1. Route 66
2. So Happy Together
3. Louie Louie
4. When a Man Loves a Woman
5. My Cherie Amore
6. Surfin' USA
7. Cherish
8. Eight Days A Week
9. Take Me To The River
10. American Pie
11. Both Sides Now
12. When You're a Jet
13. Jet Plane
14. Stairway to Heaven
Copyright Greg Simon.  All rights reserved.  Reprinted by permission on Democracy in Action's P2000. 


        Sting rays spawning in the sand
        And Gore reviewing his game plan
        The press corps drinking on the strand
        We'll spend some days this way

        I read the news and scratch my head
        USA's poll has Bush ahead
        When just last week the same poll said
        The Bush campaign was dead

        I've looked at polls from both sides now
        From up and down and still somehow
        It's poll's illusions I recall
        November 7 we'll know all

        Tracking polls and focus groups
        The sound of pundits saying oops
        Comparing candidates to cars
        I find it all bizarre
        Advice from everyone you know
        Half say stop and half say go
        But in the end it's up to you
        To thine own self be true
        I've had advice from both sides now
        Attack and kill. Be nice and bow
        It's time to tell them all goodbye
        It's up to me, myself and I


        The traveling press corps' daily grind
        Survey the scene and try to find
        Something meaningful to wind up on the evening news
        Expense reports now start to change
        They show you're drunk and eating strange
        Well days are lost and yes you've gained
        But what's a pound or two
        You've looked at Gore from all sides now
        Up and down, in and out, big and small, stiff and fun, dogs and drugs,
        forest fires, Tax cuts for the middle class, prescription drugs, Medicare, lockboxes,
        Tipper and Lieberman too, fighting for just folks like you
        But it's your illusions that I'll recall
        When I think back upon this fall.

        Performed not quite to the tune of "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell