OKLAHOMA 8 Electoral Votes
(Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Oklahoma State Election Board) 
Total Population, April 1, 2000 3,450,654
Voting Age Population, Nov. 2000 2,531,000 % change from '96  +4.3
Total Registration, Nov. 1, 2000 2,233,602 
Dem. 1,234,297 (55.26%)   Rep. 798,149 (35.73%)   Ind. 200,204 (8.96%)   Lib. 701   Ref. 251 
Oklahoma has: 77 counties.
Largest counties: Oklahoma, Tulsa, Cleveland, Comache.
Largest cities: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, Lawton.

Governor: Frank Keating (R) re-elected in 1998.
State Legislature: Oklahoma Legislature  House: 61D, 40R  Senate: 33D, 15R
Local: Cities   NACO Counties
U.S. House: 6R - 1. S.Largent (R) | 2. T.Coburn (R) | 3. W.Watkins (R) | 4. J.C.Watts,Jr. (R) | 5. E.Istook (R) | 6. F.Lucas (R)
U.S. Senate: James Inhofe (R) up for re-election in 2002, Don Nickles (R) re-elected 1998. 
Changes as of the November 2000 Elections
State Legislature: All 101 House seats and 24 of 48 Senate seats were up.  Democrats retained control in both chambers, while losing seats in each: 53D, 48R  Senate: 30D, 18R.
U.S. House: Democrats picked up the open seat held by self term-limited Tom Coburn, 5R, 1D, 2. B.Carson.

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General Election -- Tuesday, November 7, 2000
Past Results
Dole (Rep.)..............582,315 (48.26)
Clinton (Dem.).........488,105 (40.45)
Perot (Ref.).............130,788
Browne (Lib.)..............5,505

Bush (Rep.)............592,929 (42.64)
Clinton (Dem.)........473,066 (34.02)
Perot (Ind.).............319,878
Marrou (Lib.)..............4,486 

+Bush/Cheney (Rep.)
Buchanan/Foster (Ref.)
Gore/Lieberman (Dem.)
Browne/Olivier (Lib.)
Gov. Bush had no trouble winning his neighboring state's eight electoral votes, gaining a plurality of 270,061 votes (21.88 percentage points).
Notes: For ballot access as an independent, Oklahoma requires signatures of 36,202 registered voters, the highest signature requirement, per capita, of any state in the country,   Further, Oklahomaís signature deadline of July 15 is one of the earliest in the country (only 8 states are earlier).  Additionally, Oklahoma is one of only 7 states that donít allow write-in votes for U.S. President.  The Nader campaign made a strong effort to achieve the required number of signatures in Oklahoma, but came up a bit short.  On Aug. 11, 2000 the campaign filed suit against the Oklahoma State Election Board in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma citing harassment in its signature gathering effort and seeking to extend the deadline to Sept. 1, 2000 (Nader v Ward, cv-00-1340-R).  Judge David Russell ruled against Nader on Aug. 30.

State Primary August 22, 2000
Presidential Preference Primary: Tuesday, March 14, 2000
2000 Election Calendar

Republican Primary
Total Vote Percent
Gary Bauer 394 0.32%
+George W. Bush 98,781 79.15%
Steve Forbes 1,066 0.85%
Alan L. Keyes
John McCain
Total 124,809

Total Delegates
38of 2,066 (1.8%).
Democratic Primary
Total Vote Percent
Bill Bradley 34,311 25.44%
+Al Gore 92,654 68.71%
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. 7,885 5.85%
Total 134,850

Total Pledged Delegates
45 of 3,537 (1.3%).
Total Delegates
51of 4,335 (1.2%).

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