State Visits (August 1-Nov. 7, 2000)
Compiled from public schedules.  See Caveats and Disclaimer.
Copyright 2000 Democracy in Action/Eric M. Appleman


Sept. 18 -- AG addresses the International Brotherhood of Teamsters' 21st Century Unity Meeting, Bally's Event Center, Las Vegas
Sept. 18 -- AG promotes plans to protect women who get their medical coverage through health plans and gives remarks at a women's health forum, UNLV, Las Vegas
Nov. 5 -- JL stops at two black churches, Victory Baptist Church and Second Baptist Church, in Las Vegas
Oct. 26 -- JL rally, UNLV, Las Vegas

New Hampshire
Sept. 14 -- AG promotes plan to recruit and help fund 100,000 new teachers, Parkside Junior High School, Manchester
Sept. 13 -- AG rallies supporters, City Hall Plaza, Manchester
Nov. 6 -- JL evening rally at University of New Hampshire, Durham
Oct. 31 -- JL delivers remarks on the New Economy, Mill Girl Statue Plaza, Manchester

New Jersey
Oct. 4 -- AG attends fundraiser at rock star Jon Bon Jovi's home in Red Banks/Middletown (produced traffic snarls on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway) ($)
Sept. 12 -- AG attends DNC Gala Concert, E Centre, Camden ($)
Oct. 19 -- JL attends a DNC reception at a private residence in Englewood ($)
Oct. 19 -- JL attends a Connelly for Congress reception at a private residence in Short Hills
Sept. 26 -- JL addresses the Bricklayers Convention, Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City
Sept. 26 -- JL attends DNC luncheon, Kushner Industries, Florham Park ($)
Sept. 26 -- JL delivers speech on Medicare, Union Township Senior Center, Union

New Mexico
Nov. 2 -- AG, TG, Karenna Gore-Schiff attend a Hispanic leaders event, Las Cruces Public Schools Sports Complex, Las Cruces
Oct. 22 -- AG particpates in the dedication of the National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Aug. 29 -- AG discusses expanding children's health insurance, Rio Bravo Park, Albuquerque
Aug. 28 -- AG speaks to supporters, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Nov. 5 a.m. -- JL visits two coffeehouses (Frontier and Double Rainbow restaurants) near University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Oct. 26 -- JL rally, The Plaza (intersection Washington, Lincoln, San Francisco, Old Santa Fe Trail), Santa Fe
Oct. 26 -- JL attends a discussion on prescription drugs, Bear Canyon Senior Center, Albuquerque
Sept. 18 -- JL tours the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Albuquerque
Sept. 18 -- JL makes remarks about health care, South Broadway Cultural Center, Albuquerque

New York
Oct. 20 -- AG on "The Today Show" live from Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY
Oct. 19 -- AG gives remarks at the annual Al Smith Dinner, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, NY
Oct. 19 -- AG and JL attend SEIU Local 1199 rally with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sheraton New York, New York, NY
Oct. 19 -- AG discusses big choices, Low Library, Columbia University, New York, NY
Oct. 18 -- AG tapes "The Rosie O'Donnell Show"and "Live with Regis," New York, NY
Oct. 6 -- AG and TG private reception in Greenwich Village (Pauline Gore's birthday), New York, NY
Sept. 14 -- AG on "The Late Show" with Dave Letterman
Sept. 14 -- AG and JL attend DNC Gala Concert at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY (event raises more than $6m)
Sept. 14 -- AG attends a DNC reception, private residence, New York, NY ($)
Sept. 14 -- AG joins daughter Karenna Gore Schiff for "At the Table" discussion, Cafe Lalo (201 W 83rd), New York, NY
Aug. 11 -- AG, breaking from "Going the Distance Tour," does a DNC dinner at private residence in New York, NY
Aug. 6 -- AG DNC brunch reception at private residence in Southampton ($)
Aug. 5 -- AG DNC & Federal Victory Fund dinner at private residence in Watermill ($)
Aug. 5 -- AG DNC Gay/Lesbian reception at private residence in East Hampton ($)
Sept. 26 -- JL DNC dinner at private residence, New York, NY ($)
Sept. 26 -- JL DNC reception at Grace's Trattoria Cafe and Grill, New York, NY ($)
Oct. 19 -- JL DNC reception, Trump Building, New York, NY ($)
Oct. 19 -- JL speaks at League of Conservation Voters annual fundraising dinner, Essex House, New York, NY
Oct. 19 -- JL DNC reception at private residence, New York, NY ($)
Oct. 19 -- JL makes an appearance on "Live with Regis," ABC studios, New York, NY
Sept. 15 -- JL and Hillary Rodham Clinton discuss education, Mark Twain Intermediate School, Brooklyn, NY
Sept. 15 -- JL attends 2 DNC breakfasts at the Harvard Club, New York, NY ($)

North Carolina
Oct. 11 -- AG second presidential debate at Wake Forest University and post-debate rally at The Coliseum Annex, Winston-Salem

North Dakota

Oct. 4 -- AG and TG at "Ohioans Going for Gore!" rally, Courthouse Square, Warren
Sept. 12 -- "On The Road to A+ Education" AG and JL aboard separate school buses
3. Promote a better educational system, cincinnati State Technical & Community College, Cincinnati
2. Greet, have lunch with and deliver remarks to students, Middletown High School, Middletown
1. Welcome arriving students, participate in discussion, Anna K. Wantz Middle School, Miamisburg
Sept. 6 -- AG addresses members of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, Sheraton Cleveland, Cleveland
Sept. 6 -- AG unveils comprehensive economic plan, Cleveland State University, Cleveland
Sept. 5 -- AG facilitates a new economy discussion, Ohio Moline Plow Building, Columbus
Aug. 13 -- "Going the Distance Tour" Forum on children's health, Univ. Medical Center/ Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Cleveland
Sept. 20 -- JL attends DNC reception, private residence, Shaker Heights (Cleveland area) ($)
Sept. 20 -- JL attends a DNC reception, Executive Caterers at Landerhaven, Mayfield Heights (Cleveland area) ($)
Sept. 20 -- JL rallies suppporters, Warrensville Heights High School gymnasium, Warrensville (Cleveland area)
Sept. 20 --JL attends DNC reception, private residence, Columbus ($)
Sept. 20 -- JL visits maternity ward, roundtable discussion on health care, Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus
Sept. 4 -- JL attends Toledo Mud Hens baseball game, Ned Skeldon Stadium, Maumee
Note: The Gore campaign, in addition doing its last visit by a principal on Oct. 4, also cut back its advertising toward the end of Oct.


Nov. 5 -- JL arrives late (overextended flight crew forces plane change), does some GOTV calls at Democratic hdqtrs in Portland.
Oct. 31 -- AG remarks on targeting tax relief for America's working families, Portland Community College-Rock Creek, Portland.
Oct. 27 -- JL stops in at Bijou Cafe in Portland [before going to event in Vancouver, WA].  Overnight in Portland. [Oct. 28 (Sat.) -- JL in Portland but no public events--synagogue, hotel]
Oct. 22-23 -- Oct. 22 -- AG  outdoor rally near Portland State University, Portland.  Overnight in Portland.  Oct. 23 -- (morning) AG tours Oregon Chai Inc., then does sit down ("kitchen table") session with owner Heather Howitt in a nearby coffee shop, Portland.
Oct. 11 -- JL leads a discussion about the importance of smaller class sizes, Orenco Elementary School, Hillsboro.
Aug. 30 -- AG and JL health care town meeting, Portland State University, Portland.

Nov. 5 -- AG rallies at Fairmont Park near Memorial Hall, Philadelphia
Nov. 5 -- AG addresses the Morris Brown AME Church congregation, Philadelphia
Nov. 5 -- AG addresses the Mount Carmel Baptist Church congregation (5732 Race St), Philadelphia
Nov. 4 -- AG evening rally at IBEW Local # 5, Pittsburgh
Nov. 4 -- AG addresses an evening GOTV rally at Wesley Center African Methodist Episcopalian Zion Church in Pittsburgh
Nov. 2 -- AG speaks about big choices at Lackawanna Junior College in Scranton
Nov. 1 -- AG evening rally at the historic iron furnace (Cedar and Mattes Streets), Scranton
Oct. 28 -- AG speaks about the future of health care, Wilkes University Student Union, Wilkes-Barre
Oct. 27 -- AG evening rally, the Stanley Avenue Playground, Fountain Hill
Oct. 27 -- AG rally, The Mall at Hamerschlag Hall, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Oct. 27 -- AG gives major speech on the new economy and plans to extend prosperity..., Carnegie Library at Homestead, Munhall
Oct. 21 -- AG speaks to voters at Martin Luther King High School gymnasium, Philadelphia
Sept. 22 -- Discusses plans to lower oil prices, Local 712 Hall, Vanport (Pittsburgh area)
Sept. 7 -- AG speaks at Gentex Corp. in Carbondale
Sept. 4 -- "American Workathon" AG participates in a Labor Day rally with the Allegheny County Central Labor Council at Point State Park in Pittsburgh  sep. trip
Sept. 3 -- "American Workathon" AG and JL meet with construction workers during dinner break and speak to them at the Hyatt Regency construction site, Philadelphia
Aug. 12 -- "Going the Distance Tour" Rally at the home of Silent Spring author Rachel Carson in Springdale (western PA) sep. trip
Aug. 11 -- "Going the Distance Tour" Discuss issues important to working women and their families, Little Souls, Inc., Bridgeport (suburban Phil.)
Nov. 6-7 -- JL midnight rally at Warner Theater, Erie
Nov. 2 -- JL night rally, tarmac, Latrobe Regional Airport, Latrobe
Oct. 22 -- JL and HL attend DNC dinner, private residence in Bryn Mawr ($)
Oct. 22 -- JL and HL attend DNC reception, private residence in Narbeth (Phil. area) ($)
Oct. 20 -- JL visits with seniors at Vintage Senior Center, Pittsburgh
Oct. 20 -- JL tours FreeMarkets (online company) and participates in a discussion with employees (210 6th Ave), Pittsburgh

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota

Nov. 7 -- AG and family watch election returns with JL and family at the Loews Hotel in what turns out to be a long evening (supporters gather at the War Memorial Plaza), Nashville
Nov. 7 -- AG votes at Forks River Elementary School, Carthage
Nov. 4 -- AG addresses Tennessee Democratic Victory Interfaith Prayer Breakfast, The Peabody Hotel, Memphis
Nov. 3 -- AG and TG rally, Court Square (Main Street and 2nd), Memphis
Nov. 3 -- AG and TG greet at McGhee Tyson Airport, Alcoa
Oct. 25 -- AG and JL rally at Jackson Fairgrounds Park, Jackson
Oct. 25 -- AG and JL on education and prosperity, Tennessee State University, Nashville
Oct. 24 -- AG and TG, JL and HL DNC concert at Wildhorse Saloon, Nashville ($)
Oct. 24 -- AG and TG, JL and HL DNC reception at Bell South Building, Nashville ($)
Oct. 24 -- AG and TG, JL and HL speak to campaign staff, volunteers and supporters at hqtrs on Main Stream Drive, Nashville
Aug. 9 -- "Going the Distance Tour" AG and JL town meeting at Carthage Elementary School, Carthage
Aug. 8 -- AG announces Joe Lieberman as his running mate, Legislative Plaza, Nashville
Aug. 7 -- AG prepares for VP announcement, Nashville
Oct. 25 -- JL attends DNC dinner, private residence, Memphis ($)

Oct. 22 -- AG makes an address at the dedication service for the Potter's House Sanctuary, Dallas
Oct. 12-13 -- JL "Failed Leadership" Tour
Oct. 13 -- JL visits the El Flaco Colonia, Hidalgo County
Oct. 12 -- JL leads a discussion on Gov. Bush's record at a private residence in Midland
Sept. 11 -- JL attends DNC dinner, private residence, Dallas ($)
Sept. 11 -- JL attends DNC dinner, The Fairmont Hotel, Dallas ($)
Sept. 11 -- JL attends DNC luncheon, private residence, Austin ($)
Sept. 11 -- JL attends DNC luncheon, One World Theatre, Austin ($)
Sept. 8 -- JL discusses plans to expand access to health care to every child, Magnolia Multi-Service Center, Houston




Oct. 23 -- AG rally at Gonzaga University, Spokane
Oct. 23 -- AG greets voters, Hanger C-84, Paine Field, Everett (stop between Portland and Spokane)
Aug. 31 -- AG and JL health care rally and receives American Nurses Association endorsement, Westlake Park, Seattle
Nov. 5 -- JL attends rally, Highline Community College, Des Moines
Oct. 27 -- JL tours New Edge Networks and delivers remarks, Vancouver
Oct. 10 -- JL leads a discussion about making college tuition more affordable, University of Washington-Tacoma, Tacoma
Oct. 10 -- JL DNC luncheon, 75th Floor Columbia Tower Club, Seattle ($)

West Virginia
Nov. 4 -- AG and TG rally at Tri-State Airport, Huntington
Oct. 27 -- AG rally at the State Capitol, Charleston

Nov. 5 -- AG and TG evening rally at Signature Flight Support, General Mitchell Int'l Airport, Milwaukee
Oct. 30 -- AG and TG, JL and HL "Great Lakes Prosperity Tour" day two
3. Rally including singer Jon Bon Jovi at Cutler Park, Waukesha
2. Rally in the gymnasium at Goodrich Senior High School, Fond du Lac
1. Rally at Brown County Courthouse, Green Bay
Oct. 26 -- AG rally at State Capitol Square, Madison
Oct. 12 -- AG and TG address voters, Cathedral Park Square, Milwaukee
Aug. 22 -- AG addresses the 101st VFW national convention at Midwest Express Center, Milwaukee
Aug. 18 -- Riverboat Tour stop to greet supporters at Lawler Park in Prairie du Chien
Aug. 18 -- AG and TG, JL and HL first stop after the Democratic Convention: launch of "Setting Course for America's Future" Riverboat Tour with a rally at Riverside Park in LaCrosse
Nov. 6 -- JL attends rally at Logan High School gymnasium, LaCrosse
Nov. 2 -- JL attends GOTV event at UAW Hall Local 72 in Kenosha
Oct. 18 -- JL makes remarks on protecting our environment, BlueGill Bay Park, Wausau
Sept. 27 -- JL attends Democratic Party of Wisconsin luncheon at private residence, Milwaukee
Sept. 27 -- JL attends discussion with seniors regarding prescription drugs, Wilson Park Senior Center, Milwaukee