Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum 
Monday Jan. 17, 2000 at North High School in Des Moines, Iowa.  5:00-6:00 p.m. (CST). 

"Dems make cases for minority support in debate" (USA Today)

"Gore and Bradley Duel, Briefly, on Racial Issue" (New York Times)

"High Priority Vowed for Racial Issues" (Washington Post)

"Minorities' concerns occupy center stage" (Des Moines Register)

USA Today--No front page article or photo.  Article across the top part of page 8A, by USA Today's Jill Lawrence and Susan Page, is headlined "Dems make cases for minority support in debate" and subheaded "Racial profiling issue prompts a testy Bradley-Gore exchange."  The accompanying photo, by Jeff Mitchell, Reuters, shows an environmental protester being led away after disrupting the debate (the article itself contains no mention of the incident).
Article including photo: [6 col]
Photo: [2 col]

New York Times--No front page article or photo.  The debate is an item in the News Summary on page A2: "Gore and Bradley Tangle on Racial Profiling."  Debate coverage fills the top 60 percent of page [], and comprises an article by the Times' Richard L. Berke headlined "Gore and Bradley Duel, Briefly, on Racial Issue;" the photo by Keith Meyers/The New York Times, is a wide shot showing Bradley peering around a corner and children in the audience before the debate [note that the caption says Drake University but the debate occured at North High School], and a box with excerpts.

Washington Post--No front page article or photo.  A bullet at the end of a page A1 article on recent poll results refers readers to page A4 ("Gore and Bradley debate racial issues in Des Moines").  The page A4 article is topped by a photo.  Written by the Post's Ceci Connolly and Thomas B. Edsall, the article is headlined "High Priority Vowed for Racial Issues" and has the subhead "Democrats Spar on Police Profiling in Debate Featuring Much Agreement."  The photo by John Gaps III--Associated Press is a medium wide shot showing Bradley and Gore taking their places on the stage before the event.
Article including photo:
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Des Moines Register--Front page above the fold article and photo.  The article, headlined "Minorities' concerns occupy center stage," is written by the Register's David Yepsen and Jonathan Roos and accompanied by a photo of Bradley and Gore shaking hands after the debate, by Mary Chind/The Register.  The article continues on page 5A under the headline "Bradley, Gore debate issues of concern to minorities."  Two quotes from people who watched the debate are to the side in bold.  Also on page 4A is a small, inconspicuous article "U.S. Secret Service detains activist" about an Ozone Action protester who was at the debate (although it's hard to tell from the article).  On page 1M is a commentary by Borsellino (Rob) headlined "Debates have helped by Democratic duo needs a rest." 
Page 1A article including photo: 65.88 sq" [5 col--7 3/4" x 8 1/2"]
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Page 4A article: 9.00 sq" [1 col--4 1/2" x 2"]
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