DELAWARE 3 Electoral Votes
Bush-Cheney Gore-Lieberman
Campaign Campaign
Bush-Cheney Chairman: Laird Stabler Jr.
Bush-Cheney Exec. Director: Jonathan Downs
...graduated from University of Wisconsin in Madison with a degree in political science in Spring 1999 and moved to Austin with the goal of working on the campaign.  Volunteered Aug.-Dec. 1999, while also working at an Internet company.  From Jan. 2000 put in ten weeks on the road, starting in NH.  Worked on Victory 2000 in Connecticut.  Started in Delaware in early Sept.
Press: Alicia Davis
Field: Patrick Bumatay
Office: 2 Mill Road, Suite 101, Wilmington

Victory 2000 Director: run through the state party

Delaware Republican State Committee
Chairman: Basil Battaglia
Exec. Dir.: Marty Ryall
Office: 2 Mill Road, Suite 108, Wilmington

Gore-Lieberman State Director: Sheri M. Miller
...from Indianapolis.
Office: 240 North James St., Suite 100, Newport

Coordinated Campaign Director: David Hamrick

Democratic Party of Deleware
Chairman: Richard H. Bayard 
Exec. Dir.: James A. Purcell
Office: 240 North James St., Newport

Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7) Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
Gov. Bush did not visit Delaware during the fall campaign. Vice Pres. Gore did not visit Delaware during the fall campaign.
Sec. Cheney visited once:
Sept. 6 -- DC arrives at New Capitol City Aiport; attends a breakfast for the Delaware Republican Party; DC speech on economic agenda (at invitation of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce) at the Wyndham Hotel in Wilmington
Sen. Joe Lieberman made his first solo campaign appearance in Delaware:
Aug. 25 -- JL discusses targeted tax cuts, Claymont Community Center, Claymont
A Sampling of More Campaign Activity A Sampling of More Campaign Activity
Oct. 30 -- Lynne Cheney visits Eastside Charter School in Wilmington.

late Oct. -- Elizabeth Dole visits schools in Dover and Wilmington.

Oct. 24 -- On the "Barnstorm for Reform" tour, Govs. Whitman (NJ) and Shafer (ND) along with Texas Democrat Sen. Ken Armbrister hold a press conference at Juniper Bank (a new online bank) in Wilmington.
Oct. 24 -- Bush's sister Doro Bush Koch and Victory 2000's Maria Cino visit an after-school program in Sussex County.

Oct. 19 -- Lynne Cheney tours the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington.

Oct. 3 -- Rep. John Kasich of Ohio attends a debate watch party in Wilmington.

Sept. 27 -- Former president George H.W. Bush rallies at Legislative Hall in Dover.

Oct. 31 -- Karenna Gore Schiff rallies at Delaware Technical and Community College in Wilmington.

Oct. 30 -- DNC's Ed Rendell speaks at IBEW Local 313 in New Castle.

Oct. 16 -- Rebecca Lieberman (daughter of JL) visits with seniors at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover; holds an "At the Table" discussion at the Univ. of Delaware in Newark, attends a women's health event at the Henrietta Johnson Center in Wilmington.

Sept. 22 -- Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening.

Sept. 11 -- Hadassah Lieberman meets with supporters at the Christina River Club in Wilmington, visits an educational technology class at the Delaware Technical and Community College at Stanton.

Some Newspaper Endorsements Some Newspaper Endorsements
News Journal --11/4/00
Miscellaneous Notes Miscellaneous Notes
Delaware GOP Chair Basil Battaglia pointed to negative TV advertising in the Philadelphia market by the Gore campaign, the Democratic party and groups such as Planned Parenthood and the NAACP as contributing to Bush's defeat.  "That took its toll," he said, not just in Delaware, but in the whole tri-state area (Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey).  Jon Downs, Bush's state director, stated simply, "We got caught into the war over Pennsylvania.  That hurt us badly."  Downs also acknowledged Democrats' success in turning in their base supporters in Wilmington out.  Intense Democratic spending in the Philadelphia, PA media market helped Gore win the Pennsylvania counties surrounding Philadelphia and likely had an effect in New Castle county (Wilmington, DE).  Parties and groups also invested significant resources in the closely fought Roth-Carper U.S. Senate race, and this may have benefited Gore.

Gore did best in the city of Wilmington (winning 20,111 votes to 4,632 for Bush), and he won in the rest of New Castle County (107,428 to 73,955 for Bush).  Bush won the two southern counties, Kent (24,081 to 22,790 for Gore) and Sussex (34,620 to 29,739 for Gore). 

Other Candidates
Nader.  Ralph Nader made two visits but none in the fall.  The first was in March and the second a stop in Wilmington on July 29 on his way to the Republican National Convention.  Winston Grizzard was the Nader contact in the state.

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