How the Phillips-Frazier ticket fared

Constitution Party nominee Howard Phillips appeared on the ballot in 41 states (not on in AZ, GA, IL, IN, MA, NC, OK, TX, WV and DC).  Further, he had official write-in status in 6 states plus DC (AZ, GA, IL, IN, TX, WV and DC).

According to preliminary numbers reported by the campaign as of Nov. 27, 2000, Phillips garnered 101,464 votes or about 0.1%, finishing fifth, well behind Libertarian Harry Browne.  This showing was substantially below what Phillips did in 1996 when he obtained 184,820 votes (0.19%).  In terms of raw numbers of votes (preliminary numbers), Phillips fared best in California (more than 16,000 votes), Pennsylvania (more than 15,000), Connecticut (over 9,500) and Louisiana (over 6,500).
...during this campaign, as the candidate of the Constitution Party in the post ballot access period, less than $100,000 was spent in support of my candidacy, and most of that was expended in connection with plane tickets, office support, and related matters. 

So, accordingly, I earned my votes at a cost of less than $1 apiece...

Full Transcript of Post-Election Press Conference ...I believe that the Constitution Party will, increasingly, with each passing week attract more support, and I am very grateful to all of the people in the party who served as electors, who served as candidates, who contributed to our efforts, and I believe that, while most people have not really thought about it or may have concluded otherwise, the party which won this election, in terms of the long run, was the Constitution Party.