Howard Phillips

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Howard Phillips, of Fairfax County, Virginia (Constitution Party).
Current Selected as the Constitution Party's (formerly U.S. Taxpayers Party) 2000 presidential nominee at the party's national convention in St. Louis, Missouri on September 4, 1999. 
Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, a non-partisan public policy advocacy group, he founded in 1974.
President of Policy Analysis, Inc., a public policy research organization which publishes the bi-monthly Issues and Strategy Bulletin.
Career In 1996 was for a second time selected as the USTP candidate for president; appeared on the ballot in 39 states and obtained 184,820 votes (0.19%).
In 1992, helped found the USTP and was chosen as its candidate for president; on the ballot in 21 states, he obtained 43,398 votes (0.04%). 
As chairman of The Conservative Caucus since 1974, has waged campaigns on issues such as the Panama Canal, SALT II treaties, "defunding the left," and NAFTA and the World Trade Organization. 
Director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity in 1973 during the Nixon administration; resigned in protest over spending on Great Society programs. 
Ran for Congress in the Massachusetts 6th (Essex County), obtaining 41% of the vote against Democrat Michael Harrington. 
Director of the President's Council on Youth Opportunity, 1969-70.
Assistant to the chairman of the Republican National Committee.
Chairman of the Boston Republican Party, 1964-66.
Congressional aide.
Activities Author of three books The Next Four Years (1992), Moscow's Challenge to U.S. Vital Interests in Sub-Saharan Africa (1987), and The New Right at Harvard (1983). 
Education Harvard College, A.B. in government, 1962.  Was twice elected president of the Student Council.
Family  Wife Peggy, six children; twelve grandchildren.
Age 59 years old. Born February 6, 1941 in Boston. 
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J. Curtis Frazier II, M.D. of Springfield, MO
Current 2000 Vice presidential nominee of the Constitution Party.
Career U.S. senatorial candidate for the U.S. Taxpayers Party (Constitution Party) in Missouri in 1998; member of Constitution Party National Committee 1996-present; Missouri State Chairman, 1998-present.
Activities Former editor of "These Truths" newsletter; member of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Gun Owners of America, The Conservative Caucus and Separation of School and State Alliance.
Education Northwestern Oklahoma State University, B.S., 1978; University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, M.D. 1982.  Emergency Medicine Residency, Charity Hospital at New Orleans, 1983-85.
Family  Wife Jana, married in 1983; 7 children ranging from 14 years to newborn.
Age 44 years old. 

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