Republican National Convention 
First Union Center in Philadelphia    July 31 to August 3, 2000
Day Four Schedule
On the Front Page: Papers from Friday, August 4
Coverage of Day Four -- Aug. 3, 2000 
DEMOCRACY IN ACTION looked at the front pages of a nonscientific sample of major dailies, most of which were available in the media tents in Philadelphia.  ["B" indicates "below the fold;" "O" indicates "on the fold;""Lead photo" indicates the photo is the dominant photo at the top of the front page]
  • Governor Bush's acceptance speech dominated the front pages of the major papers examined.  His charge that, "They have not led.  We will." made it into a number of the front page headlines, while the most frequently chosen lead photos showed Bush and wife Laura on the stage after his speech amid confetti and/or balloons.
Washington Post (Special Edition)
Bush Claims GOP Nomination
Change in 'Tone of Washington' Is Vowed; Reforms and Tax Cuts Pledged (Dan Balz)
2. Analysis: Challenging Democrats On Their Turf (David S. Broder)
B. Party's New Rallying Cry: 'C'mon, Get Happy!'

New York Times (Washington Final Edition)
Bush, Accepting G.O.P. Nomination, Pledges To 'Use These Good Times for Great Goals'
An Upbeat Theme   Says Clinton and Gore Have Had a Chance but 'Have Not Led' (R.W. Apple Jr.)
2. News Analysis: Front and (Very Much) Center   Bush Talk Depicts A Reoriented Party (Richard L. Berke)

USA Today
Bush vows new vision
Texas governor says of Democrats: 'They have not led.  We will.' (Laurence McQuillan and Judy Keen)
B. For Gore, game time is now (Susan Page)

Philadelphia Inquirer
Bush: Put Prosperity to Use
"We will confront the hard issues' (Steven  Thomma and Mark Bowden)
B1. Analysis: Fleshing out image, filling in sound bites (Dick Polman)
B2. Key activists were earmarked by police (Craig R. McCoy, Thomas Ginsberg  and Emilie Lounsberry)

Los Angeles Times (L.A. Edition)
Bush: Use Prosperity for 'Great Goals' 
Texan accepts GOP nomination.  'Conservative values' will guide reforms, he says. (Doyle McManus)
2. News Analysis: Party Seizes on Issues It Once Ignored (Ronald Brownstein)

Washington Times
Bush:  'They have not led -- we will'
Texas governor accepts GOP nomination, promises to fix squandered opportunities (Frank J. Murray)
2. Speech targets swing voters (Dave Boyer)
3. Democrats warn gloves to come off against Bush (Bill Sammon)
B. Police outshine fizzled protests (Stephen Dinan)

Washington Post (Special Edition)
(Lead photo) Medium shot of George W. Bush and wife Laura on stage, waving; amid falling red and white confetti and a couple of blue balloons; several unidentified people also in the frame (Robert A. Reeder)
B. Woman delegate on the convention floor cheering and waving a "W Stands for Women" sign; some falling confetti (Robert A. Reeder)

New York Times
(Lead photo) Medium wide shot of George W. Bush and wife Laura holding hands and waving with a flurry of confetti behind them (the Bushes are slightly out of focus while the fine detail of the confetti is sharp) (Stephen Crowley)

USA Today
(Lead photo) Medium close up shot of George W. Bush and wife Laura on stage, waving, with blurs of confetti and balloons (Tim Dillon) 

Philadelphia Inquirer
(Lead photo) Wide shot of George W. Bush and wife Laura on stage amidst a sea of falling red balloons and confetti; delegates in the background (Michael S.Wirtz)

Los Angeles Times  (L.A Edition)
(Lead photo) Wide shot of George W. Bush and wife Laura on stage, waving to the crowd, amidst confetti and a few falling balloons; the convention floor and media skyboxes visible but obscured by confetti. (Carolyn Cole)

Washington Times
(Lead photo) Medium shot of George W. Bush waving during his speech; in the foreground are blurs of several photographers (Kenneth Lambert)
O1. A line of police officers wielding batons (Kenneth Lambert) 
O2. Several protesters relaxing (Kenneth Lambert)