Republican National Convention 
First Union Center in Philadelphia    July 31 to August 3, 2000
Day One Schedule
On the Front Page: Papers from Tuesday, August 1
Coverage of Day One -- July 31, 2000 
DEMOCRACY IN ACTION looked at the front pages of a nonscientific sample of major dailies, most of which were available in the media tents in Philadelphia.  ["B" indicates "below the fold;" "O" indicates "on the fold;""Lead photo" indicates the photo is the dominant photo at the top of the front page]
  • Speeches by Colin Powell and Laura Bush featured most prominently.  In 6 of 12 papers examined the lead photo was of Colin Powell, while 3 papers led with a photo of Laura Bush (all told 8 of the 12 had front page photos of Laura Bush but these were generally less prominently placed and smaller than those of Powell).
Washington Post  (Special Edition)
GOP Puts Focus on Diversity
Powell Calls On 'Party of Lincoln To Act Like It' (Dan Balz)
2. Analysis: Reality Check On Decidedly Positive Day (David Von Drehle)
B1. House Party With a Twist   Rivals for Key Committee Post Pull Out the Stops (Eric Pianin)

New York Times (Washington Final Edition)
Republicans Open Convention Emphasizing Unity
Powell Calls for Inclusion of Minorities (Richard L. Berke)
2. Platform Strives to Reach Right and Center (Robin Toner)
3. No Decisions, No Drama (R.W. Apple Jr.)

USA Today
Laura Bush urges 'respect'
Stressing reform, Powell says Bush eases racial divides (Laurence McQuillan)

Philadelphia Inquirer
From GOP, a Show of Diversity
Powell says Bush will bridge racial divides (Mark Bowden and Steven Thomma/Inquirer Staff Writers)
B1. Peaceful march down Broad pleases police and protesters (David Zucchino, Craig McCoy and Angela Couloumbis)
B2. Conventioneers visit land of the freebies (Robert Zausner and Josh Goldstein)

Los Angeles Times
Convention Hews to the Softest of Sells
Laura Bush, Powell Embody New Tack (Richard T. Cooper)
2. News Analysis: A Strong Case for Change is Played Down

New York Post
ROCK SOLID 'His core principles will not change with the winds'
- Laura Bush on her husband, George W.

Chicago Tribune (Chicagoland Final)
Speakers push theme of inclusion
Powell, Laura Bush try to sell new GOP image (John Diamond)
B1. Stepping into spotlight   A former teacher and librarian, Laura Bush has shunned attention (Lisa Anderson)
B2. GOP's biggest donors get the green-carpet treatment (Bob Kemper)

Miami Herald
GOP seeks a new image
Party reaches out for unity   Powell, others praise candidate (Mark Bowden and Steven Thomma/Herald Washington Bureau)

Dallas Morning News
Powell cheers Bush's 'passion of inclusion'
B1. General, governor's wife rally amid tech spectacle (Carl P. Leubsdorf)
B2. Some wonder what McCain's future holds (David Jackson)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Gen. Powell praises Bush for his outreach
'I know he can help bridge our racial divides' (Jay Root and Karen Brooks)

Washington Times
GOP shows kinder, gentler side
Laura Bush, Colin Powell kick off convention (Frank J. Murray)
2. Mrs. Bush touts education in introduction to nation (Andrea Billups)

el Nuevo Herald (Miami)
El sello de Bush en la plataforma
Un compromiso de fidelidad a un gobierno limitado  pero comprometido con los ma/s necisitados (Jeannette Rivera-Lyles)
B. Firme la poli/tica hacia Fidel Castro (Jeannette Rivera-Lyles)

Washington Post  (Special Edition)
[Lead photo] Medium shot of Colin Powell delivering his speech to the convention, right hand clenched into a fist (Tracy A. Woodward)
B. Medium wide shot of Laura Bush and children from Texas's Knowledge Is Power Program [about one-third the size of the Powell photo] (Tracy A. Woodward)

New York Times (Washington Final Edition)
[Lead photo] Medium shot of Laura Bush one hand behind her ear, the other resting on the lectern; a ribbon of confetti runs across the middle of the image and several children at desks are behind her (Andrea Mohin)

USA Today
[Lead photo] Close up of Laura Bush waving (Kevin Coombs, Reuters)
B. Small head shot of Colin Powell (Eileen Blass)

Philadelphia Inquirer
[Lead photo] Medium shot of Colin Powell waving (Eric Mencher)
2. Small head shot of George W. Bush (no photo credit)

Los Angeles Times
[Lead photo] Medium shot of Colin Powell waving to audience; behind him on the big screen are images of people in the audience, including the Cheneys, cheering (Brian Walski)

New York Post
[The front page photo] Medium shot of Laura Bush waving, other hand on lectern, several ribbons of confetti (Associated Press)

Chicago Tribune (Chicagoland Final)
[Lead photo] Medium wide shot of Colin Powell delivering his speech to the convention, gesturing with left hand; Powell's image is also on the big screen behind him (Jose/ More/)
B. Laura Bush in Covington, KY on Saturday (Pete Souza)
B2. Medium shot of demonstrators marching in the street (José Moré)

Miami Herald
[Lead photo] Medium shot of Colin Powell addressing the convention, both hands outstretched (Ron Edmonds/AP)
2. Medium shot of Laura Bush waving, other hand on lectern, several ribbons of confetti --about half the size of the Powell photo (Elise Amendola/AP)

Dallas Morning News
[Lead photo] Close up shot of Colin Powell addressing the convention, right fist clenched (Associated Press: Ron Edmonds)
B. Much smaller photo of Laura Bush waving, a couple of kids clapping in the background, some specks of confetti (Agence France-Presse: Steve Jaffe)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Small photo of two Texas delegates talking on the convention floor (Ron T. Ennis)
B. [Lead photo] Close up of former President Bush and wife Barbara waving (Ron Jenkins)

Washington Times
[Lead photo] Wide shot of Texas delegates celebrating (hats raised, applauding) on the convention floor (Kenneth Lambert)
O. George W. Bush and wife Laura hugging as she leaves for Philadelphia (Agence France-Presse)

el Nuevo Herald (Miami)
Four photos: Dick Cheney and wife Lynne waving from their seats; a delegate with many buttons and pins and (B) two shots of delegates with interesting hats (no credits)