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Bush-Cheney Gore-Lieberman
Campaign Campaign
Bush-Cheney State Director: Catherine Hanaway
...state rep. from Warson Woods (St. Louis County).  Served as Sen. Kit Bond's district office director from 1993-96; and as an advisor to Missourians for Kit Bond from 1996-98.  Owner of Hanamore Solutions, L.L.C., a political consulting firm. Started career in the litigation department of Peper Martin, a St. Louis law firm, from 1990-93.
Brian Marriott
Office: 2326 Millpark Drive, St. Louis

Victory 2000 Exec. Dir.: John Hancock

Missouri Republican Party
Chairman: Ann Wagner
Exec. Dir.: John Hancock
Office: 204 E. Dunklin, Jefferson City

Gore-Lieberman State Director: Woody Overton
...regional administrator, Kansas City office, General Services Administration.
Press Secretary: Alex Zaroulis
Office: 106 Kenrick Plaza, St. Louis
Political Director: Janelle Erickson  Kansas City

Coordinated Campaign Director: Julie Gibson

Missouri Democratic State Committee
Chairman: Joe Carmichael
Exec. Dir.: Roy Temple

Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
GWB: 8 visits
DC: 6 visits
Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
AG: 7 visits
JL: 4 visits
Nov. 6 -- AG and TG GOTV rally, America's Center, St. Louis.
Nov. 3 -- AG and TG breakfast with voters, Penn Valley Community College, Kansas City.
Nov. 2 -- GWB and LB on "Bringing America Together" tour (pres. drugs) Victory 2000 rally at The Family Arena in St. Charles. Nov. 2 -- JL remarks on Social Security, Heman Park Community Center, University Park (St. Louis area).
Oct. 31 -- DC visits the Salvation Army of Kansas City, Linwood Blvd, Kansas City.
Oct. 28 -- GWB rally at Columbia Regional Airport, Columbia.
Oct. 25 -- AG rally Frank A. Theis Park (formerly Volker Park), Kansas CityOct. 26 early am. -- AG stops in at Town Topic diner for some "kitchen table" talk, Kansas City
Oct. 23 a.m. -- GWB first stop on "Barnstorm for Reform" tour makes remarks at Kansas City Downtown Airport, Kansas City.
[Oct. 20 -- AG and TG attend memorial service for Gov. Mel Carnahan, Jefferson City.]
Oct. 17 -- JL surprise appearance in media center at the third presidential debate at the Washington University at St. Louis, St. Louis.
Oct. 16-17
Oct. 16 -- GWB welcome at Radisson Hotel St. Louis, St. Louis.
Oct. 17 -- GWB participates in in third presidential debate, Washington University at St. Louis, St. Louis (post-debate rally cancelled).
Oct. 16-18
Oct. 16 -- AG debate preparation session with "citizen advisors" and residents, Innsbrook Resort and Conference Center, Innsbrook (west of St. Louis).
Oct. 17 -- AG participates in third presidential debate, Washington University at St. Louis, St. Louis (debate rallies cancelled).
[Oct. 18 -- AG and TG private meeting with Jean Carnahan at the Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City].
Oct. 16 -- DC and LC visit Evangel College in Springfield.
Oct. 11 -- DC and LC preview "Agenda for America's Greatest Generation" in gymnasium at Westminster College, Fulton.
Sept. 21 -- 1. DC and LC greeted in airport rally at Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, Cape Girardeau.  2. DC and LC arrive at St. Louis, participate in Missouri Victory 2000 dinner in ClaytonSept. 22 a.m. -- [Source: AP] DC stops in at Einstein's Bros. bagels in Chesterfield before leaving from Spirit of St. Louis Airport.
Sept. 18 -- GWB tours Negro Leagues Baseball Museum;  One-on-One with local citizens, Gem Theater, Kansas City
-- tax cut family: Frank and Rechele White of Kansas City
Sept. 12 -- GWB airport arrival, Lambert-St. Louis Int'l Airport, One-on-One with Governor Bush, Westport Playhouse, St. Louis.
Sept. 8 -- GWB Missouri Victory 2000 rally, Springfield/Branson Regional Airport, Springfield.
Sept. 5-6
Sept. 5 -- JL holds a town hall with St. Louis families, Oakville High School, Mehlville
Sept. 6 -- JL tours Harley-Davidson and discusses plans to bring prosperity..., Kansas City.
Aug. 29 -- DC and LC discuss character education at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kansas City.
Aug. 22 -- GWB Leadership Forum on Reading, Wildhorse Elementary School, Chesterfield.
Aug. 21 -- AG and TG wrap-up "Setting Course for America's Future" boat trip, Nipper Park, Hannibal.
Aug. 14 -- "Going the Distance Tour" en route to the Democratic Convention.  1. AG (w/o JL) leads a discussion about Medicare and retirement security, Independence.  2. AG and TG, JL and HL rally at Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis.
Aug. 9 -- DC and LC visit Sunshine Ministries in St. Louis.
A Sampling of More Campaign Activity A Sampling of More Campaign Activity
Nov. 5 -- Former President George H.W. Bush rallies at the Gateway Theater in Springfield and at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield (suburban St. Louis).

Nov. 1 -- Condoleezza Rice speaks at St. Louis University.

[Nov. 1 -- Planned visit by Lynne Cheney to River Bluffs Regional Library in St. Joseph cancelled due to a storm front.]

Oct. 26 -- Barbara Bush rallies at Midland Theatre in Kansas City and at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield. [order of events uncertain].

Oct. 23 -- After Kansas City rally with Gov. Bush, Govs. Huckabee (AR), Taft (OH) and Guinn (NV) and  Texas Democrat Judge John Hill (Ret.) make a stop in Cape Girardeau.

Oct. 5-6 -- Bush's sister Doro Bush Koch stops in St. Louis on Oct. 5 and Cape Girardeau on Oct. 6.

Oct. 1 -- Formation of Missouri Bush-Cheney Farm and Ranch team announced, co-chairs Missouri Farm Bureau President Charlie Kruse and former State Sen. Glen Klippenstein.

Nov. 6 -- Tipper Gore rallies at Parkview High School in Springfield (after the St. Louis rally; AG originally scheduled to visit as well).

Nov. 5 -- Karenna Gore Schiff, actor Jimmy Smits ("NYPD Blue"), actor Eric McCormack ("Will and Grace"), actress Michael Michele ("ER") rally at Fairground Park in St. Louis.

Nov. 4 -- African-American leaders on "Your Vote Counts, Democratic Unity" tour do a breakfast and a luncheon in Kansas City.

Nov. 3 -- Jesse Jackson get out the vote rally at Lincoln University of Missouri in Jefferson City.

Nov. 2 -- On a 24-hour "Lieberman Women Fly-around," Hadassah Lieberman and actress Susan Dey appear at Deja vu Comedy Club in Columbia.  Meanwhile, on another segment of the tour, Rebecca Lieberman, and Hadassah Lieberman's daughter-in-law Migdal, attent a rally at Teamsters Local #245 in Springfield.

Nov. 2 -- DNC National Chair Joe Andrew and Texas Democratic Party Chair Molly Beth Malcolm, on "Get Out the Truth Tour," hold news conference at the Baymont Inn in St. Charles.

Oct. 31 -- Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater holds news conference outside Salvation Army in Kansas City immediately after Dick Cheney event there; also [source: AP] at Mount Buelah Baptist Church in north St. Louis.

Oct. 23 -- Molly Beth Malcolm, chair of the Texas Democratic Party, and Texas state rep. Dawnna Dukes hold press conferences in Kansas City and St. Louis on release of Bush video (events nationwide).

Oct. 2 -- Hadassah Lieberman discusses the Gore-Lieberman prescription drug plan at the South Side Senior Center in Springfield.

Sept. 23 -- Karenna Gore Schiff speaks at a rally at Hazelwood West Junior/Senior High School in St. Louis to kick off the Coordinated Campaign's "Trailblazers" weekend, then campaigns door-to-door. 
Sept. 20 -- Karenna Gore Schiff and Rebecca Lieberman at the University of Missouri-Columbia's Reynolds Alumni Center (interrupted by protesters).

Sept. 20 -- Hadassah Lieberman tours the Meramec Community College Child Development Center in St. Louis; does a fundraiser and visits with parents and children at the KCMC Child Development Corporation in Kansas City.

Sept. 11 -- Jesse Jackson voter registration rally at City Hall in St. Louis.

Oct. 13 --  AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, joined by HHS Secretary Donna Shalala, rallies union workers at UAW Local 25 in St. Louis.

Television Television
According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG Eye, Jan. 2001 and Nov./Dec. 2000) during the general election the Bush campaign and the RNC ran 6,500 ads in Misouri, eighth most behind Florida (21,400), Ohio (13,300), Penn. (12,300), Michigan (10,500), Washington (8,000), California (8,000) and Wisconsin (6,700).

According to the Brennan Center for Justice (Dec. 11, 2000 report) spending in Missouri on TV advertising in the presidential race by the Bush campaign, GOP and supportive groups in the period from June 1 to Nov. 7, 2000 totaled $4,144,240.

According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG Eye, Jan. 2001) during the general election the Gore campaign and the DNC ran 7,200 ads in Missouri, the sixth most of any state behind Penn. (14,400), Ohio  (13,500), Florida (12,400), Michigan (12,300) and Wisconsin (8,800).

According to the Brennan Center for Justice (Dec. 11, 2000 report) spending in Missouri on TV advertising in the presidential race by the Gore campaign, Democratic party and supportive groups in the period from June 1 to Nov. 7, 2000 totaled $6,007,466.

Some Newspaper Endorsements Some Newspaper Endorsements
Jefferson City News Tribune --11/1/00
Joplin Globe --11/4/00
Columbia Daily Tribune --10/29/00
St. Louis Post-Dispatch --10/22/00
Kansas City Star --10/29/00
Springfield News-Leader --11/5/00
Independence Examiner -- 11/3/00

Miscellaneous Notes Miscellaneous Notes
Bush considered former Sen. John Danforth for vice president.  For example, in the June 5 issue of Time, Michael Duffy penned an article "A Minister Tops The Bush List."  Later, on July 18 in Chicago, Bush met secretly with Danforth and his wife.  (Bush named Cheney on July 26).

Bush named Congressman Roy Blunt as one of ten persons  to his exploratory committee back in March 1999.

Ralph Nader visited St. Louis on Oct. 17, coinciding with the final presidential debate.  He held rallies at Scottish Rite Cathedral and, near the debate site, at Northmoor Park.  Police turned him away at Washington University.

Pat Buchanan spent Sept. 26-27 in Missouri.  On Sept. 26 he began with a radio interview at KMOX in St. Louis, made impromptu stops at the Winston Churchill Library and Memorial at Westminster College in Fulton and at the old St. Louis Globe-Democrat building St. Louis, finally concluding with the major event of the day, a town meeting at Central Methodist College in Fayette.  On the morning of Sept. 27 he held a town meeting at Evangel University in Springfield.

Harry Browne visited Missouri on Oct. 17-18, coinciding with the final presidential debate.  On Oct. 17 he held a press conference on his exclusion from the debates at the State Capitol in Jefferson City, then headed to St. Louis.  On Oct. 18 he did interviews in St. Louis, including a Fox interview in front of the debate site.

Voting Problems in the City of St. Louis
On July 24, 2001, the Missouri Secretary of State released a report on its examination of the election in the City of St. Louis.  "Mandate for Reform"  found "substantial and credible information that election laws were violated in the November 7 election."  According to the report, "one thousand two hundred thirty-three (1,233) persons who were not qualified to vote nonetheless obtained court orders to cast ballots."

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