Alexander for President, Inc. 
Headquarters: 2000 Glen Echo Rd., Suite 207, Nashville, TN  37215
-pre-campaign organization: Campaign for a New American Century (CNAC).

-exploratory committee formed Jan. 8, 1999.

-formal announcement March 9, 1999.

-in April/May 1999 the campaign began to spread out from Nashville:
...National Political Director Brian Kennedy and Deputy National Field Director Renee Klink started working out of NH from approx. April 8, 1999;
...Communications (Steve Schmidt, Jeff Macedo, Brian Jones and Valerie Walston) moved to Washington, DC in the third week of May 1999 working out of 1100 New York Avenue, NW  East Tower, Suite 515.  However the office closed end of June.

-on June 3, 1999 the campaign announced significant cutbacks due to fundraising difficulties.  A statement from campaign manager Tipps described the cuts as "a reorganization designed to reduce administrative overhead and increase the resources available for the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary Campaigns…  Specifically, the overall number of employees will be reduced from 38 to 34, with the Iowa staff growing from 7 members to 11." 

-announced the end of his presidential campaign on August 16, 1999, a day and a half after finishing sixth in the Iowa Straw Poll.

National Chairman
former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad
(named CNAC National Chairman Nov. 24, 1997, title was also honorary chairman) First elected Governor of Iowa in 1982, Branstad served through January 1999.  He was the nation's longest serving governor upon leaving office.

Campaign Manager Mark Tipps
(From ea. Feb. 1999) Deputy chief of staff for Sen. Bill Frist and prior to that deputy chief counsel during the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee's investigation into 1996 campaign finance abuses.

National Political Director
Brian Kennedy
(with CNAC since September 1997) Executive Director of the RGA under Gov. Branstad in 1997; chair of the Iowa Republican Party in 1995-96; managed Branstad's reelection campaign in 1994.                                                                         

Deputy Political Director
Renee Klink
In 1994 developed field organizations in the Midwest for Dole's Campaign America, then served as Iowa Deputy Director for Dole in the caucuses.  Later worked in the delegate tracking unit for the Republican National Convention and as a deputy travel aide.  Experience in telemarketing and grassroots field efforts.

*note departures below
Press Director
Bo Harmon
Most recently was deputy communications director for Sen. Bill Frist.

Deputy Press Secretary Mark Fuqua
Started with the campaign in March 1999.  Recent graduate of Vanderbilt University with degree in Economics.

Issues Director
Jessica Gavora
With CNAC since at least Jan. 1998.  Worked at the Independent Women's Forum; previously was editor of Philanthropy magazine; prior to that was Associate Editor of The Hotline.

Finance Chairman Ted Welch
Described in the NYT Magazine (4/16/95) as "perhaps the best political fundraiser ever," Welch was State Finance Chairman for Alexander's first campaign, for Governor of Tennessee back in 1974.  He served as Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1977-1988. He was the lead fundraiser for Alexander's 1996 presidential campaign.

Finance Director Stephanie Fitzgerald
Has worked for Alexander since 1991, when she did scheduling for him at the Department of Education.  Deputy finance director on the 1996 campaign.

Kim Wright
(approx. June 1998) Previously Sen. Nickles' (R-OK) scheduler.   Joined Alexander's 1996 campaign in June 1995 in New Hampshire, organized his walk across the state and helped build the organization in the southern part of the state; continued on to South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.


Marvin Runyon
(Named chairman of the board of CNAC on Sept. 27, 1998)  Served as Postmaster General of the United States from 1992-May 1998, and was previously chairman of the board for the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Treasurer Jim Lattimore
Accountant in Nashville; was treasurer on one of Alexander's gubernatorial campaigns.

Traveling Aide
John Tolsma
B.A. in public policy studies from Duke University.

Senior Advisor      (not on staff) 
Peter Hannaford
Hannaford was an early and important advisor to Reagan, first as governor and on his 1976 and 1980 campaigns.  He co-founded a public relations firm in 1975 and ran it for 20 years, before joining The Carmen Group to head its The Franklin Firm division.  A strategic communications heavyweight.

Alexander for President National Steering Committee

Former Gov. Terry Bransted

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee
Tennessee Gov. Don Sundquist
Sen. Fred Thompson (TN)
Sen. Bill Frist (TN)
North Dakota Lt. Gov. Rosemarie Myrdal
Joyce Terhes, past chair of the Maryland Republican Party (April 22, 1999)
Former Congressman Bill Zeliff of New Hampshire (May 2, 1999)


Office: 5835 Grand Avenue, Suite 101, Des Moines
...moved in Feb. 1, 1999, approx. 2,400 square feet, $1,850/month.
Campaign Manager David Kochel
As a consultant based in Des Moines, Kochel oversaw CNAC's effort to turn out 50,000 mid-term drop-off Republicans in November 1998.  He managed the 1996 Iowa caucuses as exec. director of the Republican Party of Iowa, and then worked for the Michigan Republican State Committee.

Political Director 
Mary Boote
Iowa Campaign Manager for Alexander's 1996 campaign, then Director of Organization for Jim Ross Lightfoot's Senate campaign and AA to Gov. Branstad.

Office Manager  
Kohlyne Lorton
(started Feb. 99)                                                                                           

Field Staff: Brian Dumas (NW), Carol Earnhardt (Eastern), Chad Binder (Eastern--west of Earnhardt), Kathleen Parris (SW-Audubon County GOP chair).  Five others in headquarters help with field work such as back up and turnout at events.

- Agricultural Advisory Committee                  Chris Lang of Brooklyn, chair

- Education Advisory Committee                    House Speaker Brent Siegrist
                                                                            Indian Hills Community College Pres. Lyle Hellyer

National Chairman, Former Gov. Terry Branstad


New Hampshire
Office: 340 Harvey Rd, Manchester (near the airport)
...moved in April 5, 1999; about 5,000 square feet, the deal was $16,000 for the full period from April to February; this was paid at accelerated rate so the cost came to about $14,000.
Organizational Director Tim Buckley
Began working for CNAC in early 1998.  Other experience: a strategy consultant to the Fund for New Hampshire's Future, Bill Zeliff's campaign for Governor, Alexander for President '96 and Jeb Bush's 1994 campaign for Governor in Florida.  Prior to that was in international sales of hand held electronics.

Field Director Mike Tuffin
Co-director of LogiCom a public relations firm in Nashville; deputy campaign director Coalition for Greater Miami in fall 1996; executive assistant for Alexander in his 1996 campaign; worked for Sen. Bob Smith.

Field Representative - Richard Cockrell
has worked for Oregon Republican Congressman Bob Smith and on the Bill Weld for Senate campaign.

Strategist, New Hampshire  Tom Rath
Rath,Young & Pignatelli in Concord.  RNC committeeman.  Was NH State's Attorney General 1978-80.

Also on April 8 the campaign announced that political director Brian Kennedy and deputy political director Renee Klink would be based in New Hampshire.

NH State Co-Chairs

Bill Cahill--  former member of the Governor's Executive Council

Bernie Streeter--  District Five Executive Councilor, first elected in 1969 (5th District includes Keene, Nashua and 25 towns in that area)  (named Oct. 1, 1998)

Ray Burton--  Executive Councilor, North County

Scott Carr--  Sheriff of Carroll County, took office in Jan. 1999

and National Co-Chairman Former Congressman Bill Zeliff

Rath 5/1/99: 86 or 88 towns  70-plus percent of the primary vote.  Establish leadership in each, then county and town chairman beyond those targeted.  Active list of 600-700 can count on to get to events, put signs up…


More States:
On April 22 the campaign announced its Maryland leadership team:
Chair Joyce Lyons Terhes
Chaired the Maryland Republican Party for nine years, a former Calvert County Commissioner.

Co-Chair John Morgan
A former state delegate, served eight years in the Maryland House of Delegates representing Howard and Prince George's counties.

Vice Chairman Addie Eckardt
From Cambridge, serving her second term in the House of Delegates.

Vice Chairman Bob McKee
State Delegate from Washington County serving his second term.


North Dakota
Lt. Gov. Rosemarie Myrdal --national co-chairman

Gov. Mike Huckabee --national co-chairman

Alabama--Marty Connors, a former executive director of the state party

Delaware--Ron Perkins of Wilmington

Communications Director
                                                                                Steve Schmidt
(from Jan. 1999 through July 1, 1999) Worked on Matt Fong's Senate campaign in California.

Deputy Communications Director                                                                   Jeff Macedo
(from March 1999 through July 1, 1999)  Worked on Matt Fong's Senate campaign.

Deputy Press Secretary                                                                                   Valerie Walston
(through June 1999).  She was previously assistant press secretary for Gov. Pete Wilson.

Research Director                                                                                             Brian Jones
(through July 1, 1999) Reseach director Fong for Senate campaign.

Katherine Phillips served as chief counsel through July 1, 1999.

Media adviser Pat Griffin (OGBE Communications, Manchester NH) announced on April 6, 1999 that he would not renew his contract with Alexander.

Adam Mendelsohn served as deputy communications director from Jan.-March 1999; like others he worked on Fong's campaign.

Dan Wolter from Waverly, Iowa served as spokesperson for CNAC and continued on with Alexander until March 31, 1999, when he left to become executive director of the Delaware state party.

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