For Ashcroft
A sampling of some of the groups lined up in support of the nomination of John Ashcroft for Attorney General, and of their rhetoric.
  • All quotes are from written statements or releases issued by the groups on the dates indicated.
See also: Americans for the Bush Cabinet Mrs. Beverly LaHaye, chairman of Concerned Women for America, and Ms. Wendy Wright, spokeswoman for the group, at the Jan. 11, 2001 "Women for Justice" news conference.
On Jan. 16, 2001 supporters of former Sen. Ashcroft rallied on Capitol Hill. David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union (shown here before the Jan. 16 rally), has been one of the most active backers of Bush's cabinet choices.  ACU developed the Americans for the Bush Cabinet project.

"ALEC, as an organization of both Democrats and Republicans, champions the principles of free enterprise, limited government, and federalism.  It is our view the Senator Ashcroft's long and distinuished career in public service has clearly demonstrated his commitment to such principles."

Karen Czarnecki Miller, director of the Civil Justice and health and Human Service Task Forces, American Legislative Exchange Council -- Jan. 11, 2001

"...America's women couldn't ask for a finer nominee for Attorney General than John Ashcroft.  John Ashcroft is not an unknown identity, but rather he is a man who repeatedly has demonstrated support and respect for women over the course of his lifetime.  America's women should celebrate his nomination."

Susan Muskett, legislative affairs director, Christian Coalition of America -- Jan. 11, 2001

"He is a man of honor, integrity and character who will approach the job of being the nation's top law enforcement officer with integrity and values. As governor of Missouri, Ashcroft made precedent-setting judicial appointments of African-Americans and extended his strong support of the historically-black Lincoln University during the school's economic crisis."

Rev. Rita Thompson, "Coalition for the People of Color For a Clear Voice"  -- Jan. 11, 2001

"...John Ashcroft has a sterling record...  He is a man of honesty and high integrity who will uphold the law.  He is someone that women can count on to protect the innocent and do justice.  He has proven that over his years of service to the public."

Mrs. Beverly LaHaye, chairman, Concerned Women for America -- Jan. 11, 2001

"Eagle Forum members nationwide applaud President-elect Bush for selecting Senator Ashcroft, a man of impeccable character and integrity, to lead the Justice Department.  If one were to write a job description for U.S. Attorney General, it would be John Ashcroft's resume: law professor, two-term state attorney general, two-term governor, and U.S. Senator serving on the Judiciary Committee."

Lori Cole, executive director, Eagle Forum -- Jan. 11, 2001

"John Ashcroft is perhaps the best qualified nominee to be Attorney General of the past 30 years.  If wisdom and reason still count in the U.S. Senate, a strong bipartisan majority should reject the temptation to polarize and vote to swiftly confirm this distinguished senator."

Janet Parshall, spokeswoman, Family Research Council -- Jan. 11, 2001

"John Ashcroft is honest, not only in word but in deed.  He never lets his personal interests get in the way of telling the truth and doing the right thing, based on the truth.  John Ashcroft cares deeply about doing the honest, right thing, even if it means great personal sacrifice..."

Anita K. Blair, president, Independent Women's Forum -- Jan. 11, 2001

"President-elect Bush has said he wanted to unite a people divided by eight years of pervasive lying, character assassinations and perceptions of entrenched widespread corruption.  The nomination of Senator Ashcroft, an esteemed and highly qualified public official of great integrity, is one more step in that direction."

Marie-Jose Ragab, president, Dulles Area Chapter of the National Organization for Women, Inc. [a dissident branch] -- Jan. 11, 2001

"In view of his experience as a state attorney general, governor, and member of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, John Ashcroft is clearly qualified to be attorney general.  Moreover, after decades in public life, he has an unblemished reputation as a man of strong integrity."

Patricia Coll, spokeswoman, National Right to Life Committee -- Jan. 11, 2001

"John Ashcroft is a man of high integrity and respect for the rule of law...  The attacks against him from liberal Congressmen and left-leaning political groups are mean-spirited and unfair."

Andrea Lafferty, executive director, Traditional Values Coalition -- Jan. 11, 2001

"Throughout Sen. Ashcroft's years of service as Missouri's Attorney General, Governor and United States Senator, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to law enforcement and pledged to involve the Fraternal Order of Police in all aspects of America's criminal justice policy as we enter the next millennium.  It is this willingness to listen to the concerns of law enforcement officers that earns Senator Ashcroft our support."

Gilbert G. Gallegos, national president, Fraternal Order of Police, Jan. 12, 2001

"Based on his distinguished career as an attorney, twice-elected state attorney general, governor, and senator, we believe Sen. Ashcroft will bring integrity and common sense to a tarnished agency.  He has an excellent record of fighting waste and inefficiency.  He also believes that the marketplace should be driven by innovation, not excessive litigation and regulation."

Thomas A. Schatz, president, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Jan. 10, 2001

"After eight years of law and order taking a back seat to political activism and economic statism, taxpayers can look forward to a new era where the U.S. Justice Department will use its authority to pursue justice for American citizens, instead of abusing its authority to pursue a big gvoerment economic agenda...  Under John Ashcroft, we believe taxpayers will see an end to the current anti-taxpayer, anti-free market lawsuits and frivolous antitrust cases.  Thankfully, the U.S. Justice Department will once again focus on punishing criminals instead of pursuing the big-government agenda of a select Washington elite."

John Berthoud, president, National Taxpayers Union, Dec. 22, 2000

More photos from the Jan. 11, 2001 "Women for Justice" news conference:

Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition (Top L);

Anita K. Blair, president of the Independent Women's Forum (Top R);

Janet Parshall, spokeswoman, Family Research Council.

   An ad by Americans for the Bush Cabinet (a project of the American Conservative Union) ran in the Weekly Standard (Jan. 22, 2001 issue) and The Hill (Jan. 17, 2001).  "Dear United States Senators: Do the right thing.  Support the man you've known and worked with as a colleague and a friend.  John Ashcroft is eminently qualified for the position of Attorney General.  Do not let vicious and spurious attacks taint your view of a man whose unquestionable ethics and administrative capabilities would be a great addition to the Justice Department.  He deserves your support."  The ad features prominently a quote by Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League.
  An ad by American Renewal, "the legislative action arm of the Family Research Council."  The top part stated, "INTEGRITY...Some find that threatening...But isn't that just what we need in our Attorney General?"  Below the photo, the text reads, "John Ashcroft was elected to lead the National Governors Association.  He was elected to lead the National Association of State Attorneys General.  He served honorably in the U.S. Senate."  In larger font it states, "He stands for family, faith, and freedom.  Let's stand with John Ashcroft."

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