ruth L. Griffin, Raymond S. Burton (fmrly Alexander), Tom Colantuono and Bernie Streeter (fmrly Alexander)
State Senators: none announced
State Representatives:
61 legislative endorsements ("the first wave") formally announced on 11/18/99
John R.M. Alger (Rumney) Grafton/9 
Peter F. Bergin (Amherst) Hillsborough/16
Thomas J. Boriso (Meredith) Belknap/1
Jeb E. Bradley (Wolfeboro) Carroll/8
Julie M. Brown (Rochester) Strafford/17
Leon Calawa Jr. (Litchfield) Hillsborough/17 -fmrly Alexander
Gene Chandler, House Majority Leader (Bartlett)  Carroll/1 -fmrly Alexander
John S. Cobb (Woodsville)  Grafton/5
Patricia L. Cote (Danville) Rockingham/9
Pamela D. Coughlin (Mont Vernon)  Hillsborough/12  -fmrly Alexander
Russell N. Cox (New Castle) Rockingham/24
Griffin T. Dalianis (Nashua) Hillsborough/35 -fmrly Alexander
Perley E. Davis (Colebrook) Coos/1
William J. Desrosiers (Manchester) Hillsborough/45
Larry Emerton (Goffstown) Hillsborough/7
Dennis H. Fields (Merrimack) Hillsborough/18
Natalie S. Flanagan (Atkinson) Rockingham/14 
David A. Flanders (Exeter) Rockingham/20
John W. Flanders, Sr., Assistant Majoirty Whip (Kingston) Rockingham/18 -fmrly Alexander
Sheila T. Francouer (Hampton) Rockingham/22
Eugene L. Gagnon (Manchester) Hillsborough/48
Warren Henderson (Exeter) Rockingham/20
Keith Herman (Milford) Hillsborough/13  -fmrly Dole
Robert G. Holbrook (Laconia) Belknap/7
Lynn C. Horton (Lancaster) Coos/3
Bruce F. Hunter (Goffstown) Hillsborough/7 -fmrly Alexander
Robert A. Johnson (Northwood) Rockingham/1
George N. Katsakiores (Derry) Rockingham/13
Phyllis M. Katsakiores (Derry) Rockingham/13 
Rudolph J. Kobel (Candia) Rockingham/6
Neal M. Kurk (Weare) Hillsborough/5
Allen K. MacNeil (Plymouth) Grafton/7
Norman L. Major (Plaistow) Rockingham/16
Winston H. McCarty (Manchester) Hillsborough/38
Tim McGough (Merrimack) Hillsborough/18
Robert H. Milligan (Merrimack) Hillsborough/18
Henry P. Mock (Jackson) Carroll/3
Charles Morse (Salem) Rockingham/28
William E. Mosher (Nashua) Hillsborough/30
George T. Musler (Barrington) Strafford/6
Dawn C. Nolan-Piteri (Nashua) Hillsborough/34
Jane E. O’Hearn (Nashua) Hillsborough/26
Sherman A. Packard (Londonderry) Rockingham/29 -fmrly Alexander
Donald R. Philbrick (Eaton) Carroll/4
Neil J. Reardon (Hampstead) Rockingham/15
Sandra Reeves (Manchester) Hillsborough/37
H. Charles Royce (Jaffrey) Cheshire/9
Edwin O. Smith (Hinsdale) Cheshire/6
Barbara L. Spear (Farmington) Strafford/3 -fmrly Alexander
Joan C. Tate (Hudson) Hillsborough/23 -fmrly Dole
John E. Tholl Jr. (Whitefield) Coos/5
O. Alan Thulander (Francestown) Hillsborough/6
Franklin Torr (Dover) Strafford/12
William Tsiros (Farmington) Strafford/3
J. Arthur Tufts (Exeter) Rockingham/20
Brien L. Ward (Littleton) Grafton/1
David A. Welch, Assistant Majority Leader (Kingston) Rockingham/18 -fmrly Alexander
Kenneth L. Weyler (Kingston) Rockingham/18
Michael Whalley, Majority Whip (Bow) Merrimack/5
David S. Woodward (Milan) Coos/7
William R. Zolla (Derry) Rockingham/13

The Eagle-Tribune (Lawrence, MA)--1/23/00
Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, paid circ. daily 25,027, Sun. 30,417)--1/13/00
The Citizen (Laconia, paid circ. daily 9,848, Sun. 30,417)--1/13/00

Steve Forbes
State Senators:
Mary Brown (District 17-Chichester)
Pat Krueger (District 16-Manchester)
State Representatives:
Ronald Belanger (Salem) Rockingham/26
Stephanie Eaton (Littleton) Grafton/1
Richard "Stretch" Kennedy (Contoocook)  Merrimack/7
Gerard Lavoie (Allenstown) Merrimack/12
Betsy McKinney (Londonderry) Rockingham/29
Karen McRae (Goffstown) Hillsborough/7
Bernie Raynowska (North Salem)  Rockingham/26
Tom Rice (Laconia) Belknap/7 -fmrly Smith
Walter Ruffner (Stratham) Rockingham/25
Maxwell Sargent, Assistant Majority Whip (Hillsboro)  Hillsborough/3
Nancy Stickney (Salem) Rockingham/26
Nancy Wall (Hollis) Hillsborough/22

Weirs Times (Lake Winnipesaukee, weekly, 30,000 issues)--10/7/99
Union Leader (Manchester, paid circ. daily 63,438, Sun. 85,414)--12/3/99

Alan Keyes
Paul Mirski (Enfield) Grafton/12
Phil Weber (Grafton) Grafton/11

John McCain
Executive Councilor: Peter Spaulding  chairman of NH campaign
State Senators: Leo Fraser (District 4-Pittsfield), Fred King (District 1-Colebrook), Jim Squires (District 12-Hollis)
State Representatives:
Kathy Flora (Bedford) Hillsborough/15 vice chairman of NH campaign
David Young (Langdon) Sullivan/6 vice chairman of NH campaign
Stephen Avery (Dublin) Cheshire/8 -fmrly Alexander
David Babson (Ossipee) Carroll/5
Roland Beaupre (Manchester) Hillsborough/44
Franklin Bishop (Raymond) Rockingham/12
Richard Brewster (Andover) Merrimack/1
Russell D. Bridle (Hampton)  Rockingham/22  -fmrly Bush
Richard Brothers (Campton)  Grafton/6
Peg Case (Nottingham)  Rockingham/2 -fmrly Alexander
Vivian Clark (Hampstead) Rockingham/17  -fmrly Alexander
Robert Clegg (Hudson) Hillsborough/23  -fmrly Alexander
Richard Cooney (Salem)  Rockingham/26
Larry Cossette (Rochester)  Strafford/19
Stanley Czech (Alton) Belknap/5-fmrly Alexander
Janeen Dalrymple (Salem) Rockingham/26
Francis Davis (Pembroke) Merrimack/12
Vivian Desmarais (Manchester) Hillsborough/43
Howard Dickinson (Center Conway)  Carroll/2  -fmrly Bush
Cynthia Dokmo (Amherst) Hillsborough/14
Teri Dudley (West Lebanon)  Grafton/14 -fmrly Alexander
Susan Durham (Hollis)  Hillsborough/22 -fmrly Alexander
Jim Fenton (Pelham)  Hillsborough/24
Martin Feuerstein (Franklin)  Merrimack/13
Gordon Flint (Newport)  Sullivan/4
John Gallus (Berlin)  Coos/7
John Gleason (Derry) Rockingham/13 -fmrly Alexander
Ken Grant (Atkinson) Rockingham/17
Lawrence Guay (Gorham) Coos/6
Elizabeth Hager (Concord) Merrimack/18
Herb Hansen (Hillsborough) Hillsborough/2
Hoby Harmon (Bristol) Grafton/8
Hap Hinman (Plymouth) Grafton/7-fmrly Kasich
Elizabeth Hoadley (Concord) Merrimack/24
Karen Hutchinson (Londonderry)  Rockingham/29
Alf Jacobson (New London)  Merrimack/2
Constance Jones (Grantham)  Sullivan/3
Sandra Keans (Rochester)  Strafford/16
William Kelley (Raymond)  Rockingham/12
Joseph Kenney (Sanbornville) Carroll/6
Richard LaRose (Nashua) Hillsborough/27
Jane Langley (Rye Beach)  Rockingham/24
Peter Leishman (Milford)  Hillsborough/13
Richard Leone (Sunapee)  Sullivan/2
Rudy Lessard (Hudson)  Hillsborough/23
Joseph Manning (Jaffrey)  Cheshire/9
Gene Marshall (Lisbon)  Grafton/2
Roy Maxfield (Loudon)  Merrimack/9
Irene M. Messier (Manchester)  Hillsborough/46 -fmrly Dole
Edward Moran (Bedford)  Hillsborough/15
Tim O'Connell (Milford)  Hilsborough/13
Dean Ouellette (Manchester)  Hillsborough/42
Leo Pepino (Manchester)  Hillsborough/40 -fmrly Bush
Paul Perkins (Weare) Hillsborough/5
Andy Peterson (Peterborough)  Hillsborough/8
William Phinney (Bristol) Grafton/8
Al Picconi (Lebanon)  Grafton/14
David Poulin (Penacook)  Merrimack/14
Ralph Rosen (Laconia)  Belknap/7
Robert Rowe (Amherst)  Hillsborough/14
George Rubin (Stratham)  Rockingham/25
Norma Sabella (Derry)  Rockingham/13
Frank Sapareto (Derry)  Rockingham/13
David Scanlan (Canaan)  Grafton/11
Joseph Stone (Deerfield) Rockingham/7
Donald Stritch (Auburn)  Rockingham/5
Tom Varrell (Danville)  Rockingham/9
Everett Weare (Seabrook)  Rockingham/21
Don White (Hudson)  Hillsborough/25
Jim Whittemore (Franklin)  Merrimack/13
John Whittier (Kingston)  Rockingham/18
D.J. Withee (Bedford)  Hillsborough/15

The Conway Daily Sun (Mount Washington Valley, free Mon.-Sat., circ. 15,000)--1/31/00
Derry News (published Tues. and Fri. paid circ. just over 10,000)--1/28/00
Boston Herald--1/28/00
The Mountain Ear (Conway, published Thurs., 12,000 issues)--1/27/00
The Berlin Reporter (paid circ. Mon.-Sat. around 5,000)--1/23/00
The Telegraph (Nashua, paid circ. 28,061, Sun. 33,898))--1/23/00
Concord Monitor (paid circ. daily 21,310, Sun. 23,150)--1/23/00
The Valley News (Lebanon/Hanover, paid circ. daily 17,618, Sun. 17,519))--1/24/00
Eagle-Times (Claremont, paid circ. daily 8,263, Sun. 9,308)--1/20/00
Boston Globe--1/16/00
Littleton Courier
Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Plymouth Record Enterprise, Rochester & Dover Times (weeklies)--1/12/00
Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth; paid circ. daily 14,389, Sun. 19,476)--1/11/00  also, same ownership, the Hampton Union and the News-Letter (Exeter)

Orrin Hatch
Before he withdrew (1/26/00) Hatch had garnered endorsements of:
none known

Elizabeth Dole
Before she withdrew Dole had garnered endorsements of:
State Representatives:
Pamela D. Coughlin (Mont Vernon)  Hillsborough/12
Suzan L.R. Franks (Nashua) Hillsborough/26
Keith R. Herman (Milford) Hillsbourough /13
Karen K. Hutchinson (Londonerry) Rockingham/29
Irene M. Messier (Manchester) Hillsborough/46
Dave G. Poulin (Penacook) Merrimack/14
Marie N. Rabideau (Plaistow) Rockingham/16
Joan C. Tate (Huston) Hillsborough/23

Dan Quayle
Before he withdrew Quayle had garnered endorsements of:
State Senator: Art Klemm (District 22-Windham)
State Representatives:
Bob Chabot (Manchester) Hillsborough/48
Bob Clegg (Hudson) Hillsborough/23
Mary Griffin (Windham) Rockingham/27
Walt Mikowlski (Londonderry) Rockingham/29
Mary Lou Nowe (Epping) Rockingham/3
Ron Nowe (Epping) Rockingham/4
Nancy Wall (Hollis) Hillsborough/22
Fran Wendelboe (New Hampton) Belknap/2-fmrly Dole

John Kasich
Kasich's exploratory effort had the backing of:
State Rep. Hap Hinman (Plymouth) Grafton/7
State Sen. Carl Johnson (District 3-Meredith), the Senate Republican leader

Lamar Alexander
Before he withdrew Alexander had garnered endorsements of:
Executive Councilors: Bernard A. Streeter, Raymond S. Burton
State Senator: Leo Fraser (District 4-Pittsfield)
State Representatives:
David Alukonis (Hudson) Hillsborough/23
Frederick Andrews (Nashua) Hillsborough/34
Steve Avery (Dublin) Cheshire/8
Leon Calawa, Jr. (Litchfield) Hillsborough/17
Peg Case (Nottingham) Rockingham/2
Gene Chandler (Bartlett) Carroll/1
Vivian Clark (Hampstead) Rockingham/17
Robert Clegg Jr. (Hudson) Hillsborough/23
Pamela Coughlin (Mont Vernon) Hillsborough/12
Stanley Czech (Alton)  Belknap/5
Griffin Dalianis (Nashua)  Hillsborough/35
Richard Dolan (Raymond)  Rockingham/12
Patricia Dowling (Derry)  Rockingham/13
Terri Dudley (Lebanon)  Grafton/14
Susan Durham (Hollis)  Hillsborough/22
Merton Dyer (Peterborough)  Hillsborough/8
Dennis Fields (Merrimack)  Hillsborough/18
John Flanders, Sr. (Kingston)  Rockingham/18
John Gleason (Derry)  Rockingham/13
Bonnie Ham (Woodstock)  Grafton/4
Bruce F. Hunter (Goffstown)  Hillsborough/7
Bob Letourneau (Derry)  Rockingham/13
Randy Lyman (Ossipee)  Carroll/5
Ken MacDonald (Wolfeboro)  Carroll/7
Sherman Packard (Londonderry)  Rockingham/29
Ed Putnam II (Hampstead)  Rockingham/15
Barbara Spear (Farmington)   Strafford/3
Albert Weare (Seabrook)  Rockingham/21
David Welch (Kingston)  Rockingham/18

Bob Smith
Before he withdrew Smith had garnered the endorsement of:
Tom Rice (Laconia) Belknap/7

State Rep. Fran Wendelboe (New Hampton)  Belknap/2  -initially with Dole, then with Quayle
Mary Lou Nowe (Epping) Rockingham/3 Ron Nowe (Epping) Rockingham/4  -initially with Quayle; sheperded Sen. Orrin Hatch around at a number of events but did not formally endorse him

Bill Bradley
State Senators: Mark Fernald (District 11-Sharon), Clifton Below (District 5-Lebanon)
State Representatives:
Dennis Abbott (Newmarket) -fmrly Gore
David Allison (Cornish)
Susan Almy (Lebanon)
Frank Callaghan (Rochester)
Jim Curran (Hancock)
Tom Donovan (Claremont)
Marilyn Fraser (Concord)
Gary Gilmore (Dover)
Ruth Ginsburg (Nashua)
Rebecca Hutchinson (Deerfield)
Jane Kelley (Hampton)
Peter Leonard (Manchester)
Don Lent (Durham) -fmrly Gore
Paul McGuirk (North Walpole)
Harold Melcher (Wilton)
Carol Moore (Concord)
Patricia O'Keefe (Seabrook)
Arthur Pelletier (Dover)
James Phiziny (Acworth)
Barbara Richardson (Richmond)
Tom Roberston (Keene)
Beth Rodd (Bradford)
Judith Spang (Durham)
Kathleen Taylor (Dover)
Charles Vaughn (Portsmouth)

The Conway Daily Sun (Mount Washington Valley)--1/31/00
Derry News (published Tues. and Fri. paid circ. just over 10,000)--1/28/00
Boston Herald (MA)--1/27/00
Caledonian Record (Northeast Vermont and the North Country of NH)--1/25/00
Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, paid circ. daily 25,027, Sun. 30,417)--1/25/00
The Citizen (Laconia, paid circ. daily 9,848, Sun. 30,417)--1/25/00
The Berlin Reporter (paid circ. Mon.-Sat. around 5,000)--1/23/00
The Telegraph (Nashua, paid circ. 28,061, Sun. 33,898))--1/23/00
The Valley News (Lebanon/Hanover, paid circ. daily 17,618, Sun. 17,519))--1/23/00
The Eagle-Tribune (Lawrence, MA)--1/23/00
Littleton Courier--1/18/00
Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Plymouth Record Enterprise, Rochester & Dover Times (weeklies)--1/12/00

Al Gore
Governor: Jeanne Shaheen
State Senators: (the 10 endorsed Gore 6/3/99)
Sylvia Larsen (District 15-Concord)
Burt Cohen, Democratic Leader (District 24-New Castle)
Lou D'Allesandro (District 20-Manchester)
George Disnard (District 8-Claremont)
John King (District 18-Manchester)
Caroline McCarley (District 6-Rochester)
Debora "Deb" Pignatelli (District 13-Nashua)
Rick Trombly (District 7-Boscawen)
Katherine "Katie" Wheeler (District 21-Durham)
[Clesson "Junie" Blaisdell, Senate President (District 10-Keene) died in August]
State Representatives (by county):
Jane Wood (Laconia)  Belknap/7


Margaret Lynch (Keene) Cheshire/19
Margaret E. Lynott (West Swanzey)  Cheshire/11


Candace White Bouchard (Concord) Merrimack/22
Toni Crosby (Concord) Merrimack/20
Gabriel Daneault (Allenstown) Merrimack/12
Mary Stuart Gile (Concord) Merrimack/16
Tara Reardon (Concord) Merrimack/23
Gloria Seldin (concord) Merrimack/17
Carolyn Virtue (Loudon)Merrimack/9
Jean Wallin (Concord) Merrimack/15
Marion Copenhaver (Etna) Grafton/5
Sharon Nordgren (Hanover) Grafton/10
Richard Ahern (Manchester) Hillsborough/38
Rose H. Arthur (Merrimack) Hillsborough/18
Benjamin Baroody (Manchester)  Hillsborough/42
Raymond Buckley, Dem. Whip (Manchester)  Hillsborough/44
James Burkush (Manchester)  Hillsborough/45
Jane Clemons (Nashua) Hillsborough/31
David Cote (Nashua)
Peter Cote (Nashua)
James Craig (Manchester)  Hillsborough/38
Robert Daigle (Nashua)
Theresa Drabinowicz (Nashua) Hillsborough/36
Paul Dwyer (Manchester)  Hillsborough/43
Linda T. Foster (Mont Vernon)  Hillsborough/10
Paul Gagnon (Manchester)  Hillsborough/48
Linda L. Garrish (Manchester)  Hillsborough/37
Jeff Goley (Manchester)  Hillsborough/37
Mary Gorman (Nashua)
Alphonse Haettenschwiller (Nashua)
Robert Haley (Manchester)  Hillsborough/43
Lionel Johnson (Manchester)  Hillsborough/40
Harvey Keye (Nashua)
Christine Konys (Nashua)  Hillsborough/33
Bette Lasky (Nashua)  Hillsborough/33
George LaPorte (Manchester)  Hillsborough/39
Philip McColgan, Jr. (Pelham)
Leslie Mendenhall (Nashua)  Hillsborough/31
Mary Moriarty (Merrimack)  Hillsborough/18
William J. McCarthy (Manchester) ??
Robert Murphy (Manchester)  Hillsborough/42
Mary Ouellette (Nashua)  Hillsborough/27
Frank Reidy (Manchester)  Hillsborough/46
Anthony Simon (Manchester)  Hillsborough/40
Roland Turgeon (Manchester)  Hillsborough/47
Alice McDonough Wallace (Manchester) ??
John M. White (Manchester)  Hillsborough/46
Carol Ann Williams (Manchester)  Hillsborough/39
Roger Berube (Somersworth) Strafford/14
William P. Brennan (Rochester) Strafford/16
George Brown (Rochester) Strafford/17
Marlene M. DeChane (Barrington) Strafford/6
Baldwin Domingo (Dover) Strafford/12
Anne C. Grassie (Rochester) Strafford/19
Richard Heon (Somersworth) Strafford/14
Nancy K. Johnson (Union)  Strafford/5
Raymond Ludborn (Rochester)  Strafford/18
Marsha Pelletier (Dover) Strafford/12
Michael Rollo (Rollinsford)  Strafford/10
Marjorie Smith (Durham) Strafford/8
Joseph Twardus (Dover) Strafford/13
Francis Vincent (Somersworth) Strafford/14
Dennis Vachon (Strafford) Strafford/4
Janet Wall (Madbury) ??

Peter H. Burling, Dem. Leader (Cornish)  Sullivan/1
Amy Robb-Theroux (Claremont) Sullivan/9
Celestine Wiggins (Guild) Sullivan/4

Mary Ann Blanchard (Portsmouth) Rockingham/33
Martha Fuller Clark (Portsmouth) Rockingham/36
Cecelia Kane (Portsmouth) Rockingham/32
Laura Pantelakos (Portsmouth) Rockingham/30
Jacqueline Pitts (Portsmouth) Rockingham/35

Mayors: Bob Baines (Manchester), William Boc (Dover), Dick Huot (Berlin), Pat Russell (Keene)

Portsmouth Herald (paid circ. daily 14,389, Sun. 19,476)--1/14/00
Boston Globe--1/16/00
Concord Monitor (paid circ. daily 21,310, Sun. 23,150)--1/24/00
The Keene Sentinel (paid circ. daily 14,590, Sun. 13,521)--1/26/00


The Union Leader endorsement was made public on the evening of Dec. 2, following the WMUR-TV debate in Manchester; when it was thought it would have maximum impact. Forbes aides distributed copies of the endorsement in media filing center following the debate.  The endorsement was highlighted in a Forbes TV ad > that ran in Iowa and NH starting Dec. 7.  The campaign also ran full page ads reprinting the entire Union Leader endorsement in major Iowa newspapers.

The Nashua Telegraph's editorial board consists of Tarrence Williams (publisher), George Geers (editor), Marty Karlon (managing editor) and Claudette Durocher (editorial page editor).

The Concord Monitor had two ed board meetings each with Bradley and McCain, and one each with Alexander, Bauer, Forbes, Hatch and Gore.  The paper "asked Bush early and often, but he never came in."  A meeting was finally scheduled near the end of the campaign, tentatively according to the Bush people, but he canceled it after the Monitor ran an editorial questioning his half-hearted campaign in New Hampshire ("Virtual candidate"--Jan. 14).  Scheduling conflicts caused a last minute cancellation of the meeting with Keyes.  The ed board consists of Tom Brown (publisher), Mark Travis (editorial page editor) and Mike Pride (editor).

The Keene Sentinel's editorial board extended invitations to all the major candidates.  Gore, Bradley, McCain (twice, once in late summer 1999 and again in mid-January) and Elizabeth Dole met with the board.  Keyes accepted but could not come until Jan. 27; the paper planned to endorse before that date so his campaign cancelled the meeting.  The board consists of Thomas Ewing (publisher), James Rousmaniere (editor), Thomas Kearney (executive editor), Sunday features editor Katherine Cox (Sunday features editor), and Guy MacMillin (editorial page editor).

The Portsmouth Herald has an editorial board of seven people which meets weekly to talk about what the paper will editorializing about in the coming week.  They are: John Tabor (publisher), Dave Solomon (managing editor), Lars Trodson (editorial page editor), Jane Murphy (city desk editor), John Brenneman (Sunday paper editor), Christine Gillette (business editor), and editor of The Hampton Union and The News-Letter (Exeter) weekly papers Jason Screiber.  Screiber was not at the endorsement meeting; present instead was York, Maine bureau chief Larry Favinger.  Trodson said the group had "protracted discussions about who we would endorse on both the Republican and the Democratic side, weighing all the available information."

The Eagle Times invited all candidates to meet with its editorial board; Sen. McCain and Sen. Paul Wellstone on behalf of Sen. Bradley took advantage of the opportunity.  The Eagle Times ed board consists of: Harvey D. Hill (owner and president), Alan S. Grigsby (publisher), Patrick O'Grady (managing editor), Randy Holhut (editor), and Lawrence (Poody) Walsh (sports editor).

The Derry News' endorsements were written by political reporter James Buchanan, based on conversations with editor Theresa Walton and the paper's Londonderry editor.

The Eagle-Tribune (Lawrence, MA) has a New Hampshire circulation of about 16,500 out of a total circulation of 56,000.  The endorsement was arrived at by consensus of the editorial board and the publisher.  The ed board consists of Steve Lambert (editor), Alan White (assistant managing editor/news), Jeff McMenemy (assistant managing editor/New Hampshire), Steve Billingham (assistant managing editor/administration and operations, Sondra Longo (assistant managing editor/features) and Ken Johnson (editorial page editor); the publisher is Chip Rogers.