Bush Ticket Heads into the Fall Campaign



August 6, 2000--Buoyed by a successful convention, the Bush ticket headed out on a "Change the Tone" whistle stop tour with rallies in several key industrial states.

Victory 2000 "Change the Tone" Whistle Stop Tour

August 4
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Prayer Breakfast
Drop-by RNC meeting
Airport departure rally, Northeast Philadelphia Airport

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Kickoff rally at Station Square

Akron, Ohio
Rally at Amtrak Station at Quaker Square

August 5
Pontiac, Michigan
Rally at Amtrak Station

Durand, Michigan
Rally at Durand Depot

East Lansing, Michigan
Rally at Michigan State University Campus

School Craft, Michigan
Rally at corner of Walnut and Duncan Streets

Chicago Airport Welcome

August 6
Plainfield, Illinois
Attend church at Sharon Methodist Church

Joliet, Illinois
Rally at Joliet Union Station

Normal, Illinois
Rally at Normal Amtrak Station

Springfield, Illinois
Rally at Springfield Amtrak Station