1. Route 66
2. So Happy Together
3. Louie Louie
4. When a Man Loves a Woman
5. My Cherie Amore
6. Surfin' USA
7. Cherish
8. Eight Days A Week
9. Take Me To The River
10. American Pie
11. Both Sides Now
12. When You're a Jet
13. Jet Plane
14. Stairway to Heaven
Copyright Greg Simon.  All rights reserved.  Reprinted by permission on Democracy in Action's P2000. 


        Perish is the word that I use to describe
        What Bush Cheney's court would do to a woman's right to decide
        George Bush would love to have some judges to appoint
        He'll ask the NRA and Robertson to anoint
        But Gore and Lieberman will choose a court
        Of people who will fight for you
        And cherish the same rights that you Cherish too...That we'll do...Cherish you

        Squander is the word that I use when I think of
        The tax cut for the rich that I hear from Governor Dub
        You know Bush \Cheney say its people that they trust
        But their new budget plan helps just the upper crust
        For medicine and drugs they pull the rug
        From under all our seniors
        Cause they don't cherish them as much as Gore Lieberman

        Oh I'm beginning to believe The press will never find
        The words that can truly describe
        That have the right amount of letters
        Just the right quotes
        That could make you hear
        Make you see
        That there's no one home on the other side

        Oh you can check their budget
        And then you'll realize
        That debt reduction
        Is just a fiction in their eyes
        They have no lockbox
        To keep the trust fund high and dry
        They take the money that we've saved
        And give it to those who've already got it made


        Churlish is the word that I use to describe
        All the pundits who eschew talking issues and describe sighs
        I don 't know how many times Al Gore has tried to tell you
        That Bush can't spend one trillion twice and not spend two
        I don't know how many times we've wished that we could spin you into people
        Who could cherish us as much as we cherish you
        And we do...Cherish you...Cherish is the Word

        Performed not quite to the tune of "Cherish" by Madonna