The Caledonian-Record (St. Johnsbury, VT)   Monday, January 24 2000

Editorial Comment...

George W. Bush

    It's time to make up our minds about a Republican presidential hopeful.  So we have.

    We were favorably impressed with George W. Bush when we interviewed the Texas governor and heard him address the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce in November.

    Many televised candidate forums later, we continue to believe he's the best choice among the Republican presidential contenders.

    At a time when liberals see a surplus as an excuse to spend, spend, spend, Gov. Bush, to his credit, promotes a philosophy of compassionate conservatism.

    He knows it's conservative to cut taxes.  He knows it's compassionate to give the money back to the peopole who earned it in the first place.  Indeed, he ought to know.  He has a proven record as a tax cutter in Texas.

    Gov. Bush also has a record of standing by the laws of his state.  Despite out-of-state efforts to abolish capital punishment, convicted murderers receive their just deserts in Texas.  We wish we could say the same thing about our own section of the nation.

    George W. Bush cares about education.  He believes that disruption in the classroom and inappropriate behavior there just doesn't belong.  We agree.

    The candidate has waged an aggressive campaign and is not shy about answering tough questions.  He has a crackerjack New Hampshire campaign team that has proven the Bush effort runs efficiently and effectively.  In short, Gov. Bush has some sharp people around him and that speaks well of the candidate.

    We have the opportunity in our section of the country to help the GOP nominate the strongest possible candidate in Campaign 2000.  There is no doubt in our minds that Gov. Bush is that person.

    We sincerely hope that New England Republicans will turn out in large numbers to vote for George W. Bush in the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 1 and the Vermont primary on March 7.

Reprinted by Permission of The Caledonian-Record. Copyright 2000.  All Rights Reserved.