Democratic National Convention
 Staples Center in Los Angeles    August 14-17, 2000 
Heading to L.A. Monday 
August 14, 2000
August 15, 2000
August 16, 2000
August 17, 2000

Prosperity and Progress New Heights: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Al Gore: The Principled Fighter Al Gore's vision for the future

President Clinton;
women senators and candidates including Hillary Rodham Clinton;
ordinary Americans.
Senator Bill Bradley
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
Senator Ted Kennedy
Reverend Jesse Jackson
"Program will tell Gore's life story through the words and experiences of the people he has fought for through the years."
Karenna Gore Schiff
Speech by the vice presidential nominee.
Mrs. Gore will introduce her husband. >
Vice President Al Gore's acceptance speech.
Out from L.A.
Coverage of: Aug. 13
Aug. 14-Day One
Aug.15-Day Two
Aug.16-Day Three
Aug.17-Day Four

"Producing the Convention"

C-SPAN reported the official podium proceedings
totaled about 30 1/2 hours over the four nights:
Aug. 14    7:12
Aug. 15    7:11
Aug. 16    8:43
Aug. 17    7:17

Total      30:39? (30:23)