OHIO 21 Electoral Votes
Bush-Cheney Gore-Lieberman
Campaign Campaign
Bush-Cheney State Chair: Gov. Bob Taft
Bush-Cheney Exec. Dir.: Bob Paduchik
...(on staff from Dec.1999 to March 2000--ran Bush's primary campaign in the state--and from Aug. 2000 to year's end).  On leave from position as director of constituent affairs to Gov. Bob Taft.  Served as the political director for Taft’s 1998 gubernatorial campaign; Northeast Ohio coordinator for Mike DeWine’s 1994 U.S. Senate race.
Press Coordinator: Heather Ross Goss
Staff Assistant: Brian Manal 
Office: 75 East Gay Street, Columbus

Ohio Republican Party Exec. Dir.: (Victory 2000): Tom Whatman

Ohio Republican Party
Chairman: Robert T. Bennett
Exec. Dir.: Tom Whatman
Office: 211 South Fifth Street, Columbus

Gore-Lieberman State Director: Derrick Clay
...served as field director for the Ohio Democratic Party from 1997-99, then formed a public affairs consulting firm (Clay Consulting, LLC in Columbus). Named by Ebony magazine as one of 30 "Young Leaders of the Future" (Dec. 1997).  Executive director of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus from 1995-97.
Political Director: Kate Sheckells 
Press Secretary: Kara Gerhardt
Special Events/Advance: Jeff Ruppert
Office: 271 East State Street, Columbus (ODP hdqtrs)

Coordinated Campaign Director: J.B. Poersch

Ohio Democratic Party
Chairman: David J. Leland
Exec. Dir.: Bill DeMora
Office: 271 East State Street, Columbus

Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
GWB: 6 visits
DC: 7 visits
Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
AG: 4 visits
JL: 3 visits
Oct. 26 -- (evening) GWB Victory 2000 rally at Toledo Express Airport in Swanton (Toledo).
Oct. 26 -- DC tours Worthington Industries steel plant facility, gives remarks, Columbus. also congressional fundraiser at New Albany Country Club.
Oct. 12 -- 1. (noon) DC and LC discuss "Agenda for America's Greatest Generation" at Maumee Senior Center, Maumee.  2. (mid-afternoon) DC and LC discuss "Agenda for America's Greatest Generation" at Allen County Memorial Hall, Lima.  3. (late afternoon) DC and LC discuss "Agenda for America's Greatest Generation" at American Legion Post #598, Kettering (suburb of Dayton).
Oct. 4 -- GWB and LB One-on-One at Reynoldsburg High School, Reynoldsburg (Columbus-area). Oct. 4 -- AG and TG stop at Youngstown State University bookstore, before speaking at big "Ohioans Going for Gore!" rally, Courthouse Square, Warren.
Oct. 3 -- DC and LC participate in Victory 2000 presidential debate watch party, Montgomery Inn, Montgomery.
Sept. 25 -- 1. (a.m.) DC and LC tour and remarks on Bush-Cheney economic plan at Cleveland Steel Container, Cleveland.  2. (afternoon) DC and LC tour and remarks of Bush-Cheney economic plan at Eagle Tool and Machine, Springfield.
Sept. 21 -- GWB discussion on Social Security reform, Thermagon, Inc., Cleveland.
Sept. 20 -- 1. JL visits maternity ward, roundtable discussion on health care, Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus.  2.
JL attends DNC reception, private residence, Columbus ($).  3. JL rallies suppporters, Warrensville Heights High School gymnasium, Warrensville (Cleveland area).  4. JL attends a DNC reception, Executive Caterers at Landerhaven, Mayfield Heights (Cleveland area) ($).  5.JL attends DNC reception, private residence, Shaker Heights (Cleveland area) ($).
Sept. 14 -- (a.m.) DC education discussion at Willoughby South High School, Willoughby.  2. (early afternoon) DC education discussion at Marietta High School, Marietta.
Sept. 12 -- "On The Road to A+ Education" AG and JL aboard separate school buses:
1. Welcome arriving students, participate in discussion, Anna K. Wantz Middle School, Miamisburg.  2. Greet, have lunch with and deliver remarks to students, Middletown High School, Middletown.  3. Promote a better educational system, cincinnati State Technical & Community College, Cincinnati.
Sept. 7 -- GWB accompanied by Colin Powell and Norman Schwartzkopf, remarks to veterans, Wright State University, Dayton.
Sept. 5-6
Sept. 5 -- AG facilitates a new economy discussion, Ohio Moline Plow Building, Columbus.  Overnight in Cleveland.
Sept. 6 -- 1. AG unveils comprehensive economic plan, Cleveland State University, Cleveland.  2. AG addresses members of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, Sheraton Cleveland, Cleveland.
Sept. 4 -- JL attends Toledo Mud Hens baseball game, Ned Skeldon Stadium, Maumee.
Aug. 30-31
Aug. 30 -- GWB airport arrival at Lunken Municipal Airport in Cinncinnati, three fundraising events at private homes (two events at Mercer Reynolds II and one at William O. DeWitt Jr.) in Indian Hill ($).
Aug. 31 -- GWB airport arrival at Toledo Express Airport, does his 100th school visit of the campaign, Springfield High School, Holland (Toledo).
Aug. 13 -- AG "Going the Distance Tour" Forum on children's health, Univ. Medical Center/ Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Cleveland.
Aug. 10 -- DC and LC discuss improving education at Tussing Elementary School in Pickerington.
Aug. 4 -- GWB and LB, DC and LC Victory 2000 "Change the Tone Tour" rally, Amtrak Station at Quaker Square, Akron.
A Sampling of More Campaign Activity A Sampling of More Campaign Activity
Oct. 27 -- Former first lady Barbara Bush speaks at Strongsville Recreation & Senior Complex (near Cleveland).

Oct. 26 -- Bush's sister Doro Bush in Western Ohio: Clermont County GOP luncheon in Batavia, Miami County GOP rally in Troy, and annual Allen County GOP BBQ in Lima.

Oct. 24 -- "Barnstorm for Reform" tour -- Govs. Ryan (IL), Sundquist (TN), Gilmore (VA) and Geringer (WY) at a senior center in Columbus.
Oct. 23 -- "Barnstorm for Reform" tour -- Govs. Ryan (IL), Sundquist (TN), Gilmore (VA) and Geringer (WY) at Marva Collins Preparatory School in Cincinnati.

Oct. 27 -- HHS Secretary Donna Shalala at Indian Hills Senior Community (near Cleveland).

Oct. 20 -- Hadassah Lieberman holds a discussion about women's health care concerns at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

Oct. 18 -- Rebecca Lieberman speaks at Ohio University in Athens (originally planned for Sept. but weather intervened). Oct. 19 -- Rebecca Lieberman speaks at the University of Akron. 

Oct. 18 -- DNC general chairman Ed Rendell in Cleveland.

Oct. 4 -- Hadassah Lieberman visits Rocking Horse Center, a pediatric clinic in Springfield.

Sept. 26 -- Tipper Gore addresses the Ohio AFL-CIO at the Cincinnati Convention Center.

Sept. 26 -- Rebecca Lieberman discussion with students at Ohio State University.

Sept. 24-25 -- Jesse Jackson six-city Ohio bus tour to register voters.

Television Television
According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG Eye, Jan. 2001 and Nov./Dec. 2000) Bush/RNC and Gore/DNC ran 26,800 total ads in Ohio during the general election, the second most  of any state.  The Bush campaign and the RNC ran 13,300 ads in Ohio, second only to Florida (21,400); this accounted for an estimated 10% of total Bush/RNC ad spending, putting Ohio fourth behind Florida (17%), Pennsylvania (14%) and California (14%) in ad spending.

According to The Brennan Center for Justice (Nov. 21, 2000 report) spending by the Bush campaign, Republican party and supportive groups in the period from June 1 to Nov. 7, 2000 totaled $8,759,333.

According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG Eye, Jan. 2001 and Nov./Dec. 2000) Bush/RNC and Gore/DNC ran 26,800 total ads in Ohio during the general election, the second most  of any state.  The Gore campaign and the DNC ran 13,500 ads in Ohio, second only to Pennsylvania (14,400); this accounted for an estimated 13% of total Gore/DNC ad spending, second to Pennsylvania (20%).

According to The Brennan Center for Justice (Nov. 21, 2000 report) spending by the Gore campaign, Democratic party and supportive groups in the period from June 1 to Nov. 7, 2000 totaled $9,482,357.

Some Newspaper Endorsements Some Newspaper Endorsements
Cincinnati Enquirer --10/29/00
Cincinnati Post --10/30/00   EWS
Cleveland Plain Dealer --10/22/00  *
Columbus Dispatch --10/22/00
Canton Repository --10/29/00  *
Marietta Times --11/4/00
Findlay Courier
Youngstown Vindicator
Warren Tribune-Chronicle
Toledo Blade --10/29/00
Akron Beacon Journal --10/22/00
Athens News --10/16/00
Dayton Daily News
Miscellaneous Notes Miscellaneous Notes
No Republican presidential nominee has won the White House without winning Ohio.  Bush Ohio executive director Bob Paduchik said Bush's focus on education was one of the keys to winning the state.  Paduchik also notes that Bush went into Youngstown and Toledo, Democratic base areas, before Gore did and this gave the Bush campaign a psychological edge in those areas. Neither Gore nor Lieberman visited Ohio after Oct. 4 and he Democratic National Committee stopped buying television in the state in the first part of the month.  "We were not happy about that," Gore's state director Derrick Clay observed later.  Throughout the closing weeks of the campaign, Democrats had to counter the perception that they had given up on the state. 

A number of leading Ohio Democrats consider the decision to back out of Ohio to have been a fatal mistake for the national campaign, pointing out that of the states that Gore lost, he lost Ohio by the second narrowest margin, 3.55 percent.  At least one national Democrat agreed; DNC general chair Ed Rendell said just after the election that Gore had given up on Ohio too early. 

Admittedly Ohio was a tough state, with the governorship, all statewide non-judicial offices and both houses of the General Assembly controlled by Republicans.  In addition, some environmentalists and Nader supporters sought to inject the matter of Gore's pledge on the Waste Technologies Industries incinerator in East Liverpool into the race >.  Nonetheless, Clinton had won Ohio in 1992 and 1996. 

In the absence of the principals, the Gore campaign sent in surrogates, and in mid- to late-October it started running a state-specific ad, "Paid." However, Clay said these actions had little impact.  He lobbied for a visit by Gore to Cleveland or Toledo in the closing weeks, and also advocated bringing in President Clinton.  In the absence of such support, the Ohio team pressed on with lit drops, visibility ("The Big Honk"--every day after work Gore supporters in Columbus and other cities would go out and wave signs), and phone banking.

But the national campaign pullback clearly had a negative effect. For example, on Oct. 24 the Bush campaign happily sent out a news release noting that Gore spokesman Todd Webster had told Chris Matthews on MSNBC's "Hardball" that, "Bush is going to win Ohio."  And, that is what happened.

Nader.  Ralph Nader visited Ohio on Sept. 27 and Oct. 26.
On Sept. 27 he did a press conference and speech at the East Liverpool School Administration Building in East Liverpool (focus on Waste Technologies Industries incinerator) and a speech and press conference at Youngstown State University in Youngstown.
On Oct. 26 he did a press conference and lecture [non-campaign event] "Corporate Responsibility and How Consumers Can Increase Their Influence" at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel and delivered a speech at Cleveland State University.  In the evening he did a lecture on globalization [non-campaign event] at the University of Cincinnati.  Nader State Coordinator: Rich Weiss

Green Party of Ohio
The Green Party of Ohio re-emerged in April 2000; the Nader campaign was "very catalytic" for the party's growth.  By the end of the campaign there were 11 county and regional parties, although the Green Party of Ohio was not recognized with official party status.  In addition to the Nader race, the party ran a state house candidate in Dayton who obtained 6%.

Buchanan. Pat Buchanan visited Ohio on Sept. 20.  He greeted people at the West Side Market in Cleveland, including some time behind the counter at the S&K Deli.  In the evening he did a town hall meeting at Franciscan University in Steubenville.
Buchanan stopped in Cleveland again on Nov. 5, doing media interviews and speaking in the evening at St. Sava's Serbian Orthodox Church in Broadview Heights (suburban Cleveland).

Browne.  Harry Browne campaigned in Ohio on Oct. 5-7.  Arriving in Cleveland on the evening of Oct. 4, he drove to Akron where he overnighted.  On Oct. 5 he did media interviews in Akron and Cleveland during the day, followed by an evening rally at the Holiday Inn Akron/Fairlawn in Akron, which he reported drew about 140 people, including about a dozen Libertarian candidates.  On Oct. 6, after flying to Chicago to do an interview with Fox News, he flew to Columbus where he did an evening rally at the Holiday Inn on the Lane that drew many Ohio State University students.  On Oct. 7 he drove to Dayton where he did a rally at the Crowne Plaza in the early afternoon.  The next day he returned to Tennessee.  Browne's running mate Art Olivier campaigned in Ohio on Oct. 27-31, leaving the morning of Nov. 1.

Libertarian Party of Ohio
Chairman: Jeff Zweber
Office: 35 East Gay, Suite 310, Columbus
Libertarians had over 70 candidates on the ballot in Ohio, including 21 for federal office.  U.S. Senate candidate John McAlister was the top vote-getter with 116,724 votes (2.6%)

Hagelin. John Hagelin campaigned in Ohio Sept. 20-23.  On Sept. 20 in Cleveland, he spoke at the City Club of Cleveland, talked to students at Kent State University and did a fundraising dinner/genetic engineering talk at the Mustard Seed Cafe.  On Sept. 21 in Toledo, he spoke to students at the University of Toledo, spoke to students at Bowling Green State University and did a dinner followed by a benefit concert at Franciscan Center.  On Sept. 22 he did a press conference at the State Capitol, met with the Columbus Dispatch editorial board, did a dinner at the Lemon Grass Restaurant, and held a town hall meeting at Upper Arlington Municipal Building.  On Sept. 23 he participated in the "Rollin' to Cincinnati with US Senate Candidate John Eastman Roller Blade and Bike marathon" from Yellow Springs to Cincinnati.  Regional/State Coordinator: Zanna Feitler of Shaker Heights.

Natural Law Party of Ohio
Chairperson: Zanna Feitler of Shaker Heights
The party ran 28 candidates, including John Eastman for U.S. Senate, ten candidates for U.S. House and 15 for the state legislature; it also endorsed a number of candidates.  Eastman was the top vote-getter with 70,713 votes (1.6%).

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