Quayle in Action

Photos Copyright 1998, 1999 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.

June 16, 1999--Deerfield, NH.  Vice President Quayle arrived for a town hall meeting in Deerfield after a day of campaigning in the Granite State. Photo Feature
April 21, 1999--Vice President Quayle delivered the keynote address at the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Warren T. Brookes Memorial Dinner.  He urged a free market approach to the environment.  "To have a healthy environment, we've got to have a healthy economy," Quayle said. Quayle reprised some themes from the Bush years, discussing fuel efficiency (CAFE) standards, his work on the Competitiveness Council, wetlands policy and Gore's book Earth in the Balance, which he described as "a manifesto for the extreme left in this country."  "Everyone needs to get this book.  If you haven't read it, you need to read it and find out what the next campaign's going to be all about," Quayle said.
April 14, 1999--Huntington, IN. "The battle for our families and our future begins today." Photo Feature
Jan. 12, 1999. Vice President Quayle spoke to the Heritage Foundation on national security issues.  In his speech, titled "The Duty to Lead: America's National Security Imperative," Quayle highlighted three areas of concern: terrorism, weapons proliferation, and the drawing down of America's military.  Quayle noted that the United States is now spending less than 3% of GDP on military, the lowest level since 1938.  He characterized the adminstration's stance as "not a defense policy...but playing defensive politics."  "National security should be a top priority on the public's agenda," Quayle declared. 
Photos from the Christian Coalition's Road to Victory '98
Washington, DC Sept. 18-19, 1998
In his speech to the Christian Coalition, Vice President Quayle noted that the next president will likely make several nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court.  "We need more justices like Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas," Quayle said, adding that he might even think about bringing back Robert Bork.  The crowd responded, "Run, Dan, run!" 

Putting the finishing touches on Campaign America's booth in the exhibit hall. 
Photos from the Iowa GOP's First in the Nation Gala 
Cedar Rapids, June 12, 1998
Marilyn Quayle speaks to reporters at the media availability prior to the Gala. Vice President Quayle did not attend because of commitments to a weekend retreat in Roanoke, Virginia and speeches and fundraisers in the Virginia area. Mrs. Quayle arrived at the Gala after a couple of days of campaigning for Republican state legislative candidates in Iowa. "I think Bill Clinton has done a great disservice to this nation in his handling of foreign policy," she said. "We have squandered the legacy that was left by Ronald Reagan and George Bush as true leaders of the world." 
Mrs. Quayle addresses the Gala. She spoke of a spirit that "calls forward men like Dan Quayle to lead, to hasten the way, when all this blessed country and this world for all its people will in truth be a field of dreams." 
After her speech, Mrs. Quayle talks with activists in a hospitality suite.