TENNESSEE 11 Electoral Votes
Bush-Cheney Gore-Lieberman
Campaign Campaign
Bush-Cheney campaign: David Kustoff.
..asked to head the campaign in late March 1999 (announced as state chairman by the exploratory committee in May 1999).  Partner at the Memphis law firm Kustoff & Strickland; served as chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party from March 1995-March 1999.

Victory 2000 liaison to Bush campaign: Stephanie Chivers
...of Kingston Springs, RNC national committeewoman, assistant commissioner at the Department of Commerce and Insurance.  Kustoff: "She is one of the best political people in the nation as it relates to communicating with the grassroots and the general public."
Victory 2000 executive director: Bryan Kaegi

Tennessee Republican Party
Chairman: Chip Saltsman
Exec. Dir.: Brian Eastin
Office: 1922 West End Avenue, Nashville

Gore-Lieberman State Director: Sen. Roy Herron
...from Dresden, represents District 24 (Benton, Dyer, Henry, Lake, Obion, and Weakley counties); first elected to the House in 1986, filling Gov. Ned McWherter's seat.
Political Director: Emmett Edwards; Scheduler: Lee Ann Hamilton; Press Secretary: Mary Perren.
Office: at National Hdqtrs, 601 Mainstream Drive, Nashville

Coordinated Campaign Director: Stuart Brunson

Tennessee Democratic Party
Chairman: Doug Horne
Exec. Dir.: Greg Wanderman
223 8th Ave. N., Suite 200, Nashville

Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
GWB: 5 visits 
DC: 3 visits
Candidate Travel (Aug. 1-Nov. 7)
AG: 3 visits...4 if one counts Election Day.
JL: 2 visits...3 if one counts Election Night.
Nov. 7 -- 1. AG votes at Forks River Elementary School, Carthage.  2. AG and family watch election returns with JL and family at the Loews Hotel in what turns out to be a long evening (supporters gather at the War Memorial Plaza), Nashville.
Nov. 6 a.m. -- GWB airport rally in Chattanooga.
Nov. 3-4
Nov. 3 -- 1. AG and TG evening rally at McGhee Tyson Airport, Alcoa (eastern TN, near Maryville, serves Knoxville).  2. AG and TG night rally, Court Square (Main Street and 2nd), Memphis.
Nov. 4 -- AG addresses Tennessee Democratic Victory Interfaith Prayer Breakfast, The Peabody Hotel, Memphis.
Nov. 2 -- DC Victory 2000 rally at Gallatin Civic Center, Gallatin (outside Nashville).
Oct. 26 -- DC remarks on education in the Varsity Gymnasium at Germantown High School, Germantown.
Oct. 24 mid-afternoon -- GWB and LB remarks at South Doyle Middle School in Knoxville. Oct. 24-25
Oct. 24 -- 1. AG and TG, JL and HL speak to campaign staff, volunteers and supporters at hqtrs on Main Stream Drive, Nashville.  2. AG and TG, JL and HL DNC reception at Bell South Building, Nashville ($).  3. AG and TG, JL and HL DNC concert at Wildhorse Saloon, Nashville ($).
Oct. 25 -- 1. AG and JL on education and prosperity, Tennessee State University, Nashville.  2. AG and JL rally at Jackson Fairgrounds Park, Jackson.
Oct. 10 -- GWB and LB Victory 2000 rally at Tri-City Airport in Blountville.
Sept. 21 -- GWB speaks at Vandyland soda shop in Nashville; reception for the RNC and the Tennessee State Republican Party, Nashville.
Aug. 18 -- GWB and DC Victory 2000 rally at Brother Industries International, Bartlett (Memphis).
Aug. 7-9
Aug. 7 -- AG prepares for VP announcement, Nashville.
Aug. 8 -- AG announces Joe Lieberman as his running mate, Legislative Plaza, Nashville.
Aug. 9 -- "Going the Distance Tour" AG and JL town meeting at Carthage Elementary School, Carthage.
A Sampling of More Campaign Activity A Sampling of More Campaign Activity
Nov. 5 -- "Gore Detectors" Elizabeth Dole, former Sen. Alan Simpson, Gov. Marc Racicot, state Rep. Ron Lewis (D-TX) and senior domestic policy advisor Steve Goldsmith hold news conference at Bush-Cheney Hdqtrs, 1245 Ridgeway Road in Memphis. 
Nov. 4 -- "Gore Detectors" Elizabeth Dole, former Sen. Alan Simpson, Gov. Marc Racicot, state Rep. Ron Lewis (D-TX) and senior domestic policy advisor Steve Goldsmith hold news conference at Central High School in Knoxville.

Nov. 3 -- Gov. Sundquist and former Sen. Howard Baker campaign for Bush in Knoxville (Gore there later in the day), Chattanooga, Nashville, Jackson and Memphis.

Starting Nov. 1 -- Sen. Fred Thompson hits the road in his red pickup truck for rallies in 16 cities.  Schedule: Nov. 1 -- Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Tullahoma and Chattanooga.  Nov. 2 -- Cleveland, Athens, Maryville and Knoxville.  Nov. 3 -- Sevierville, Dandridge, Newport and Greeneville.  Nov. 6 in Huntingdon, Milan and Jackson.

Oct. 19 -- Actress Dixie Carter ("Designing Women," "Family Law"), a Tennessee native, campaigns on behalf of Bush and Republican candidates in Dickson and Lawrence counties (West Tennessee).  Visit ties in with start of early voting.

Oct. 18 -- Elizabeth Dole rallies for Bush in front of McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga, on the first day of early voting; also speaks at Bartlett High School in Memphis.

NRA -- On Nov. 1, NRA President Charlton Heston, Exec. VP Wayne LaPierre and chief lobbyist James J. Baker, on their Get Out the Vote tour, rally at Parker Sports Arena in Knoxville and Opryland Hotel in Nashville.  (NRA reports membership of 90,000 in Tennessee).

Oct. 23-25 -- Tipper Gore
Oct.23 Tipper Gore addresses supporters and undecided voters at Miller Park in Chattanooga.  Oct. 24 -- Events with Al Gore in Nashville.  Oct. 25 --Tipper Gore and Hadassah Lieberman attend DNC breakfast reception "joined by several prominent country music entertainers" at private residence in Nashville; attend DNC luncheon at private residence; attend an event with the National Association of Social Workers at Park Center in Nashville.

Oct. 20-21 Karenna Gore Schiff bus tour starts with rally at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, concludes with rally at Gibson guitar factory in Memphis.  Early voting tie-in.

Sept. 8-9 -- Karenna Gore Schiff in East Tennessee: Sept. 8 Addresses supporters at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City; visits the Girls Club of Morristown; meets with supporters at Calhouns on the River in Knoxville.  Sept. 9 Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity in Kingston; visits the Putnam County Fall Fun Fest in Cookeville; visits Gore/Lieberman national headquarters in Nashville.

Television Television
Some Newspaper Endorsements Some Newspaper Endorsements
Memphis Commercial Appeal --10/29/00   EWS
Knoxville News-Sentinel --10/29/00   EWS
Chattanooga Free Press --10/22/00
Chattanooga Times --10/24/00
Jackson Sun
Miscellaneous Notes Miscellaneous Notes
Few could have predicted that Al Gore would lose in his home state when the campaign started gearing up in mid-1999, but Tennessee had been close in 1992 and 1996, and, as the head of Bush's campaign, David Kustoff, noted later,"The poll numbers in Tennessee had always been close." 

Kustoff wrote after the campaign.  "Gore had not kept in touch with Tennessee.  The same criticism can be leveled at [Sen. Jim] Sasser some six years earlier, and he lost too.  Gore's views were not consistent with a majority of Tennesseans, and many here did not see him as their own.1  This was the classic story of the tortoise and the hare.  It was fun being the tortoise."

As usual Eastern Tennessee was strong for the Republican ticket; Bush won all counties east of the Cumberland Plateau.  Bush also won some counties that have not normally voted Republican; for example Weakley, Dyer and Obion counties in the northwest corner of the state (counties represented by Gore's state director).  Tobacco was one issue that favored Bush in some rural counties.

1. See for example Notoural, an independent effort started by three Nashville area "soccer dads."

Gore's campaign manager Donna Brazile remarked after the election that she thought they should have moved the campaign's headquarters to Tennessee sooner.  A Republican consultant suggested Gore might have won if Tipper had done a bus tour of the state in the final two weeks.

Gore received some unfavorable publicity back in June 2000 when Tracy Mayberry, a tenant renting a house from him in Carthage, after complaining repeatedly to the property managers about plumbing problems, received an eviction notice, brought in a crew from a local television station and termed Gore a slumlord.  Republicans had a field day with the story. 

Other Candidates
Nader. No visits in the fall campaign.  Gary Wolf, co-chair of the Green Party of Tennessee, was the Nader contact in the state.
Browne. Harry Browne lives in Franklin (Williamson County).

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