Los Angeles Times/CNN Presidential Debates (Republicans)
Thursday March 2, 2000 at Harry Chandler Auditorium in the Los Angeles Times Building, Los Angeles, CA.  6:00-7:00 p.m. (PST)

"Bush, McCain set cutthroat tone for debate in California" (USA Today)

"Candidates Return to Familiar Issues: Recrimination and Religious Tolerance"
(New York Times)

"GOP Rivals Trade Jabs on Tactics, Financing" (Washington Post)

"California debate lacks fireworks" (Washington Times)

"In GOP Debate, Rivals Bristle Over Attacks" (Los Angeles Times)

USA Today--A general story on page 1A ("Religion still at issue as vote nears" subhead "McCain says he won't leave GOP" by Judy Keen and Jill Lawrence) but the focused debate coverage is on the top half of page 11A.  The three left columns include the article and photo.  USA Today's Jill Lawrence and Judy Keen wrote the article, headlined "Bush, McCain set cutthroat tone for debate in California."  The photo, by Paul J. Richards, Agence France-Presse, is a medium shot that shows Bush, Keyes and the McCain TV monitor before the debate.  The right three columns are Walter Shapiro's "Hype & Glory," headlined "In lackluster faceoff, the debate was live, the line were reruns." 
Page 11A article including photo: 57.03 sq" [3 col--9 1/8" x 6 1/4"]
Photo: 12.38 sq" [2 col--h 3" x w 4 1/8"]
"Hype & Glory": 56.05 sq" [3 col--9 1/2" x 6 3/16" minus 1 1/4" x 2 3/16"]

New York Times--No front page mention; the debate was an item in the News Summary on page A2 ("Republican Presidential Debate").  All told, the day's paper had three pages of election coverage; reporting on the debate ran across the top two-thirds of page A14 and included an article and photo and excerpts. The article, by the Times' Todd S. Purdum and Alison Mitchell, had the  headline "Candidates Return to Familiar Issues: Recrimination and Religious Tolerance."  The photo, by Stephen Crowley/The New York Times, was a medium wide shot showing Bush, McCain on the TV monitor and audience in the background (note that Keyes is not shown).  Excerpts ran under the article.
Page A14 article including photo: (6 col--
Photo: (3 col--
Excerpts: (5 col--

Washington Post--Page one article, no photos whatsoever.  The article, by the Post's Dan Balz and Terry M. Michael, is in two columns on the left side of the front page with the headline just below the fold: "GOP Rivals Trade Jabs on Tactics, Financing."  The article continues across the bottom quarter of page A19 under the headline "Bush, McCain Clash Over Campaign Tactics, Fund-Raising."  (The top part of A19 has other election news and the opposite page, A18, is a full page on McCain.  Note that the Post's coverage of the March 1 Democratic debate was almost identical in terms of layout).
Page A1: 14.92 sq" [2 col--4 3/16" x 3 9/16"]
Page A19 continuation:  61.03 sq" [6 col--5 1/4" x 11 5/8"]

Washington Times--An article on the debate by the Times' Dave Boyer ran on page A12 under the headline "California debate lacks fireworks" and the subhead "McCain, Bush, Keyes see GOP victory."  The rest of the page had other election coverage.

Los Angeles Times--Front page article and photo.  Color photo at the center of the front page, above the fold, is by David J. Phillip/Pool and shows Keyes speaking during the debate while Bush and the McCain television monitor look on.  The article, by the Times' Ronald Brownstein, is in one column below the photo and has the headline "In GOP Debate, Rivals Bristle Over Attacks."  Brownstein's article continues on the top half of page A16 where it includes two photos.  The continuation headline reads "DEBATE: McCain and Bush Sharpen Key Disagreements."  The larger, top photo, by Brian Walski/Los Angeles Times, is a medium wide shot that shows Bush and Keyes embracing after the debate with some of the audience looking on and applauding.  Below is a photo by Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times showing McCain getting make up before the debate.  In addition to regular coverage in its front section, the Times produced a special four-page section with a complete transcript of the debate including six photos of the candidates.
Page A1 photo: 38.13 sq" [h 5" x w 7 5/8"]
Photo caption: 2.38 sq" [5/16" x 7 5/8"]
Page A1 article: 16.09 sq" [1 col--8 7/8" x 1 13/16"]
Page A16 continuation including 2 photos: 134.41 sq" [6 col--11 11/16" x 11 1/2"]
Top photo: 37.48 sq" [4 col--h 4 7/8" x w 7 11/16"]
Lower photo: 15.94 sq" [2 col--h 4 1/4" x w 3 3/4"]
Special Section: 4 pages

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