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1. Route 66
2. So Happy Together
3. Louie Louie
4. When a Man Loves a Woman
5. My Cherie Amore
6. Surfin' USA
7. Cherish
8. Eight Days A Week
9. Take Me To The River
10. American Pie
11. Both Sides Now
12. When You're a Jet
13. Jet Plane
14. Stairway to Heaven
Copyright Greg Simon.  All rights reserved.  Reprinted by permission on Democracy in Action's P2000. 


   'lection day we'll be sure
   All the voters are told
   That we're climbing the stairway two seventy

   We will get there we know
   When the polls are all closed
   Win your ward, and get what Gore campaigned for
   Ooh ooh ooh oooh
   And we're climbing the stairway two seventy

   There's a sign in the polls
   Bush can't be so sure
   Cause some voters we know have two leanings

   In Zogby's polling book
   There's a sounding that rings
   Sometimes polls overnight are misleading
   Ooh pundits gotta wonder
   Ooh pundits gotta wonder

   There's electorals I get
   When I see the Midwest
   And Missouri we're winning while grieving
   In Wisconsin I've seen
   Springing hope now for me
   And the voices of those
   Who stand cheering
   Oooh Bush has gotta wonder
   Oooh Bush has gotta wonder

   And its whispered that soon
   If George Bush calls the tune
   That his tax cut will bleed us past reason
   But a new day can't dawn
   Helping just the top ones
   With the health clubs all ringing with laughter


   If there's a bust you think we don't know
   Don't be so sure now
   It's just a fiction of your making
   Yes there's fuzzy math that you can go by
   But in the long run
   There's little time to change your road to ruin

   And it makes us wonder

   Your head is humming
   And it won't go
   In case you don't know
   Your daddy's calling you to join him

   Dick Cheney can you feel the wind blow
   And do you know
   Your campaign dies on your last whirlwind.

   And as we end the campaign road
   The shadow's doing what he's told
   His wife's a lady we all know
   Who shuns the right and Lazio
   And now the end is drawing near
   The sum of all we've done this year
   The nation has to make the call
   One's for the top and one's for all
   To be a rock and choose to roll

   And we're climbing the stairway to two seventy

   Performed not quite to the tune of "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin