CONNECTICUT 8 Electoral Votes
Bush-Cheney Gore-Lieberman
Campaign Campaign
Victory 2000

Connecticut Republican State Central Committee
Chairman: Chris DePino
Exec. Dir.: George Gallo
Office: 97 Elm Street-Rear, Hartford

Gore-Lieberman State Director: Marilyn Cohen
Office: Rear of 40 Woodland St., Hartford

Coordinated Campaign Director: Sue McMullen

Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee
Chairman: Edward L. Marcus
Exec. Dir.: Robert P. Ives
Office: 380 Franklin Avenue, Hartford

Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7) Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)

Nov. 7 -- JL votes at the Edgewood School in New Haven.

Sept. 25 -- JL day in Connecticut for his U.S. Senate campaign and DNC events in Hartford, Stamford and Greenwich ($).
Sept. 8 -- DC and LC visit, discuss Medicare and prescription drug coverage at Wesley Village senior citizens community, Shelton; in evening DC and LC participate in Connecticut Victory 2000 reception in Greenwich ($). 

Sept. 1 -- JL addresses residents of Bella Vista Senior Center, New Haven.

Aug. 9 -- AG and JL joint appearance day after running mate announcement, Stamford.
A Sampling of More Campaign Activity A Sampling of More Campaign Activity

Television Television

Some Newspaper Endorsements Some Newspaper Endorsements
Hartford Courant --10/29/00  *
Stamford Advocate  *
New Haven Register
Connecticut Post
Waturbury Republican-American
New London Day
*endorsed Clinton/Gore
Danbury News-Times
Newspaper Endorsements -- Ralph Nader
Winsted Journal (CT)
Hartford Advocate (CT)
Westchester County Weekly (CT)
Miscellaneous Notes Miscellaneous Notes

Nader. On Oct. 4, Ralph Nader did a press conference and rally at the University of Hartford in Hartford, (then a press conference at the State House in Rhode Island), then a rally at Connecticut College in New London, and finally at press conference and rally at Yale University in New Haven.  On Oct. 5. he delivered at speech at Northwestern Connecticut Community College in Winsted.  (Winsted is Nader's hometown; the community college was founded by his late brother).  State coordinator: Kevin Crisp Campus coordinator: John Halle.

Buchanan. Pat Buchanan held a press conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hartford on Nov. 3.  State chairwoman for Buchanan was Cherilyn Gulbrandsen of New Canaan.

Editor's note: I revised this article on June 1, 2011 after errors were pointed out. -EMA

Connecticut provides a good example of the trials and tribulations that resulted from Buchanan's bid for the Reform Party nomination.  A real thicket resulted.

Buchanan forces first made an appearance in the state at the Reform Party of Connecticut convention held in Hartford on Sept. 25, 1999.  About 110 people attended the convention, including a small number of Buchanan supporters.  Pat Choate, who had been urging Buchanan to seek the Reform Party nomination, delivered the keynote address.  Jack Gargan, then chairman-elect of the national party, also spoke.  At the convention, Donna Donovan of Glastonbury was elected chair for the next two years, easily defeating Floyd Atchley of Hamden.

On Oct. 25, 1999 Buchanan announced his bid for the Reform Party nomination.  Over the following months Donovan received various "communiques" from Tim Haley, Buchanan's national political director, and Shelly Uscinski, his New England regional director.  Buchanan himself made a visit to the state on March 29, 2000, holding a press conference and a fundraiser.  

Connecticut sent nine delegates to Long Beach for the August convention. The delegation was not allowed in the credentialling room to apply to get their delegate badges, and only two of the people, who had personally pledged to Buchanan, were seated, along with a third person who was not even a delegate.  The Donovan-led group walked over to the Hagelin convention; their seven votes went for Hagelin.  Importantly, however, the FEC ruled this second convention invalid and found that Buchanan was the nominee of the Reform Party and entitled to the federal funds due to the nominee.

After the July attempt to pledge Connecticut's delegates to Buchanan fell through, his forces had gone to work on a backup plan.  A petition was circulated to put Buchanan on the ballot as a "Freedom Party of Connecticut" candidate.  Circulators downplayed Buchanan's name; instead the petition was presented as an effort to get independent candidates on the ballot.  In a matter of just a couple of weeks more than 10,000 signatures were gathered and submitted to the secretary of state. 

Donovan, an "original Reformer" who believed the Buchanan and his brigade "illegally hijacked" the party and who backed Hagelin, found this suspicious, and in mid-Sept. 2000 she filed a complaint with Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission asking for an investigation.  In Connecticut, the state party chairs are responsible for submitting the names of the presidential nominees who will appear on the general election ballot.  Donovan certified that the party had selected John Hagelin.  Meanwhile, however, on Aug. 31, 2000 a rump group held a convention in Hamden and elected officers.  Floyd Atchley was named chair of this group.  He submitted the name of Pat Buchanan to the secretary of state as the Reform Party nominee.  The secretary of state, faced with two Reform Party nominees, opted to put neither on the Reform Party line; she did, however, approve Buchanan as the Freedom Party of Connecticut nominee.  Atchley sued in Hartford Superior Court on Sept. 13, 2000.  Under a special procedure, the case went directly to the State Supreme Court.  The trial, before Justice Francis M. McDonald Jr., took four days; among those testifying were Gulbrandsen and Frank Reed, the credentialling chair at the Long Beach convention, who claimed that the Connecticut delegates had not bothered to pick up their credentials.

On Sept. 22, 2000 Justice McDonald ordered that Buchanan and Foster appear on the ballot as the Reform Party nominees.  (The actual ruling came down several weeks later -- SC16383.  It declared Buchanan-Foster as the Reform nominees, but it also affirmed the legitimacy of the Donovan-led party organization).  The Freedom Party line dissolved.  Hagelin did not appear on the Connecticut ballot.  When the votes were tallied Buchanan obtained only 0.32 percent.

Browne. Harry Browne did an evening fundraiser in Cromwell, a suburb of Hartford, on Aug. 10.

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