The Mountain Ear (Conway, NH)   Thursday, January 27, 2000

Would you vote for Sen. John McCain -- please?

    American electoral politics can be somewhat dysfunctional.  All political leaders can make promises during election campaigns in an attempt to satisfy the immediate wants of the electorate but those promises might not be best for the country in the long run.

     The leaders in our democracy are entrusted to make tough decisions and to do the right thing to the best of their abilities on our nation's behalf.  But not all meet the challenges head-on when they should.
    The year 2000 election is a time to take a measure of this country's ability to put our "house" in order.  Prosperity nationwide is good.  The current budget surplus is a result of the strong economy Americans have created.

    The question put before us in this election is, do we squander a windfall, or do we take prudent actions during these good times to sustain the effects of the unanticipated downturns in our future?
    Saving Social Security, reforming Medicare, reducing the national debt, supporting the military, providing promised services to those who served their country, campaign finance reform ... the list goes on, but these are issues as a people we need to deal with and can deal with now.
    Does this country need to be consumed by the devisive issues at the forefront of some candidates' campaigns?  Flat tax, overturning Roe v. Wade, litmus tests for Supreme Court Justice nominees, getting out of the World Trade Organization, gays in the military, etc.?  Or should we get down to business and take care of what we can agree on?
    There is only one candidate among the Republicans who has taken a stand to deal with the important issues facing the people of the United States today.

    Sen. John McCain's "Straight Talk Express" has rolled across New Hampshire to over 101 town meetings.  No candidate has listened to as many people's opinions and concerns as this candidate.  He speaks his mind and stands on principles.
    Enough empty promises and unproductive politics as usual have kept our nation's business in gridlock long enough.  It's time to get this nation's household affairs in order.  I would like to ask registered Republican voters and Independents, "Would you vote for John McCain -- please?"

                                                                            -- Steve Eastman

Reprinted by Permission of the The Mountain Ear, Steve Eastman, Editor/Publisher.