ARKANSAS 6 Electoral Votes
Bush-Cheney Gore-Lieberman
Campaign Campaign
Bush-Cheney State Chair: Sen. Tim Hutchinson
Bush-Cheney State Director: Richard Bearden
... A senior partner at the Little Rock consulting firm Impact Management Group, Inc, Bearden served as executive director of the Republican Party of Arkansas for over five years.
Office: 513 Center, Little Rock

Victory 2000 Exec. Dir.: Jason Brady

Republican Party of Arkansas
Chairman: Lloyd Stone
Exec. Dir.: Chris Carnahan
Office: 1201 West 6th Street, Little Rock

Gore-Lieberman State Chair: Attorney General Mark Pryor
Gore-Lieberman State Director: Mike Hathorn
...State Representative from Huntsville (District 24); attorney with Garrett & Hathorn.
Office: 201 S. Victory Rd, Little Rock

Coordinated Campaign Director: Ray Frazier

Democratic Party of Arkansas
Chairman: Vaughn McQuary
Exec. Dir. (from 8/30/00): Patrice Hargrave
Office: 1300 West Capitol Avenue, Little Rock

Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
GWB: 4 visits
DC: 3 visits
Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
AG: 1 visit
JL: 4.5 visits
Nov. 6 -- GWB, final stop of the campaign before heading to Austin, rally at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Bentonville.
Nov. 4 -- JL late night rally at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, Bentonville.
Nov. 1 -- JL evening rally at Hangar 1, Adams Field Airport, Little Rock.
Oct. 31 -- DC w/ Sen. Alan Simpson Victory 2000 rally at Hot Springs Convention Center, Hot Springs.
Oct. 24 -- 1. early a.m. AG "kitchen table" event, visits the home of Bob and Mollie Goza in Cammack Village and walks with them and kids to Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Little Rock.  2. AG and TG rally at River Market Square, Little Rock.  3. AG speaks about the role of government, Statehouse Convention Center, Little Rock.
Oct. 17 -- JL rally at River Market Pavilion, Little Rock.
Oct. 16 afternoon -- GWB and LB Victory 2000 rally at Riverfest Amphitheater in Little Rock [one day before St. Louis debate].
Oct. 6 -- DC and LC Victory 2000 rally at TAC Air Hanger #5, Fort Smith.
Sept. 21 a.m. -- 1. DC and LC visit, talk about Social Security reform during morning visit at Engineering Services, Inc. in Springdale.  2. DC and LC attend Arkansas Victory 2000 fundraising luncheon at private home in Springdale ($).
Sept. 18 -- GWB remarks on tax cuts for families, St. Vincent's Infirmary, Little Rock ["Blueprint for the Middle Class" released the day before].  --tax cut family: Joshua and Phoebe Holmes of Little Rock.
(Sept. 17 a.m. -- JL, en route to Denver, meets briefly w/ supporters during a refueling stop at Adams Field Airport, Little Rock)
Sept. 7  (JL arrives in Little Rock evening of Sept. 6) -- 1. JL attends a breakfast with community leaders at Cotham's; also visits Gore-Lieberman headquarters and stops in at a downtown fire station, Little Rock.  2. JL visits Baldor Technology Center at Westark College, Fort Smith.
Sept. 1 -- GWB airport arrival at Texarkana Regional Airport, remarks on education at College Hill Elementary School, Texarkana.
A Sampling of More Campaign Activity A Sampling of More Campaign Activity
Nov. 2 -- "Gore Detectors" Govs. Racicot (MT), Janklow (SD), and Gilmore (VA) in Fort Smith.

Oct. 28 -- Actress Dixie Carter ("Designing Woman") speaks to women at a breakfast in Little Rock.

Oct. 26 -- Lynne Cheney rally at Jonesboro Municipal Airport.

Oct. 24 -- "Barnstorm for Reform" tour -- Govs. Owens (CO), Kempthorne (ID), Johanns (NE), Johnson (NM) and Keating (OK) and Texas Democrat Rep. Ron Lewis visit Little Rock. [Gore in town same day].  Oct. 23 -- "Barnstorm for Reform" tour -- Govs. Johanns (NE) and Keating (OK) at Fort Smith Christian School.

NRA -- On Nov. 2, NRA President Charlton Heston, Exec. VP Wayne LaPierre and chief lobbyist James J. Baker, on their Get Out the Vote tour, hold an evening rally at the Hot Springs Civic and Convention Center in Hot Springs.

Nov. 5 -- Herschel Gober, Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs and an Arkansan, speaks to veterans at the American Legion in Fayetteville. 

Nov. 5 -- President Clinton low-key visit.  Meets with civic leaders in Little Rock and get out the vote rally for congressional candidate Mike Ross in Pine Bluff.

Nov. 3 -- FEMA director James Lee Witt, an Arkansas native, get out the vote efforts including in Van Buren; he also campaigned in the state in October. 

Oct. 30 -- Education Secretary Richard Riley at the Arkansas Education Association office in Little Rock and at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Oct. 30 -- Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater, an Arkansan, speaks at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

Oct. 23 -- Tipper Gore "A Celebration of Women's Issues" Arkansas Repertory Theater, Little Rock.

Oct. 16 -- Herschel Gober, Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs and an Arkansan, speaks to veterans at the Jonesboro VFW post [same day as national G-L veteran's rollout].

Oct. 16 -- DNC chair Joe Andrew visits Little Rock [same day as Bush visit]. 

Sept. 28 -- Karenna Gore Schiff a number of events.

Sept. 26 -- Rebecca Lieberman rally at Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Television Television
According to the Brennan Center for Justice (Nov. 21, 2000 report) spending in Arkansas on TV advertising in the presidential race by the Bush campaign, Republican party and supportive groups in the period from June 1 to Nov. 7, 2000 totalled $1,043,182. According to the Brennan Center for Justice (Nov. 21, 2000 report) spending in Arkansas on TV advertising in the presidential race by the Gore campaign, Democratic party and supportive groups in the period from June 1 to Nov. 7, 2000 totalled $1,053,932.
Some Newspaper Endorsements Some Newspaper Endorsements
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette --11/5/00   Daily 172,206   Sun 271,145
Southwest Times Record (Fort Smith)   Daily 43,003   Sun  45,718 
(Second largest paper in Arkansas; one of those involved described the endorsement as "very weak" and "backhanded.")
Benton County Sunday    Daily 11,264   Sun 17,224
KATV Channel 7 (Little Rock) --11/1/00   ratings leader in the Little Rock market.  (KATV ran the endorsement multiple times.  The station is owned by Joe Allbritton, friend of the Bush family.  Arkansas Democrats unsuccessfully sought equal time.)
Newspapers that did not Endorse in the Presidential Race
Morning News of Northwest Arkansas    Daily 35,051   Sun 35,301
Jonesboro Sun  Daily 27,049   Sun 30,326
Pine Bluff Commercial covers a nine county area
Miscellaneous Notes Miscellaneous Notes
The Bush-Cheney ticket kept the race close in Pulaski County (Little Rock), and polled strongly in Northwest Arkansas (for example Benton County).  Compare:
Pulaski County
1996 2000
Clinton-Gore  75,084 Gore-Lieberman  68,320
Dole-Kemp  44,780 Bush-Cheney 55,866
C-G Plurality: 
G-L Plurality: 12,454

Benton County
1996 2000
Clinton-Gore  17,205 Gore-Lieberman  17,277
Dole-Kemp  23,748 Bush-Cheney  34,838
D-K Plurality: 
B-C Plurality:  17,561
The Gore-Lieberman ticket fared best in counties along the Mississippi River and in the Southern part of Arkansas.

Nader.  Ralph Nader did not visit Arkansas during the fall campaign.  A Nader "clean up" crew held a small rally at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville on Nov. 2. (Nader himself spoke to supporters at the Progressive House in Little Rock on June 22).  Al Brooks served as unpaid volunteer campaign coordinator in Arkansas.

Buchanan.  Pat Buchanan visited Little Rock on Nov. 1.  Tim Miller of Little Rock chaired Buchanan's campaign in the state.  Rival Reform Party conventions took place on Sept. 9 in Conway (Buchanan) and Little Rock (Hagelin); the state's seven constitutional officers met on Sept. 13 and determined that Buchanan would appear on the ballot as the Reform Party nominee.

Browne.  Harry Browne visited on Aug. 7-8.  On Aug. 7, he did interviews during the day then spoke at an evening fundraiser at the Embassy Suites hotel in Little Rock.  On Aug. 8 he did more interviews in Little Rock, then drove to Hot Springs where he participated in a panel at a big Second Amendment rally (Dixie Southern Shooting Association) at the Hot Springs Convention Center.

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