GEORGIA 13 Electoral Votes
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Bush-Cheney Gore-Lieberman
Campaign Campaign

Office: 3116 Maple Drive, Atlanta

Victory 2000 Exec. Dir.: Spence Pryor

Georgia Republican Party
Chairman: Charles C. "Chuck" Clay (elected May 1999)
Exec. Dir.: Linda Hamrick
Office: 5600 Roswell Rd, Northeast, East Bldg, Ste 200, Atlanta

Gore-Lieberman State Director: Jan Bryson
...took leave from senior management position at the Atlanta construction firm Thacker Operating Companies; has worked on many campaigns in the state.
Office: 1100 Spring St. Suite 300, Atlanta

Coordinated Campaign Director: John Kirincich

Democratic Party of Georgia
Chairman: David Worley
Exec. Dir.: John Kirincich
Office: 1100 Spring Street, Suite 710, Atlanta

Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
GWB: 0 visit
DC: 1 visit
Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
AG: 2 visits
JL: 1 visit
Sept. 8 -- 1. AG DNC lunch at private residence in Atlanta ($).  2. AG DNC dinner, Hyatt Regency, Atlanta ($). 
Aug. 30 -- DC speaks on military readiness to the Southern Center for International Studies, DoubleTree Hotel in Atlanta.  2.  DC speaks at Georgia Victory 2000 evening reception in (Buckhead) Atlanta ($). 
Aug. 10 -- AG and JL rally with Southern governors, Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta.
A Sampling of More Campaign Activity A Sampling of More Campaign Activity
Oct. 23 -- Judge Griffin Bell, U.S. Attorney General under President Carter, Judge Tom Marshall, former Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, and David Gambrell,  U.S. Senator from Georgia in 1971-72 and former chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, along with other Democrats announce their support for Bush at a news conference at Bush/Cheney headquarters in Atlanta (Americans for Bush coalition). Oct. 28 and Nov. 4 -- GOTV motorcades, organized with help from black clergy, drive around Atlanta.

Oct. -- Karenna Gore Schiff speaks to the Association of Flight Attendants at Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta.

Sept. 26 -- Matt Lieberman appears at Manual's, a pub near Emory University, to watch Gore on the MTV forum.

Aug. 30 -- Tipper Gore addresses supporters and undecided voters at Johnson Square in Savannah; addresses supporters and undecided voters at Columbus State University in Columbus.

Television Television
Some Newspaper Endorsements Some Newspaper Endorsements
Atlanta Journal --10/19/00
Augusta Chronicle --11/5/00
Savannah Morning News --10/25/00
Atlanta Constitution --10/20/00
Miscellaneous Notes Miscellaneous Notes
More than one-third of the Georgia vote (over 900,000 votes) came from the Atlanta area, comprising the four most populous counties: Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb (northwest) and Gwinnett (northeast).  Fulton and DeKalb were strong for Gore while Cobb and Gwinnett went for Bush: 
Fulton Gore 152,039 Bush 104,870
DeKalb Gore 154,509
Cobb Gore   86,676
Gwinnett Gore   61,434

Nader. Ralph Nader did not visit Georgia during the fall campaign (his one visit came on April 17).  Georgia Green Party activists fell short in their efforts to qualify Nader for the ballot; by the mid-July deadline they had collected about 10-12,000 signatures, compared to the more than 38,000 required.  Nonetheless, Greens waged an "aggressive" write in campaign, setting a goal of obtaining 40,000 write-in votes, which would qualify the party for the ballot in 2002.  A major focus was educating Georgians on how to cast a write-in vote.
Nader Contact: Hugh Esco

Buchanan.  Pat Buchanan visited Atlanta on Oct. 20; a highlight was his appearance on the Neil Boortz show.  Shortly before Buchanan's visit, the Georgia Reform Party endorsed Nader.

Browne.  Harry Browne visited Georgia on Oct. 21.  Supporters greeted him at Hartsfield International Airport and drove in a caravan to Macon where he held a reception and gave a speech at the Centreplex.  Browne also held his election night gala at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.
Third Parties
Libertarian Party of Georgia
Chairman: Michael Cartwright
1874 Piedmont Rd., Suite 590-E, Atlanta
Georgia Green Party
Chairman: Rev. Zack Lyde of Glynn County
Georgia Reform Party
Chairman: Anne Merkl of Newnan
Georgia Freedom Party (created by Buchanan supporters in March 2000)
Chairman: Clay Dalton of Waleska
Constitution Party of Georgia
Chairman: Ricardo Davis

Voting Problems
In her report "The 2000 Election: A Wake-Up Call For Reform and Change" (Jan. 2001), Secretary of State Cathy Cox noted that, "[T]he percentage of ballots in Georgia that showed no presidential choice (what we call 'undervotes') was actually higher here than in Florida.  And in some counties, more than one in ten ballots registered undervotes."  The Washington Post examined the four Atlanta area counties in a Dec. 27, 2000 article and found that precincts in which more than 70% of registered voters are black had a significantly higher number of ballots disqualified (6.9 percent versus 3.1 percent overall).  On Jan. 5, 2001 the ACLU and three Atlanta attorneys filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Cox, Gov. Roy Barnes and the State Election Board charging that, "The machinery used to conduct elections in the State of Georgia is fatally flawed, routinely disenfranchising thousands of voters."

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