The Conway Daily Sun (Conway, NH)   Monday, January 31, 2000

Cynics No More

When was the last time you felt proud to vote in a presidential election?  Tomorrow no New Hampshire voter -- Democrat, Republican or Independent --will have to hold their nose when casting their ballot, or settle for the lesser of two evils.

Bill Bradley and John McCain have freshened the political winds this primary season.  The erudite Democrat and straight-talking Republican are attracting even the most hardened cynics back to politics and hold the promise of drawing young people to the polls, perhaps for the first time.

By giving the two challengers big wins tomorrow, New Hampshire voters will do more than just send a message that we refuse to accept politics as usual.  We will show the nation the worthlessness of George W. Bush's big bucks campaign and Al Gore's underhanded spinning.

The Gore and Bush campaigns are the depressingly inevitable products of a corrupt system.  The Democrat a bagman for millions in soft money party contributions.  The Republican a straw man stuffed with green who doesn't have the answer to too many important questions.

We enthusiastically endorse both McCain and Bradley for their pledge to break the suffocating grip of special interests in Washington, but more importantly because they have told us the truth.  They have looked us in the eye, answered our questions intelligently, shown themselves capable of strong and thoughtful leadership.

Bill Bradley and John McCain are the real thing, they deserve our votes.

Reprinted by Permission of the Conway Daily Sun.