Print Ads

Bush-Cheney 2000, Inc.
Half-page ad run in USA Today on Oct. 23, 2000, the same day 29 governors set out on a "Barnstorm for Reform" tour on behalf of the Bush campaign.  Headlined "A Strong Leader for Reform" and signed by the 29 governors, the ad noted that, "Republican Governors rallied early to the candidacy of Governor George W. Bush.  We recognized him as a leader among leaders..."
Half-page ad run in the Sept. 19, 2000 San Jose Mercury News in which about 200 New Economy leaders endorsed Gov. Bush's economic policies.  The ad termed Bush "a different kind of e-publican" and stated that, "He understands the potential of the digital age and the policies needed to continue America's prosperity."
Half-page ad run in the Sept. 6, 2000 USA Today (St. Louis, MO; Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus, OH; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA; Los Angeles, CA; and throughout FL).  This was the same day Vice President Gore presented his "Prosperity for America's Families" plan in a speech at Cleveland State University.  In the ad, six Nobel laureates and 294 leading economists endorsed Gov. Bush's economic plan. 
Republican Party of Virginia
Quarter-page ad run in the Oct. 27, 2000 issues of El Tiempo Latino (red) and Washington Hispanic (blue), two Spanish language weeklies in Northern Virginia, carried the headline "Cuando Hay Educacion, Hay Oportunidad."  Although the layouts and photos for the two ads differ, the text of the ads is nearly identical.

Gore/Lieberman, Inc.
Ad run in the Sept. 7, 2000 New York Times asked, "Does It Matter If the Numbers Add Up?"  The ad charged that Bush's plan "spends almost the entire surplus on a $1.6 trillion tax cut that primarily benefits the wealthy--43% of it goes to the top 1%."
Democratic National Committee
Ads by A. Gutierrez & Associates, Inc. run in about 27 papers, mostly Spanish language papers (English and Spanish papers in New Mexico), in eight states (FL, NV, MO, MI, NM, OH, WA and WI) during the period Oct. 11, 2000 to Nov. 5, 2000.  The first one has the same text as the narration of the DNC ad "College for Latinos" while the second one parallels the DNC ad "Niños."