Republican National Convention 
First Union Center in Philadelphia    July 31 to August 3, 2000
Day Two Schedule
On the Front Page: Papers from Wednesday, August 2
Coverage of Day Two -- Aug. 1, 2000 
DEMOCRACY IN ACTION looked at the front pages of a nonscientific sample of major dailies, most of which were available in the media tents in Philadelphia.  ["B" indicates "below the fold;" "O" indicates "on the fold;""Lead photo" indicates the photo is the dominant photo at the top of the front page]
  • Sen. McCain featured most prominently.  The demonstrators and the spat between former President Bush and President Clinton gained modest front page coverage.
New York Times (Washington Final Edition)
For Republicans, a Night to Bolster Bush
Assurances That He Can Keep U.S. Secure (Richard L. Berke)
B. Past Rivalries Color Present (Frank Bruni)

USA Today
McCain salutes Bush
But senator steers clear of his campaign reform issue (Laurence McQuillan)
B. Presidential spat: Bush vs. Clinton (Owen Ullmann)

Philadelphia Inquirer
High-powered troops rally around Bush
Veterans dominated a convention session heavy on patriotism. One of them, Sen. John McCain, lauded his former rival's confidence and ability to lead the nation.
2. Widespread clashes disrupt Center City   B. 285 are held as demonstrators confront a resolute police force (Thomas Ginsberg)
3. Analysis: Bush recipe: Plenty of wise counsel (Dick Polman)

Los Angeles Times
Inside Convention, the Fighting Is History
McCain praises former foe Bush, and past wars and presidents are remembered.  Outside protesters and police clash. (Ronald Brownstein)
2. Records Show Bush's Focus on Big Picture (Alan C. Miller and Judy Pasternak in Austin)
B. News Analysis: Bush Goes on Offense on the Defense Issue (Doyle McManus)

Los Angeles Times (National Edition)
McCain Lauds Bush; Protests Break Out
Ex-rival, others tout the Texas governor's credentials to be commander in chief.  Demonstrators clash with police about four miles from center. (Ronald Brownstein)
2. Bush's Focus on the Big Picture Illustrated by Review of Records (Alan C. Miller and Judy Pasternak in Austin)

Chicago Tribune
McCain crowns night of GOP unity
Party touts Bush's vision for defense (John Diamond)
2. Analysis: Warriors us their heroism to boost Bush (Michael Tackett)

New York Post
Bill to Bushes: IT'S WAR

Dallas Morning News
McCain extols Bush on defense
Republicans emphasize foreign policy issues (Carl P. Leubsdorf)
2. Bush upbraids Clinton   Democrats question diversity commitment (Wayne Slater)

Houston Chronicle
McCain lauds Bush, vows loyalty
Military issue takes forefront (Bennett Roth)
2. Bush's diversity record blasted   Hate crimes, gun control among issues Democrats spotlight (Patty Reinert and Clay Robison)
3. Ford treated for sinus infection (AP)
B. Despite pledges to keep it clean, election banter begins to get gritty (R.G. Ratcliffe in Columbus, Ohio)

The Sun (Baltimore-Final Edition)
McCain sounds theme: Character is the issue
Speakers praise Bush for integrity and leadership   Dole joins GOP chorus   Rhetoric includes swipes at rival Gore through Clinton (Paul West)
B. Young 'George P.' raises passion from party podium  Handsome Latino nephew  excites GOP (Ellen Gamerman)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Police, protesters battle in the streets
B. Attempt to disrupt convention results in 282 arrests, injury to 5 police (no credit)
B2. GOP  trots out all-star cast   McCain, Dole, Nancy Reagan, Schwarzkopf stress rebuilding military (Ann McFeatters)

Palm Beach Post
Bush, Clinton trade jabs
Personal barbs cut into GOP's campaign calm (Terry M.  Neal and Edward Walsh, The Washington Post)
Republicans honor war heroes

Washington Times
McCain jumps on Bush bandwagon
Rice sees governor as victorious military chief (Frank  J. Murray)
2. McCain avoids any mention of reforms (Sean Scully)
3. Clinton's stream of barbs just desperation, says angry Bush (Dave Boyer)
4. Famous Cajun's all the rage as fabulous foe at gathering (Bill Sammon) 

New York Times (Washington Final Edition)
[Lead photo] George W. Bush, outdoors, at a microphone, right hand raised; Gov. Tom Ridge and an American flag in the background (Stephen Crowley)

USA Today
Medium shot of Nancy Reagan--small (Eileen Blass)

Philadelphia Inquirer
[Lead photo] Police officer on horse surrounded by demonstrators (David Swanson)
Medium shot of Sen. John McCain addressing the convention, both hands raised in front of him--about one-eighth the size of photo of demonstrators (Peter Tobia)

Los Angeles Times
Medium shot of Sen. John McCain addressing the convention. (Brian Walski) 
2. Protesters and police clashing in the street. (Clarence Williams) --largest image 
3. Medium shot of Condoleezza Rice addressing the convention. (Mark Boster)  -- smallest image

Los Angeles Times (National Edition)
[Lead photo] Medium shot of Sen. John McCain hugging Sen. Chuck Hagel, who introduced him (Associated Press)
B. Protesters and police clashing in the street. (Clarence Williams)

Chicago Tribune
Medium close ups of Elizabeth Dole, Condoleezza Rice and Bob Dole (no credit)
B. Medium shot of Sen. John McCain (no credit)

New York Post
Close up shot of Bill Clinton (Ron Sachs/CNP)

Dallas Morning News
[Lead photo] Medium wide shot of Sen. John McCain; on the video screen behind him, his wife Cindy and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani are applauding (Erich Schlegal)
B. Protestors and police clashing in the street (Erich Schlegal) --much smaller

Houston Chronicle
[Lead photo] Medium wide shot of former President Ford and wife Betty, former President Bush and wife Barbara and Nancy Reagan standing and applauding (Christobal Perez)
B. Protester and police in the street (Christobal Perez)

The Sun (Baltimore)
[Lead photo] Medium shot of Sen. John McCain addressing the convention, hands outstretched (Associated Press)
B. Medium shot of George P. Bush (Perry Thorsvik)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
[Lead photo] Protestors and police clashing in the street (Allan Detrich)
B. Police officer on the ground (Rick Bowmer)

Palm Beach Post
Medium close up shot of George P. Bush (Ron Edmonds/The Associated Press)
2. [Lead photo] Wide shot of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf projected on the video screen and Texas delegates on the floor (Ron Edmonds/The Associated Press)
B1. Medium shot of Sen. Bob Dole with jets on the video screen behind him (Amy Sancetta/The Associated Press)
B2. Medium shot of Sen. John McCain addressing the convention, hands outstretched (Amy Sancetta/The Associated Press)

Washington Times
Medium close up of former President Ford, Barbara Bush and former President Bush and Nancy Reagan in their seats, applauding (AP)
B.James Carville in the convention hall (Kenneth Lambert)