NEW YORK 33 Electoral Votes
Bush-Cheney Gore-Lieberman
Campaign Campaign
Victory 2000 Exec. Dir.: Leticia Remauro
...Chair of the Republican County Committee of Richmond County (Staten Island).
Gore-Lieberman State Director: Pat Halpin
...former Suffolk county executive
Dep. State Director: Rodney Capel  Political Director: Rhoda Glickman  Press Secretary: Jordan Barowitz
Office: 450 7th Avenue, Suite 804, New York

Coordinated Campaign Director: Gigi Georges

Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
GWB: 2
DC: 0
Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
AG: 5 (includes one private visit)
JL: 3
Oct. 19-- GWB appears on "Late Show" with Dave Letterman.  GWB remarks at annual Al Smith Dinner, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC. Oct. 18-20
Oct. 18 -- AG tapes "The Rosie O'Donnell Show"and "Live with Regis," NYC.
Oct. 19 -- 1. AG discusses big choices, Low Library, Columbia University, NYC.  2. AG and JL attend SEIU Local 1199 rally with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sheraton New York, NYC.  3.AG gives remarks at the annual Al Smith Dinner, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC.
Oct. 20 -- AG on "The Today Show" live from Rockefeller Plaza, NYC.
Oct. 19 -- 1. JL makes an appearance on "Live with Regis," ABC studios, NYC.  2. JL DNC reception at private residence, NYC ($).  3. JL speaks at League of Conservation Voters annual fundraising dinner, Essex House, NYC.  4. JL DNC reception, Trump Building, NYC ($).
[Oct. 6 -- AG and TG private reception in Greenwich Village (Pauline Gore's birthday), NYC]
Sept. 26 -- 1. JL DNC reception at Grace's Trattoria Cafe and Grill, NYC ($).  2. JL DNC dinner at private residence, NYC ($).
 Sept. 21 -- GWB guest on "Live with Regis," NYC. 
Sept. 15 -- 1. JL attends 2 DNC breakfasts at the Harvard Club, NYC ($).  2. JL and Hillary Rodham Clinton discuss education, Mark Twain Intermediate School, Brooklyn, NY.
Sept. 14 -- 1. AG joins daughter Karenna Gore Schiff for "At the Table" discussion, Cafe Lalo (201 W 83rd), NYC.  2. AG attends a DNC reception, private residence, NYC ($). 3.  AG and JL attend DNC Gala Concert at Radio City Music Hall, NYC (event raises more than $6m).  4. AG on "The Late Show" with Dave Letterman.
Aug. 11 -- AG, breaking from "Going the Distance Tour," does a DNC dinner at private residence in NYC ($).
Aug. 5-6
Aug. 5 -- 1. AG DNC Gay/Lesbian reception at private residence in East Hampton ($).  2. AG DNC & Federal Victory Fund dinner at private residence in Watermill ($).
Aug. 6 -- AG DNC brunch reception at private residence in Southampton ($).
A Sampling of More Campaign Activity A Sampling of More Campaign Activity
Sept. 26 -- Hadassah Lieberman and Hillary Rodham Clinton visit Riverdale Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association in the Bronx.
Television Television
Some Newspaper Endorsements Some Newspaper Endorsements
New York Post --10/23/00
Herald American (Syracuse) --10/29/00
The Journal News (White Plains)
Star-Gazette (Elmira)
New York Times --10/29/00
Newsday --10/29/00
Daily News --10/29/00
Buffalo News --10/29/00
Albany Times Union --10/22/00
Ithaca Journal --10/31/00
Daily Star (Oneonta) --11/4/00
East Hampton Star --11/2/00
Staten Island Advance --10/30/00
Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester)
New York Observer

Miscellaneous Notes Miscellaneous Notes
"We were supposed to lose, and we lost big," Brendan Quinn, executive director of the state Republican party observed after the election. New York City was a money and media magnet for the Democratic ticket. 

Nov. 6 -- Rally with Al Sharpton at National Action Network headquarters in Harlem.
Oct. 28 -- Speech at Cooper Union, NYC.
Oct. 13 -- Super Rally at Madison Square Garden, NYC.
Oct. 6 -- Press conference at Legislative Office Building, Albany; rally at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Albany.  Oct. 7 -- NYC: Non-campaign event [Speech at "Independent Politics in a Global World" conference at CUNY Hunter College Auditorium.  Appears on "Saturday Night Live."
Sept. 28 --"The Late Show" with Dave Letterman.
Aug. 30 -- Three events in NYC: speech and press conference--calls on Bush and Gore to have their parties return contributions made by General Electric--outside the GE Building in Rockefeller Center.  Walks the Picket Line with Striking Restaurant Workers (318 Restaurant Workers Union) in front of New Silver Palace Restaurant in Chinatown.  Press conference (corporate welfare) at Federal Hall (across the street from the NYSE).  "Evening with Ralph Nader" and post-event fundraiser at Southampton College in Southampton. Aug. 31 -- NYC.
Aug. 29 -- Press conference (health care) followed by speech and rally at Statler Towers in Buffalo.

State Coordinator: Masada Disenhouse   Office: 116 W. Houston St., 3rd Floor, New York

Nov. 6 -- Available for interviews at the Marriott Hotel in West Henrietta (Rochester); available for interviews at the Airport Holiday Inn in Buffalo.
Nov. 3 -- Press conference at The Essex House, NYC.
Oct. 4 -- Does FOX News "The Edge" with Paula Zahn, "The Bob Grant Show" (WOR radio), NYC.
Sept. 23 -- Accepts the New York State Right to Life Party's presidential nomination in Yonkers.

Nov. 6 -- A full day of interviews in New York City (arrived the previous night).
Oct. 19-20 -- Interviews in New York City.
Aug. 29-31 -- Interviews in New York City.

Political Parties
New York Republican State Committee
Chairman: Bill Powers
Exec. Dir.: Brendan Quinn
Office: 315 State Street, Albany
New York State Democratic Committee
Chairman: Judith Hope
Exec. Dir.: David L. Cohen 
Office: 60 Madison Avenue, New York
Independence Party of New York
Chairman: Frank McKay
The Independence Party ran Jeffrey Graham, former mayor of Watertown, for U.S. Senate (finished 3rd with 43,181 votes).  IPNY endorsed John Hagelin for President.
Conservative Party of New York State
Chairman: Michael Long
CPNYS endorsed the Bush-Cheney ticket at a Sept. 25, 2000 meeting in midtown Manhattan.  Sen. Mitch McConnell accepted on Bush's behalf. Bush-Cheney received 144,797 of its 2,403,347 votes on the Conservative Party line.
Libertarian Party of New York
Chairman: Richard Cooper of Westbury
LPNY ran John Clifton of Queens for U.S. Senate (finished 6th with 4,734 votes), congressional candidates in the 15th and 28th districts and a candidate for the 109th Assembly district.
New York State Greens/Green Party of New York
Most work done through local chapters of which over 50.  Running in November were Mark Dunau for U.S. Senate (finished 4th with 40,991 votes), seven candidates for U.S. House, 10 candidates for State Senate, 15 candidates for Assembly.
New York State Right to Life Party
Chairman: Kenneth C. Diem
As indicated above Pat Buchanan received the Right to Life party's endorsement in person on Sept. 23.  On Election Day Buchanan won 25,175 votes on the Right to Life line and only 6,424 on the Buchanan Reform line.
Liberal Party of New York State
Chairman: Martin S. Begun
Founded in 1944 and describes itself as "longest existing third party in the history of the United States." 

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