The Caledonian-Record (St. Johnsbury, VT)   Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Editorial Comment...

Bill Bradley

    For the many Democrats among us who are suffering from Clintonitis, there is a choice and there is a chance for change.  Bill Bradley offers a break from the business-as-usual mentality that has ben pervasive throughout the White House during the last eight years.

    We don't pretend to agree with each and every issue Bradley addresses, but the viability of the two-party system is dependent upon the likes of bill Bradley.  We believe he is the strongest possible candidate that the Democrats could nominate at a time when the Clinton administration has failed to deliver the respect that is due the presidency.

    We fail to understand why Democrats would want more of the same in the White House and it would be more of the same if current Vice President Al gore took the helm.

    We are impressed with Bill Bradley for his ostensible simplicity, his commitment against accepting PACs (political action committee money) and his subsequent distancing himself from special interest groups.

    We recognize that Bill Bradley is willing to tackle big problems with big solutions.  He has demonstrated compassion wherever he has campaigned.  When a tear came to his eyes upon hearing of a New Hampshire resident's health care woes, he demonstrated a sincere sense of caring.  he also proved that he hasn't been run by a bunch of handlers.

    Unlike the rather arrogant and imperial attitude demonstrated by Bradley's chief Democratic opponent, this candidate has exhibited a humility that makes the man seem human.  Though far less flashy than the new Al gore, Bradley seems like the genuine product.

    Bradley has shown sensitivity to racial issues, to the downtrodden and to the middle-class American.  The former basketball player well remembers when he had to demonstrate particular sensitivity to fellow athletes as he tried to combat intolerance and prejudice that often haunted those around him.

    Sen. Bradley has run a well-organized campaign from the beginning.  His people haven't missed a trick.  Like the front-runner in the Republican primary, Sen. Bradley has selected bright and energetic people to advise him.  This is to his credit.

    We fervently hope that our Democratic friends in the North Country will remember to vote in the Feb. 1 New Hampshire Primary and cast their votes for Bill Bradley.  We also hope that all the Democrats we know on this side of the river will mark their calendars to vote for Bradley in the Vermont Primary, which will be held on Town Meeting Day, March 7.  Bill Bradley is a serious man with a serious message.  He deserves your attention.

Reprinted by Permission of The Caledonian-Record. Copyright 2000.  All Rights Reserved.