Smith in Action

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May 30, 1999. Sen. Smith, active on the POW/MIA issue throughout his congressional career, spoke at Rolling Thunder 12 on a very warm Sunday afternoon.  Rolling Thunder, which began in 1988, seeks to draw attention to POW/MIAs.  Tens of thousands of bikers from around the country proceeded from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Memorial, where some of them listened to music and speeches.

Photo Courtesy of Dave Nelson.
Feb. 19, 1999.  After launching his campaign in New Hampshire, Sen. Smith proceeded to Iowa... More Photos

Photo Courtesy of a Smith Supporter.
Feb. 18, 1999.  Sen. Smith launches his campaign at Kingswood Regional High School in Wolfsboro, NH. "I want the American Ship of State to be the Mayflower and not the Titanic," Smith declared. "So, I am asking all of you to join me today, to chart the right course for America and sail safely into the 21st Century with a commitment to keep America strong and free for millions yet unborn. We HAVE the charts--the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Holy Bible. We need a Captain and a crew who will read those charts, and steer us past the sea of icebergs that threaten our God-given rights." More Photos
Sept. 19, 1998.  Addressing the Christian Coalition's Road to Victory '98, Sen. Smith called for a Human Life Amendment that says that life begins at conception.  He further declared, "I would have a litmus test for all federal judges, and they would be pro-life and pro-Constitution."  On education, Smith called for "Goal 2000;" "Shut down the Department of Education in the year 2000," he said.  Smith said the United States needs a national missile defense.  He drew cheers when he noted, "I have a hold on [Clinton's nomination of] James Hormel [to be ambassador to Luxembourg]." 
June 17, 1998.  Sen. Smith speaks at a press conference in the Senate Swamp.  He was part of a group of conservatives urging House-Senate conferees to adopt a budget resolution that would have provided at least $101 billion in tax cuts and an end to the marriage penalty tax. 
June 13, 1998--Cedar Rapids.  Sen. Smith talks to a reporter at Sen. Chuck Grassley's  breakfast.