RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson named Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson as chair of the Platform Committee on May 1, 2000.  The Platform Committee held hearings on June 19 in Dayton, Ohio and June 23 in Billings, MT.  The full Platform Committee will meet July 27-29 in Philadelphia, and the document must then be approved by a majority of the 2,066 delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Platform Committee (formally Committee on Resolutions)
Chairman            Gov. Tommy Thompson (WI)
Co-Chairs           Sen. Bill Frist (TN)
                           Rep. Sue Myrick (NC)
The full committee has 107 delegates--one man and one woman from each state, DC and Puerto Rico and one each from American Samoa, Guam and the Virgin Islands.

Executive Director  Mitch Bainwol

RNC Policy Hearing: Opportunity and Reform 
Dayton, OH  June 19, 2000

Opening Statements

Education Panel 1:  Empowering Parents and Providing Opportunities for Students

Lisa Graham Keegan, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction
Frank T. Brogan, Lt. Governor of Florida
Pilar Gomez, parent with 3 children in Milwaukee Parental Choice Program
David Brennan, Chairman, White Hat Management; Founder, Hope Academies
Anne Higdon and Students from ISUS Trade and Technology Prep Charter School, Dayton, Ohio

Morning Break

Education Panel 2:  Strengthening Accountability and Improving Low-performing Schools

Eugene Hickok, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education; Chairman, Education Leaders Council
Dr. Rod Paige, Superintendent of Houston Public Schools
Nancy Ichinaga, Principal, Bennett Kew Elementary, Inglewood, CA
Eric Hanushek, Professor, University of Rochester

Lunch Break

Panel 3: Preserving and Strengthening our Medicare Program to Provide Better Health Care for Seniors

Dr. Gail R. Wilensky, John M. Olin Senior Fellow at Project HOPE; Chair, Medicare Payment Advisory Committee
Dr. Robert Waller, President Emeritus, Mayo Foundation; Chairman, Healthcare Leadership Council
Senator Bill Frist (TN)
Art Linkletter, National Spokesperson, United Seniors Association

Afternoon Break

Panel 4: Saving Social Security and Helping Individuals Build Wealth

Congressman Rob Portman (OH), Second District of Ohio
Michael Baroody, on behalf of the Alliance for Worker Retirement Security
Maya MacGuineas, on behalf of Third Millennium
Don Senese, 60 Plus Association

Listening to Dayton

Concluding Remarks

RNC Policy Hearing: National Security, Community Renewal and Western Issues
Billings, MT  June 23, 2000

Opening Statements

Panel 1: National Security

The Honorable Richard Perle, former Assistant Secretary of Defense
The Honorable Dov Zakheim, CEO, SPC International Corp, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense
The Honorable Paula Dobriansky, Vice President and Director, Council on Foreign Relations, former member, President Reagan's National Security staff
The Honorable John Bolton, Senior Vice President, American Enterprise Institute, former Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs

Morning Break

Panel 2: Community Renewal

David Caprara, President, Empowerment Network; Policy Director, National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise
Rev. Herbert Lusk, People for People, Philadelphia, PA
Bishop Michael E. Dantley, Christ Emmanuel Christian Fellowship, Cincinnati, OH
Bobby Polito, President, Faithworks, International, Milwaukee, WI

Lunch Break

Western Issues

John Franklin, President, CEO, 1st Bank, Sidney, Montana
Geoff Feiss, General Manger, Montana Telecommunications Association
Lynn Cornwell, President-elect, National Cattlemen's Beef Association
Ralph Peck, Director, Montana Department of Agriculture
Bruce Vincent, League of Conservation of Rural Voters

Short Break

Listening to Montana

Concluding Comments